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  1. A

    Best Popsocket/case for iPhone 13 Pro

    This is a very confusing question What ideally is the best type of Popsocket case for daily use ie (driving attachment/magsafe/swapping Popsocket tops) I noticed there are those magnetic grips ones, ones that actually grip the phone, ones that stick permanently to the phone, and ones that are...
  2. MiniApple

    All iPads iPad case with Surface like adjustable kickstand?

    I'm looking for an iPad case that has an adjustable Surface like kickstand (same functionality, and not just some preset angles) (2021 base iPad model, Mini 5 or Mini 6)
  3. C

    Airpods Pro Case Battery Health

    I have Airpods Pro for 22 months. buds were replaced a year ago, but case is the original. I have noticed that it lasts very little, while use is not high. Can I check battery health of airpods pro case? Any help if I can have any replacement etc, as I am out of 1 year Apple's warranty...
  4. D

    Looking for super/ultra thin (± 0.35mm) clear (hard) case made from Polypropylene Plastic (PP) for iPhone 13 Pro

    Looking for a super/ultra thin (± 0.35mm) clear (hard) case made from Polypropylene Plastic (PP) for iPhone 13 Pro. Any suggestions like Branded, Amazon and/or AliExpress cases ? If Yes, please share website link(s) of case(s).
  5. D

    iPad mini Folio Case Holding Tips

    I recently purchased an iPad Mini 6 with one of the smart folio cases that folds over the front and magnetically closes. How do you handle typing in portrait mode? I feel like the front cover always gets in the way. Tonight I’m trying to fold it into its triangle position (see image) but it’s...
  6. TarkinDale

    Protection for new AS Macs

    Hey all, with the new shape and dimensions for the pro laptops, old cases and covers won’t fit. If you plan on protecting your new Mac when it arrives, what case/sleeve you will use? Any idea on how long the manufacturers take to produce them? I can’t imagine they are rushing like with new...
  7. M

    Supveco iPad Mini Case impressions

    I wanted to share some impressions and pictures of this case. You can find it on Amazon and it’s reasonably priced IMO The case is made of a very firm material and completely surrounds...
  8. cheddar-caveman

    iPhone 12 mini Phone answers call when I open case.

    I keep my iPhone 12 Mini in NOVADA leather case. The phone automatically answers a call when I open the case to see who's calling, which I don't want! Is there some way I can stop this? 🤔🤔
  9. adrianloh128

    Which case feel the best on hand?

    Which case has the best on hand feeling? I think grips play a lot in this part. Prefer case with sticky feeling or doesn't slip out of your hand easily
  10. AlexJ092

    Brown leather case?

    I have the silver 13promax and I have the MagSafe clear case from Apple. I am interested in purchasing the golden brown leather case, if you have the case could you post a picture so I can see what it looks like please? 😁
  11. AlexJ092

    No white case? iPhone 13 pro max

    Hi, I have the Silver 23 Pro Max and I have just realised that Apple have not released a white case this year?! What cases have you gone for instead?
  12. DaffiDuck

    iPhone 13 UK Apparently you can't get an iPhone case when getting an iPhone 13

    Hello So my friend went to the Apple store in Manchester right and the guy said I won't be able to sell you a case with the phone he challenged him then a manager came and said they would process it. This is very bad on apples part as I have seen loads of people get cases in the apple store :(...
  13. voraciousvegan

    iPhone 13 mini Do the iPhone & Case Magnets Attract Everyday Magnetic Items?

    I'm trying to decide if I should get a Magsafe case or not. I'm wondering if iPhone 13's magnets are specialized enough to not attract everyday magnetic items, or if it can stick to the fridge, stainless steel, various metals in the garage, attract paper clips, etc. What about the Magsafe...
  14. D

    Which leather case did you get for your 13 Pro Max (Sierra Blue)?

    Just trying to figure out which one I want and I can’t decide. I’m stuck between Dark Cherry and Wisteria. Anyone have any pics of their phone in case? Thanks!
  15. zaudo

    Is the iPhone 13 Silicone Case less grippy than the 12's case?

    Sorry for another case thread! I had a browse through and couldn't find the same sort of question. I've had the official iPhone 12 mini Silicone Case (in Deep Navy) for a while now. I'm happy with the grip, it does have a bit of an annoying issue where the corner of the case pops off in my...
  16. Denzo

    Cheap iPhone 13 Pro Max Case

    So received the case from Amazon today. Ordered it 2 days ago which is pretty incredible. Title of listing was: ESR Clear Case Compatible with iPhone 13 Pro Max Case, Crystal-Clear Shockproof Thin Silicone Case, Yellowing-Resistant Slim Transparent TPU Phone Case, Project Zero Series, Clear Was...
  17. nikhilnagaraj24

    What is the Lightest, NON-Clear, Magsafe case for iPhone 13 Pro Max out there?

    Has anyone found (or used with the 12 PM) a Lightweight, NON-Clear, Magsafe case for iPhone 13 Pro Max? I found a few on Amazon and other websites via a google search, but I'm looking for the lightest case out there with Magsafe compatibility and something doesnt add a lot of bulk to the...
  18. S

    Nudient case problem

    Anybody else have problems with their Nudient cover? see pictures, the paint is melting/falling off due to "warm" weather (max 25 c degrees) I never leave the phone of in the sun ofc.. So it happened in my pocket.. Have been in contact with Nudient Customer service that claims is not it is not...
  19. N

    Anyone seen something similar to this case?

    Hi, My friend showed me her ipad pro 9.7 and i noted that her case, a Speck StyleFolio has a nice little feature. I really like the “speakers scoops” that redirects the speakers sound. Sadly, they dont have one for my ipad pro 12.9 3rd gen. as anyone seen such a feature for my type of ipad...
  20. purdnost

    2021 iPad Pro - Good Temporary Case?

    My go-to case is the Zugu case, but they won’t be available for the new iPad Pro until July. I have a 12.9-inch iPad Pro coming this week and I want to protect it, but I don’t want to spend $100 on Apple’s Smart Folio. Any suggestions?