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call quality

  1. B

    iPhone 13 Pro Loving iPhone 13 Pro so far ... except for call quality (earpiece)

    Got my iPhone 13 Pro on Friday and put it into service yesterday, replacing my three-year-old XR which I had planned to trade in, just waiting for the kit. I love almost everything about the 13 Pro, especially the Pro Motion refresh rate which is quite an upgrade over the XR. The reason I say...
  2. T

    Dropped Calls and LTE connectivity issues

    I have an iPhone 12 mini on 14.4.2 I believe, and around my house I am getting very bad call quality and cellular connectivity issues. I live in a fairly populated area that has quite good connectivity otherwise with Tmobile. The other people in my family plan have updated to 14.5, 14.6, it...
  3. S

    AirPod Pro Microphone Call Quality

    Since using the Airpod Pros this week and on calls people have been commenting on how they are having a hard time hearing me. This is something that never happened with my regular AirPods. From what I can gather it sounds like the external noise cancellation or noise reduction algorithm is...
  4. M

    iPhone XR How is the call quality earpiece and speakerphone on X and XR (Verizon)?

    Can anyone please elaborate on their experience with the iPhone X vs the XR and the call quality on Verizon. Does the iPhone X have a loud speakerphone. Does anyone know how to make the speakerphone volume go higher aside from volume rocker Thank you for your time and help.
  5. M

    iPhone XR How is the Call Quality (Speakerphone and Earpiece on the iPhone XR - Verizon)?

    Planning to use the iPhone XR mainly for calling, texting, internet, Maps, and Starbucks app. Would like the Call Quality to be as good as the 5S. Had the iPhone 8 and returned it due to it sounding very hollow through the earpiece. Does the XR have good call quality through the earpiece and...
  6. M

    iPhone 8(+) New iPhone 8 (Verizon) & having muffled call quality through the earpiece. Any fix for this?

    I tried the following 1. Turing off the Phone Noise Cancellation. 2. Turning off the LTE 3. Turning on Mono Audio Does anyone have any further suggestions. The voice through the Earpiece Speaker sounds a very muffled. Also I end my day with about 45% battery life, but that is only with...
  7. janeauburn

    iPhone X Call quality: XS and XS Max

    Last 2 iterations of iPhones--8 and 7--had horrible call quality for the person on the other end, as documented by countless people on the Apple forums. I experienced it myself. In fact, to this day I use the 6 Plus because of its superior sound quality for those getting my calls. Did Apple...
  8. M

    iPhone 8(+) How is the Call Quality/Battery Life on the iPhone 8 (Verizon) and iPhone 7 (Verizon).

    On the fence between the iPhone 8 and 7. Mainly use my phone for calls (4+ hours) a day. Which one out of the two has a) The better call quality (Verizon). b) The better speakerphone. c) The better battery life. Thank you for your time and help. :)
  9. C

    iPhone 7(+) Green call bar appears out of nowhere

    so you know when you’re on a call and exit the phone app to access any other app mid call, there’s a green bar on top of your screen to let you know the call is active and how long your call is going for? Well I’ve notice that multiple times when I’m not even on a call, that this bar appears...
  10. M

    How is the iPhone SE (Verizon) Call Quality and its microphone? Can it pick up my voice from 2ft ?

    How is the iPhone SE Call Quality on Verizon [Earpeaice and Speakerphone]? Is the microphone any good - will it be able to pick up my voice from about 2 - 2.5 ft away? Thanks in advance for your time.
  11. M

    How is call quality/speakerphone/ringer on the iPhone 6 (Verizon)? Is the speakerphone loud enough.

    Thinking of getting a iPhone 6 for one of my family members who is very hard of hearing. Is the call quality on the 6 good enough both via earpiece and speakerphone ? How loud is the ringer ? Thank you for your time.
  12. M

    How is the Call Quality on the iPhone 6S (Ear Mic and Speakerphone). Also is the phone ringer loud?

    Thinking of getting the iPhone 6S instead of the 7 on Verizon. Thank you for your time.
  13. M

    How is the speakerphone quality on the iPhone SE? Also how loud is the speaker when the phone rings.

    I am a little hard of hearing and am worried about the speakerphone and ringer ? Are they are loud as the 5S? Also if anyone knows, how is the battery life, could I last a whole day. My daily calls average about 1 hour and 40 min. Thank you for your time and have a great day.
  14. M

    Was the hissing problem (hissgate) in the iPhone 7/7+ resolved. Thinking of getting an iPhone 7/7+

    If anyone has had the hissing sound - has it affected call quality. Thinking of getting it on Verizon. Thank you for your time.
  15. M

    How is the call quality on iPhone 7/7+/SE on Verizon? Heard there where issues. Is this true?

    How is the iPhone 7/ iPhone 7+/ iPhone SE. How is the call quality on these phones and which would be better ? I have heard some people having poor call quality on iPhone 7/7+ on Verizon, is this true? Call quality is mainly important for me as I use my phone 97% of the time for talking 2% for...
  16. dlewis23

    iPhone 7 Plus Call Quality Problem

    I have been fighting with this every since I got my iPhone 7 Plus on day one. I'm having a big problem where when ever I made a phone call I can hear the person on the other end just fine but they have a hard time hearing me, the call will constantly break up. It will break up so bad they...
  17. janeauburn

    10.2 call quality

    Anyone notice any improvement in speaker phone or call quality with 10.2?
  18. janeauburn

    7 Plus speaker phone quality

    Just compared the speaker phone quality of my new 7 Plus with that of the older 6 Plus. 6 Plus blows it out of the water. Tried 3 different people. All said the 7 Plus sounds horrible. Direct quotes: "Muffled" and "Ewwwwww" Deal killer for me. This phone will have to go back. Anyone else...