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  1. Lilyrosedebt

    ipad 9.7 case question

    Before buying a case that I really want I just want to know will a ipad 9.7 6th gen case fit a ipad pro 9.7?
  2. D

    Are those Bullstrap leather cases worth it for an iPhone?

    I need to buy a new case for my iPhone 13, did some quick search and found Bullstrap leather cases. They are kinda pricey, so I'm wondering if it is worth it? Does it give you any benefit other than knowing that you paid so much for your phone case.
  3. D

    Why are iPhone cases sold out at the Apple online store? WTF. Looking for an alternative.

    I need a new case for my iPhone 13 Pro Max. The one I got from Apple was such a sh! t that it disintegrated within 1+ yr. So I was trying to get a different one. I've been checking for over a month now and it's always sold out. So what's the rub there? Did they get such a big head that they...
  4. YeasirAraFath

    Seeking the Ultimate Protection: iPhone 15 Pro Max Case and Screen Protector

    Hey everyone! 👋 Need some advice on finding the perfect protective case and glass protector for my iPhone 15 Pro Max in Bangladesh. I've come across the Ringke Fusion-X case, which seems legit, but most other options in Bangladesh appear to be replicas. I've heard of brands like UAG and...
  5. E

    iPhone 15 Pro iPhone 15 Pro Logic Board Damage After Drop. How?

    Hello all. I am watching a YouTube channel of a third party iPhone repair shop. A very reliable one actually, in Turkey. They published a video a couple of days ago. There is an iPhone 15 Pro, dropped in its case and a screen protector on in that video. No visual cracks, just the screen is...
  6. B

    iPhone Cases With The Best Colors/Designs, Underrated Case Brands (For 15PM)

    So I'm looking to pick out a good case before I upgrade to a 15PM, I've been mainly eyeing the Mous Limitless 5.0 Atlantic Blue. I like the shade of blue it has and I'm familiar with the brand, its a good color. Its been out of stock for awhile specifically for the Pro Max size. While I wait...
  7. phillytim

    Suggestions for a leather case that provides great rear camera protection/lip?

    Looking for a a leather case that provides better protection than my "premium" Bullstrap leather case - which allowed one of my 15 Pro Max rear cameras to become damaged from a flat fall. Suggestions?
  8. H

    Where can I find iPhone cases that are flush with the camera lens?

    I'm looking for any iPhone case that surrounds the lenses on the camera module but also covers the bump and is not raised any higher than the rest of the phone case. Basically like the picture shown below, flush with the camera lens module.
  9. R

    Case pattern imprinted on the back glass of phone

    Hello, today as i took the case off for a routine cleanup i noticed that the interior patern of the case (outlined on the magsafe) got imprinted on the back of the phone (most likely its the paint of the textil material from inside the case). I tried to wipe it off with everything, including...
  10. T

    Why do so Many "Carbon Fiber" or Aramid Case on the Market Neglect the Top and Bottom of the Phone?!

    Kind of a rant, but also genuinely curious why this is so common on these cases. These cases tend to be more expensive yet don't offer protection in one of the most important places. I could imagine someone pulling my their phone out of their pocket and somehow it falls with the top of the...
  11. M

    iPhone 15 Pro Max Finewoven Case Quality

    It’s my first apple case and so far I really love the feeling of the FineWoven but after 2 weeks it already looks pretty used and getting ugly. This case costs 70€ and I’m kinda disappointed it gets ugly so fast. I really take care of my things and never put my phone on dirty tables, so it’s not...
  12. Sal09

    Which Case Did You Get or Recommend For Your New iPhone 15/Plus/Pro/Pro Max?

    Last year's thread for reference:
  13. F

    iPhone Pro 15 Pacific Blue Leather Case - Reproduction

    Looks legit, MagSafe works, buttons are a little stiff. Leather is nice. Came from AliX. Ordered 9/17, received 9/27, cost $13.48.
  14. M

    Fabric case like the old Pixel cases?

    Now that FineWoven has mostly flopped, does anyone know if there is a case out there similar to the official Google Pixel Fabric cases they used to make? I’ve searched but was unable to find any. Peak design was probably the closest, but I won’t buy until they refresh the case model to include...
  15. kithytom

    Apple Silicone Case alternative BUT lower price

    I know probably people asked million times and holy moly, after an Instagram swipe, it pushed me at least 10+ ads about phone cases. This market is so competitive and profit margin must be high... All in all they are $39.99 - $59.99 range which is comparable to Apple's own silicone and clear...
  16. S

    iPhone 15 Pro Max IPhone 15 Pro Max - Advice for a case for someone moving up from an X

    Historically gone for the Incipio Duo due to them having an inside silicone case which sits inside another external harder case but i'm thinking maybe Otterbox Defender XT? Protection is priority Do I need a lens protector? I have an old X then i'm upgrading to the Pro Max which obviously have...
  17. slplss

    XOUXOU: found some fancy lanyard cases for your comfort and security (EU/US)

    I use my phone naked, except when I travel abroad or in public transport. As that’s where my 13 Pro got stolen. So for iPhone 15 line, I found some expensive but very nice looking lanyard cases: several types of lanyards and ropes to select from, clear and colourful cases. check out...
  18. R

    Other iPhone 15 Pro Case Recommendation

    Upgrading from iPhone 12. I've been using Spigen cases for years. Any recommendations for an iPhone 15 Pro case? Any good cases on Amazon? How strong should the protection be for the popping camera lenses?
  19. B

    Airpod pro 2 case not show in find my

    Hi guys, i use airpod pro 2 with iphone 12 pro max , there is some issue as below: When i open case immediately temp widget show case and EarPods battery, and there is no issue , but case is not showing in added widget on home page, ( hope u understand what i say). Only show EarPods separately...
  20. T

    Cheapest HDD case with TB?

    I want to have more reliable connection tha what usb gives. So what is the next option for real spinning disk?