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buying advice

  1. bonjourx

    Would you return your new MacBook Pro m2 max and exchanged for the M3?

    So as the title says, I literally just got my new laptop and I am still on the return window. I only got to used it once and didn’t realize there’s an m3 coming out today. Would you return it to get the new m3? Planning to get the same spec. I have a 32GB 2TB m2 Max. I would also clarify that I...
  2. oofio2461

    iPad Any chance for an iPad announcement in the October 30 Event?

    A week ago there were rumors of a new iPad going to be released this week, of course, that didn't pan out, and instead got an Apple Pencil USB-C. With Apple announcing an October 30 event, I'm wondering if the iPad Air and/or Mini will get refreshed this year. An iPad Air gets refreshed every 18...
  3. bonjourx

    Does SSD Storage affects MacBook performance?

    Hi there! I am planning to get a MacBook Pro 14 inch m2. My option is to get a M2 Max, 30 Core with 1tb VS 2TB. Just like what my title says, I’m just wondering if having a 1tb storage VS 2TB would affect the read or write or performance in any sort?
  4. oofio2461

    M1 PRO MBP or M2 MBA?

    So I was looking for MacBooks when I found a good deal on M1P MBP, only 1,299, close to the price of the M2 MBA. I was looking to pick up one for Study, So would you choose M1P MBP over the M2 MBA? I'm pretty sure the MBP is Apple Certified Pre-Owned.
  5. Y

    All iPads Undecided between iPad Air 4 or iPad 9

    I really need an advice on this one please. I just want a media iPad (for wacthing something or reading a book) which will NOT get used every day, it will not be a daily driver, it will not be there for any work related stuff. Alone for that I guess the iPad 9 would be the better choice, right...
  6. OrenLindsey

    Best option to give to friend for communication

    Me and some of my friends (we're teenagers) are considering giving a cheap apple device to one of our mutual friends so he can be in our group chat. He has an android and doesn't have a service plan so we can't text him. We're thinking $150-250 is a good cost. We were considering an iPod touch...
  7. W

    Buying a used Intel MacBook Pro 13-inch

    My elderly parents own a late-2013-vintage 13-inch MacBook Pro running MacOS Mojave. A few months ago, the battery failed in this laptop, meaning it must be plugged-in at all times. The instant it is disconnected, it behaves like a desktop Mac suffering from a power failure; it reboots the next...
  8. W

    Studio display or hold out for 27" iMac

    I have a 5K 27" iMac (2014) which I maxed out at purchase with a quad core Intel i7. It has 25GB RAM and a 500GB HDD. I also have an M1 MacBook pro with 16GB RAM and a 250GB HBB. Most of my storage is on iCloud Drive from both machines (which effectively mirror each other via iCloud drive) -...
  9. dkassar

    MacBook M2 Pro Storage Upgrade Dilemma

    I'm in a bit of a pickle regarding storage for my new MacBook M2 Pro. I went with the 12/19 Core with 32GB RAM and 1TB SSD, as performance is crucial for my use of multiple programs and moderate video editing. However, I don't really need the extra storage and can always get an external SSD if...
  10. L

    What MacBook Pro 14" Configuration for Social Media Content Creation

    I am a video editor/social media content creator with the intensions to go to university for graphic design. Currently I am using the 14" MacBook Pro (2021) with M1 Pro 10 Core/16Core, 16GB of RAM and a 1TB SSD. The software I use for my work, for the things I need for university and what I...
  11. R

    iPhone SE (2022) Best option for buying iPhone SE 2022?

    I'm planning to buy an iPhone SE 2022 128 GB (any color) to upgrade my wife's 7 year old iPhone 6S. She likes the similar form factor of the iPhone SE after trying out multiple models in an Apple store, so we're set on the SE. We're on T-Mobile. I'd like to buy it before the end of the year, but...
  12. W

    Monitor options

    A couple of months ago, I bought a factory-refurbished M1 Mac Mini from Apple direct. Since that time, I franken-patched the Mac Mini to a very old Acer LCD display. For the most part, this works, but I want to move on to a higher-quality modern display. I may also buy a 14-inch MacBook Pro in...
  13. A

    Mid 2014 15" Retina - Upgrade advice please...

    Hello Macrumors family, I am a proud owner of a 15" MacBook owner, bought it March 2015 from Best Buy (LOL) and am currently using the device right now. I love it! Over the years I have played Sims 4 on it a lot, and have used it for school. The most taxing workload I have ever done is mostly...
  14. D

    Which MacBook should I choose?

    To keep it short, I'm currently using a 2020 Air and I'm tired of always hearing the fan and it unexpectedly cutting off as the fan gets louder. I mostly use my Mac for watching movies/shows, reading books/comics/manga and watching videos. I use Safari and Firefox. At the moment I'm choosing...
  15. H

    Buying advice : M1 MBA vs M1 MBP? 8 vs 16GB RAM?

    Hi, my typical workflow consists of some tabs in figma, around 30-50 browser tabs, discord, slack, spotify and occasionally some pro apps like da vinci resolve, etc. I also use VS Code and plan on getting into iOS/MacOS app development down the road. I may also start using Logic Pro X or a...
  16. SPØØK

    Purchase Suggestions?

    I’m looking to buy a Mac that I can use to backup my phone, nothing further beside browsing the internet and backing up my phone. I’ve been using my 2019 MacBook Pro but these backups have taken up plenty of space that I’ve since purged. I’ve been looking at either Mac Pros or Mac Minis, maybe...
  17. G

    Advice and compare two devices

    This mac studio Is How many times faster then 24 cores max pro Xeon 2.7 ghz, with 64 gb memory and 12 cores or 24 cores? I have occasion on eBay ! How many times faster is this max studio 2.2 or 5.5 faster ?? I will only use CPU memory ! A lot of threads !
  18. Q

    Need Advice on Mac Home Server

    I am currently using a 2010 MacBook Pro 13" as a Media and File server. I am also running a few other custom Web APIs for my personal projects. It is also a CCTV Camera Server for the recording a bunch of cameras. I would like some advice on weather to buy a M1 Mac mini or the M1 Max Mac Studio...
  19. R

    iPad Marketplace Question

    Found someone selling a iPad Air Gen 3 iPad on FB Marketplace. He tells me the device is unopened and still sealed and pictures provided seem to be true to this end. He is asking only $350, which seems reasonable, however, I’m a bit leery due to potential battery issues. As this device is going...
  20. B

    $800 16inch i7 Macbook Pro Legit or Scam???

    Hello!!! I am new to buying Macs on eBay and I found this deal that looks like it can be a steal for me but I wanted some advice form the experts lol Its for a 16inch macbook pro which I would love since I have an old 17incher from 2011 that I adore. Its from Sweden and its from a brand new...