1. PhillyGuy72

    Google Chrome update 5/20 - Garbled text everywhere on iMac desktop browser

    Running iMac with Google Chrome browser (why...who knows. I'm just used to it I guess.) Anyway, the Chrome browser updated this morning to version "83.0.4103.61," after that, it all I see on Google related site LIKE Google search, Gmail, YouTube, etc is this garbled mess. Only...
  2. mariogt

    TabTopus - Get all your Safari tabs data, free !!

    Hi to all, I just released TabTopus a lightweight macOS App that lets you export the names and URLs of all web pages in your current Safari session. This implies that all your Safari windows and tabs will be scanned in order to extract this info. This App saves the bookmarks info of all opened...
  3. brinary001

    Microsoft's new Edge browser is a great alternative to Chrome for those seldom occasions when Safari won't do

    Safari is my main browser across all my Apple devices. While it's a good browser, that isn't necessarily by choice, as Apple prevents their users from choosing a different default browser. However, in macOS you have a bit more freedom than Apple's other platforms, and while I still use Safari...
  4. R

    Safari/Chrome Unable to Open Website - Firefox does

    Hello, I have a problem that's been getting progressively worst. Safari and Chrome will not open websites anymore. Firefox does, although slowly. Other internet services work fine (email, FTP). I can trace route websites. It does not appear to be website specific - NO sites will open in...
  5. T

    All iPads Can I give apps WiFi access but stop browser access?

    i bought my 9yo grandson some app games and coding apps - the problem is that they need WiFi access to play them ? Is it possible to allow these apps access but restrict browser and Apple shop access? Thanks in anticipation.
  6. z970mp

    AquaWeb and AquaVid - New Internet Solutions for 10.4

    Good news everyone! Tiger now has its own (working) equivalent to Leopard WebKit / TenFiveTube! Introducing AquaWeb and AquaVid, two all-in-one adaptions of the Firefox Partitioned Engine Patch built into separate FoxBoxes in order to bring maximum browsing efficiency to OS X Tiger / Leopard...
  7. SuperDuperMan

    Heard Google Chrome is getting rid of extensions.

    I remember reading somewhere a few months back that Chrome would be ending support for downloading extensions and I was wondering if there is another alternative on the horizon? Or if that simply means that the current extensions will either no longer be updated or if we’ll need to visit...
  8. Appleuser201

    A New Browser is needed for Mac OS 9

    Just saw a poll on this forum for what OS people use on their PPC Macs and about 25% voted that they use Mac OS 9 or earlier. The only browser available for that OS (that is most modern) is Classilla and the same is true for every version of OS X under 10.4. Wikipedia said the browser has not...
  9. Appleuser201

    what really is the best web browser for the G4 running Leopard?

    I saw this video (link above) from June 2018 showing 3 different browsers running on a 1.33ghz ibook g4, one of them being the default safari browser which aactually did the best even beating tenfourfox for speed and being able to manage online flash video and even youtube playback. Tenfourfox...
  10. I

    Safari has become meh :(

    I don't know if the new Safari by itself is glitchy or if it doesn't work well with ublock origin, but either way, it's just not the same anymore. There are just too many minor issues at this point. By the way, the content blocker API change was a tick move since you can't find anything as good...
  11. S

    Safari, Firefox, Chrome or Edge?

    I noticed over the years Safari is not as fast as it used to be and does not render pages as smoothly as it once did. I prefer not to use Chrome for a myriad of reasons (I use it at work, that's about it). I love Firefox but I can't make it my preferred browser on iOS. Edge, not sure yet. What...
  12. Sovon Halder

    Which Web Browser Uses Least CPU ?

    Simple question.
  13. Sovon Halder

    Poll :: What browser do you use?

    For browsing the web. EDIT: I use safari for browsing and chrome for work(web development). Chrome eats up lots of battery.
  14. M

    Epic Privacy Browser?

    I just became aware of a browser choice (Epic Privacy Browser) which claims to offer much better privacy features than the three browsers I am somewhat familiar with (Safari, Firefox or Chrome). I'm hoping some users of this free browser can comment on their experience with recommendations or...
  15. Loksan3

    MBP 2018 scrolling lag /boot time /cinebench

    I have a few days old MacBook Pro 2018 i7 2.6ghz ,512gb. I've noticed a scrolling lag in Safari and especially in chrome since the day I've got it ,but after reinstalling Mac OS after failed boot camp installation and installing Windows successfully the issue seems a little bit worse and the...
  16. W

    Safari on Mojave broken?

    I'm finding Safari on Mojave very nearly useless on some sites like YouTube. Slowness in page redraws, mainly. Long waits for items to appear. Like I'm on dial-up in 1998 or something. I've cleared the cache and reset Safari. I've tried turning iCloud syncing off and on again. Disabled...
  17. R

    Using Roccat Browsers Navigate Launchers to control home.

    I love the Roccat Browser, as it works on all my mac's from my old PPC G4 all the way to my latest Macbook. On feature I use a lot is Navigate Launchers which basically allows you to create shortcuts to your favourite sites / web apps etc.. But today I thought what if I create home actions...
  18. BerryBrowser

    Universal Berry - "Dark Mode" browser optimized to look great and save battery for iPhone X's beautiful OLED

    App Store: Got tired of blinding white flashes from webpages at night, so I built Berry, the app that automatically gives every web page a "dark mode". Browse comfortably with Berry. Lots of features included like AdBlock, navigation at the bottom...
  19. andreisthename

    Which browser to use with MacOS Snow Leopard?

    Hello everyone, in your opinion what’s the best browser to use on OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard? I know its outdated and not many browsers support it, however I’m being “forced” to downgrade because my university uses a proprietary PowerPC based app for brain imaging and because of that I need rosetta...
  20. spacemonk

    Universal 7 Web: An app to load multiple websites in one go. Useful for daily tech news reading

    I'm the creator of 7 Web. We all visit a set of websites multiple times every day like "MacRumors","Recode","The Verge" etc. But doing this in mobile involves using multiple tabs in Safari browser. The experience the not very pleasing. "7 Web" lets you choose your favorite websites and open...