1. S

    SSD showing incorrect usage

    Hello on the board, Could someone cast some light on this situation on a Macbook Pro (2017) running Mojave. My drive is 1TB, my Apps use 60Gb, my Library is 231 GB, System is 10 GB and Users is 176GB. This totals 477GB, but my drive reads that 783GB is used. Have I missed something here or...
  2. I

    iPhone 6(S)(+) iPhone 6 shows 32 GB storage but shows 100s of GB photos 1+1=3?

    I don't get the storage behind my iPhone 6. It shows 32 GB storage, but in reality I have about 400 GB("Photos" storage) of videos on my iPhone (the 32 GB storage parameter never changes(i have like 19gb free left after and before adding 400GB) with photos or videos, the visual line changed to...
  3. gabriels182

    iPhone 7(+) peak performance capability and battery 100%

    Hello, My iphone 7 appeared the following message yesterday: Your battery's health is significantly degraded. An Apple Authorized Service Provider can replace the battery to restore full performance and capacity. But Maximum Capacity is showing 100%. Does anyone know what can it be?
  4. Stuey3D

    iPhone XR Battery capacity fluctuating, is this normal?

    Hi all I have noticed something a bit odd with my iPhone XR battery capacity when using Coconut Battery. I decided to use Coconut battery as my iPhone has dropped to 99% capacity according to iOS after a exactly a month of ownership. I thought this might have been excessive so decided to dig...
  5. sirroderick

    Optimum sample streaming config for 5,1 Mac Pro

    I'm getting a 2nd 3.46GHz 12-core 5,1 Mac Pro specifically for audio sample streaming via VEP6. I'll probably go the DVD Bay route for the OS SSD to maximise available PCI bandwidth and I'll probably put a GTX 680 in slot 1. That leaves slots 2,3 & 4 for PCI SSD cards. The aim is to optimise the...
  6. Flopstar

    iPhone SE iPhone SE 97-98% capacity after 19 cycles?

    Checking Coconut Battery, my SE is said to have 97.5% charge capacity after only 19 cycles. It was slightly lower than this at around 13 cycles, and frequently goes up to 98%. I know I'm being obsessive but this is normal for a battery right? As long as it doesn't drain to like 90% in 2 months...
  7. redshovel

    Battery capacity drop

    New rMB 2017 with 5 load cycles and battery capacity has already dropped to 96% My experience with MBPs in the past has been a 100% plus capacity and only dropping to 98% or below when more than 100 or so load cycles have registered. Is this normal behaviour for the rMB? Any other data points?
  8. W

    tMBP 13'' Design Capacity? PROBLEM

    I'm pretty sure my battery full charge capacity/design capacity is smaller than it should be. CoconutBattery says I'm at 4200 mAh full charge capacity and 4315 mAh design capacity. Can you post your battery capacity? Thank you! P.s. English is not my first language.
  9. jeanha124

    iPad Pro 12.9 256gb capacity

    What is the actual capacity of the 256gb? I have seen the 32gb and the 128gb ones, but not the 256gb since it only came out a couple months ago.... On mine it says 232gb, but is that the same capacity that other 256gb ipad pro users have? I'm asking because I got mine as an open-box certified...
  10. G

    New MacBook Pro 15" - >1 TB?

    My 2010 MacBook Pro is starting to show its age, and I'm thinking about a new one. Unfortunately, it seems like it's hard to get >1 TB disk capacity. I replaced the DVD drive with a 2TB drive in my existing laptop, so I am spoiled with 3 TB right now. Is there any way to approach that on the new...
  11. Z

    choosing the right capacity of the ssd i will install

    How will i know what capacity my SSD drive should be? I've got a Mid 2010 iMac running at the moment SnowL and want to later upgrade to El Capitan. Are there some specific folders i must see right now how large they are in order to measure my needs?