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  1. T

    Cheapest HDD case with TB?

    I want to have more reliable connection tha what usb gives. So what is the next option for real spinning disk?
  2. ipx666

    Weird AirPods Pro 2 case sound

    Hi guys! I’ve noticed weird sound coming from my AirPods Pro 2 case. It’s coming from time to time without any reason, or maybe it is one? Any ideas?
  3. Z

    the best cases/sleeves u use

    What case would you choose to carry your 14" or 16" MacBook Pro? Is there one that you suggest and why?
  4. AjTee

    Otterbox case for iPhone 14 Pro Max question

    Hello, I am interested in Otterbox case for my iPhone 14 Pro Max. Currently using original clear case but it looks like that this scratch steal surface. I would like to change my case to non- scratching one. I am interested in Otterbox product's on Apple Store website. Interesting products...
  5. R

    Otterbox Symmetry+ Case With Magsafe???

    Hi, does anyone have experience using this otterbox symmetry+ case with magsafe? I mean how the case perform against drop? Is it realy protect the iPhone? Or is there some weakness? Is it still 2 layer in one piece design or otterbox change the design as 1 layer only? Thank you in advance. 🙏🏻🙏🏻
  6. S

    Best Case for Apple Watch Ultra? Or just deal with the scratches...

    It seems Apple Watch Ultra is at least somewhat prone to scratches on the titanium finish. I've read many accounts of this. But the below Amazon review for Spigen Rugged Armor case for the Ultra tops it all. A plastic case meant to protect the device causes scratches. I was considering getting...
  7. R

    Solution for AirPods Pro 2 case battery drain

    I’m seeing a lot of posts of people having battery drain on the AirPods Pro 2 case. I had a similar issue, it used to drain over 20% or more a day. This is what solves it for me: - Go to the find my app - Remove AirPods Pro from the Find my App devices list (this causes them to also unpair...
  8. D

    Would this case fit my Iphone 14 base model?

    Hi Everyone, Can anyone chime in if this specific Caudabe case would fit my Iphone 14 model? I don't live in the USA so in order to get free shipping I need to spend a certain amount. My wife has an Iphone 13 and I have...
  9. T

    iPad Pro Shame on you Apple

    Yesterday I went to the Apple store enquiring for a replacement of a smart keyboard folio for my Ipad Pro M1 12.9-inch that I purchased 150 days ago because the tissue started peeling off (see pic). The tech there told me right away that this should not have happened and that they could replace...
  10. A

    Could someone help me identify this Phone case please?

    Hi I came up against this phone case used by Fousey and wanted to know which one it is. It’s a bear brick design but don’t know where to get the exact one. Would be helpful if someone found out.
  11. S

    Please suggest a case for iPad Air 5 that covers the edges and is durable.

    I am paranoid of my ipad falling and breaking as I don't have apple care. Do I need a screen protector too? I mainly use the iPad for taking and reading notes and occasionally for watching Youtube. So my priorities are: - protection against falling etc. - good reading/watching angle - flat...
  12. Kizuo

    Looking for an old PowerMac G5 (before late 2005)

    Hey guys, I’m new here. I have recently found an interest in old Macintosh computers and have decided that I want to own a PowerMac G5 as the first Mac of my collection. I am looking for one made before late 2005, because of the power board situation. I am going to collect them just for display...
  13. C

    Non-Leather 'Flip Back Case'

    Hi everyone, I'm upgrading from a '17 MBP 13" to a '21 MBP 14" and I'm looking for a folio/flip back case. In the past I've had leather or leatherette cases, this time I'd like to find one thats a nice cloth material, or maybe a suede, something that has a softer touch. To be clear on the...
  14. T

    What screen protectors will work with the Otterbox Defender case for the iPhone 11? Will Zagg work?

    What screen protectors will work with the Otterbox Defender case for the iPhone 11? Will Zagg work?
  15. R

    Resolved 12 Pro Max can’t read NFC cards while in case.

    Hi, So im having issue. Ive been using UAG monarch case and Ptterbox defender case for my iPhone 12 Pro max. But why i cant read any NFC cards while my phone in case? Specifically with both of that case. But the scan works while i took off the case. Is that normal issue? Have anyone...
  16. D

    iPhone 12 Pro Max iPad Smart Folio style case for iPhone w/MagSafe

    I'm looking for a specific style of case for my 12 Pro Max. My own research has turned up nothing, can anyone please help? I'm looking for a cross between the Twelve South SurfacePad and the iPad Smart Folio case. Ideally the case slaps onto the back of my phone using the MagSafe magnets for...
  17. TopGuy1104

    All iPads Any chance if i wanna take my iPad to me to a sports stadium with strict policies, would any one of these two these cases be fine?

    I would like to find out if I can take my iPad to a sports stadium with any of these two cases I have which i attached onto here. These cases can carry any of my belonging, my phone, wallet, etc and i’d like to have this type of case for traveling. Would it work out or not?
  18. PowerfulEra

    Black Mac Case

    Hello, i came across this ITX case made by company called Black Mac from China. I found about them couple weeks ago in chinese forums lools like they are a case manufacturer that makes cases that have lattice pattern on 2019 Mac Pro and Pro Display XDR. They are the ones that made the case in...
  19. T

    Spigen Enzo case early access today. But the price......

    Just got the email for early access to the Enzo case from Spigen. I LOVE Spigen cases and screen protectors. I want to get this. But not sure I can justify it for $150. Early access gives you $30 off. But still, $120 for a case on a phone I may not have past the next release will make me...
  20. M

    Do ( leather ) cases cause overheating?

    I'm thinking about buying a leather case like this one for my Core i9 MBP16. Does anyone have experience with these types of cases, either leather or plastic? Do they keep the laptop from cooling properly? I just...