1. T

    Finding a keyfob the 21st century way....

    I lost my keys about 3 weeks or so ago and kinda gave up on finding them...I had one last idea on how to find them but I don't think it is possible. The keyfob is the type where my car will only start if the keyfob is within a couple of feet of my car (I assume it is NFC). My theory is that the...
  2. Z

    installing an OBD scanner

    Trying to install on my iPhone the interface for an OBD2 scanner for my car. Has anyone managed to do so for this scanner?
  3. chrisgunton

    iPhone Using iPhone as hotspot in car

    I've just upgraded to a significantly newer car (VW T-ROC) with quite a bit of tech. One of the things it can do is connect via wifi to a phone hotspot to pull down calendar events, parking and traffic information. I've found that once configured, it only connects to the phone if I briefly open...
  4. N

    iPhone USB Playback for songs in Car no longer works after iOS 13 GM upgrade

    Hi guys Updated to iOS 13 GM 2 days ago and found that the USB Playback for songs (Bluetooth only for calls and Siri) no longer works in my car. Anyone experienced that? I’m driving a Vauxhall ’09 here in the UK, which is almost the same as most Opel’s or GM’s and some Chevy’s in the USA. It’s...
  5. M

    Apple is Making a Car - just not one for you

    This needs to be said. Yes, Apple is making a car. Just not one you will be able to buy. After years of countless rumors and top-level hires, the press world is still uncertain about whether Apple is doing a car, a self driving OS or a ride-hailing service. Guess what, it's all of them...
  6. Mountaineer304

    iPod Should I buy a Ipod 6th Gen or a older Iphone model specifically for music,GPS and videos for my car

    Hey there so the question is should I buy a ipod touch 6th generation or should I buy a nice used iphone 6 plus or 7 plus?? My wife and I currently both have Iphone Xs Max's, Apple iwatch series 4's, Two Macbooks and a new generation ipad, top that off with Apple TV and bam the house is wired...
  7. ppdix

    iPhone Bluetooth issues in the car

    Since beta 5 or 6 of iOS12 I've had problems reconnecting Bluetooth to my 2 cars. Both are 2018 Audi. The connection shows "Connected" but it doesn't work. I have to manually turn off BT in the iPhone X and turn on, then it works fine until I stop the car and it loses the connection. It happens...
  8. duckwithacamera

    A short film about a guy living in his car

    Hi, As a hobby a group of us worked on a short film about a guy and his girlfriend facing money issues.
  9. B

    iPhone Do not Disturb While Driving not working like it should…

    I have an iPhone 5 (iOS 11.4.1) and when I try to activate DNDWD it should have 3 options: Bluetooth Automatic Manually But here, it only shows Bluetooth and Manually, but not Automatic. I searched everywhere but I can’t find the way to solve this. I would be very relieved if you could help...
  10. S

    How to get location based functions to work with a Bluetooth car receiver

    Hello! Does anybody know here how to get the two location based functions to work with a Kenwood car receiver: > Reminders (getting in the car / getting out of the car) > Maps ("How to finde your parked car with Maps on your iPhone") ( with my car...
  11. RoseFactory

    myCarLog - diary of your car!

    Manage all information and logs about your car with myCarLog!! Log fuel, maintenance and expenses. It will help you to manage your car economically and safely. If you log maintenance history, you'll see when you need to check next time. Maintenance log is very important to drive safely...
  12. secord1180

    AW Series 3 LTE - no call notification when phone is paired with 2015 Camry

    My Watch has not been notifying me of incoming phone calls while my phone is paired to my 2015 Toyota Camry Bluetooth system. Is this normal or is there a setting that is wrong. I would like to receive notifications all of the time if possible. What is the fix if any? Thanks!
  13. A

    iPhone X Choppy Call Connected to Car & Headset via Bluetooth

    Phone: iPhone X - iOS 11.1
 Headset: Jabra Stealth or Jaybird X3
 Car: Subaru WRX 2017 This issue does not occur with an iPhone 6 running iOS 11.1. When I place a call with both car and headset connected to the iPhone X via Bluetooth, the call audio on the headset is distorted and drops out...
  14. T

    Recommendations for a replacement metal square for magnetic car mounts?

    This might be an odd question, but you know those car mounts that are magnetic and they have you put a little metal square on the back of your iPhone or under the case? can anyone recommend a thinner metal square to put in there? I had one that i used, but i finally lost it, and was looking for...
  15. jokerz126

    iPhone X landscape mode in car problems

    ok. So did a test with iPhone X driving in my car and tried using it just like I would my 6s plus. I put the phone in my windshield mount. I found when using Maps with 6s plus the phone would automatically detect being in landscape mode and rotate. This doesn’t seem to currently be working...
  16. J

    Added inductive charging station to my car

    I had 45 minutes to kill this evening, so I modified a wireless charger and installed it in my car to create a hidden inductive charging station for my iPhone 8 Plus. My car’s a 2017 Ford Fusion, and it has a recessed area underneath the infotainment system (in the center console) which fits an...
  17. A

    iPhone iOS 11 Bluetooth problems with car

    Just updated my iPhone 6s to iOS 11 and the Bluetooth connection with my car (Renault, using R-link 2) has stopped working. They connect automatically, but a few seconds later the connection is lost. Then they reconnect again and lose connection again. Over and over again. I've tried...
  18. D.T.

    The Car Thread ... !

    Welcome. :cool: There are a few car related threads on MR, but I noticed there’s always a good amount of [car related] side discussions. Combine that with that seems like a pretty decent number of car enthusiasts here on MR, and it seemed like an ongoing, “open topic” car thread would be fun...
  19. erbes

    Universal Vehicles manager app

    Hi! I'm new to MacRumors and I just read the "Guidelines for Software Developers". I'm a young developer and I created an application (is on AppStore) in order to help you managing all your vehicles. The app is called iAuto - Vehicles manager and you can see it here...