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  1. E

    Catalina or Big Sur for MacBook Air 2017? Advise needed.

    MacBook Air (13-inch, 2017) 1.8GHz dual-core Intel Core i5 128GB SSD 8GB RAM My stock MBA2017 is still on macOS Catalina and as we all know Monterey will be the last macOS that will work on it. So would love to see feedbacks from forummers here whether it's better to upgrade or i should just...
  2. S

    Macbook Air mid 2012 lags after Big Sur

    Install Big Sur with patch Mouse moves slowly, deep lags. I reset NVRAM and SMC and reinstall Catalina... Mouse moves slowly, deep lags. From internet recovery install Lion.. Mouse moves slowly...CPU load over 100% In all osX install mouse lags and performance low. Fan usage and CPU 100% But...
  3. J

    Safari 15.x crash on Catalina

    TLDR: Safari crashes in Catalina (intel Mac) after Safari 15.2 update I have a MacBook Pro (15-inch, mid-2012) running macOS 10.15.7 with a new SSD a couple of years ago. It was running perfectly until Safari was updated to 15.2; it could've been an earlier update to Safari that broke the...
  4. P

    Monterey update on unsupported Mac with OCLP - some questions

    I ran into some questions/issues with my update of macOS Catalina on a Late 2013 27” iMac (14,2) to Monterey 12.3.1 using OCLP 0.4.3. I’m not sure if the ‘’Nvidia Kepler’ post-install patch’ worked properly and I’m not sure if my display needs some correcting. I’ll list my questions at the...
  5. G

    verifty catalina usb installer

    hi I'm currently trying to verify a Catalina installer I have on a USB pkgutil --check-signature returns with signed with untrusted certificate is it possible the certificates are expired I checked the installesd.DMG in the support files and they are all signed by apple is it possible...
  6. M

    Updating to Cataline has ruined the built-in webcam quality

    An update to macOS Catalina has made the quality of the built-in webcam that awful that will feel guilty during zoom session, because other participants' eyes could bleed: overall quality 20x times worse than it was in Mavericks, but the main concern is a ghosting problem. When I close my eyes...
  7. M

    SSD running slow with new sata ribbon Mac mini mid-2010 on Catalina

    Hello everyone! I’m new to the community and I am trying to remedy my issue. I just purchased a Mac Mini mid 2010 for $15 that was expected to have a bad hdd but turned out it was the sata cable. I ordered a 1tb SSD Hynix gold and 16gb of ram. I updated my Mac from snow leopard that it came with...
  8. E

    MP 7,1 Monterey 12.1 vs Catalina 10.15.7 on nMP

    For the past few weeks I've been experimenting with a NVME Monterey 12.1 Boot Disk inside my 2019 24 core Mac Pro (Vega II 32GB GPU). Today, I booted back into my MAIN (apple) Catalina Boot disk and was struck by how much faster certain visual GUI operations are. As a music composer, I spend...
  9. gffounder

    Missing from Prefs "Patch Updater Prefpane.prefPane"

    Awesome Catalina patcher results on ALL my systems!!! Strange issue: "Patch Updater Prefpane.prefPane" is gone from my MBP. Not in System Preferences, not in any folders. How to reinstall it???
  10. f00f

    Apple Pay Payment not Completed (macOS)

    TL;DR: I can't get Apple Pay to work on macOS Catalina with Safari 15.2. All payments fail with "Payment not completed" on the Mac and Apple Pay works fine on my other devices with the same CCs. Looking for help trying to determine what's up here. Longer story: On macOS I have two CC's set...
  11. J

    Disk Utility on Catalina and Mojave unable to make newly encrypted external drive show password hint after setting password hint

    I have tried 3 times to erase and encrypt a new Seagate 5tb external hard drive using Disk Utlity on Catalina. Used OS Extended (Journaled, Encryted), set passord hint. Then after I unplug and plug the drive back in, the passwrod hint does not show. Tried with my other Macbook on Mojave and...
  12. SCavndrF

    Can't boot from SSD due to Yosemite Recovery

    I have 3 MacBook Pros that I updating and installing SSDs. Two are 2015 and one 2014. All 3 are using the same 3rd-party SSD. Two are all running Catalina. One keeps coming up with Yosemite. It will NOT see the SSD during installation. So I created a USB installation drive with Catalina on...
  13. H

    Cracked screen and reset to factory settings

    Hi All, How can I reset a mac to factory settings when screen doesn't work ? I tried connecting to external screen and used cmd+R, however the external screen never shows the disk utility options Also I dont have the admin lock password, trying to set this up through my existing user account...
  14. phoenix_jet

    My backup hard drive won't work now after upgrading to Catalina

    So I upgraded to Catalina on my 2009 MacBook pro by the backdoor method and now my external hard drive won't work. Just cycles and never goes into actually backing up. Just continues to say "preparing for backup." Is this a known issue? I know Apple wouldn't support my upgrade b/c they want...
  15. M

    Clean erase & install of OS on internal SDD - Need help!

    Hello, I have a 2013 macbook pro 15" retina (running Catalina) with an internal SSD which last year failed in some way/messed up, after it froze, I powered it off and then upon restarting couldnt boot onto/select the Mac OS drive. Its worth noting the hard drive was partitioned so it had...
  16. J

    MBP Runs very slow after recent updates

    This MacBook Pro (Late 2013) has been working well for last 5 years when I purchased it on 2014. No problem until a recent update was installed. Currently, it is running macOS 10.15.7. However, all apps are running very slow even it takes a while to display app icons in Application folder, not...
  17. F

    Resolved Can't boot my CCC disk image !

    Hi everyone, I have a problem booting on my Carbon Copy Cloner (CCC) disk image. It all started with me trying to have a look on Big Sur (stuck with catalina), but to prevent damage, I decided to clone my "Macintosh HD" volume and my "BOOTCAMP" volume with CCC on two distinct sparsebundle...
  18. L

    Music app stuck in English

    Hello, I have my Mac set to Spanish and my Apple ID is set to Spain. However the Music app, Podcasts app and tv app's web-embedded parts (i.e. Browse, For you, Top Charts) are in English. I can fix this after going to Account > View my account, but after a certain amount of time or restarting...
  19. bogdanw

    Security Update 2021-006 Catalina

    Apple: Direct link Edited, see below
  20. Heindijs

    List of Apple Arcade games which work on non-metal Macs

    I decided to test out and try to document which Apple Arcade games work on early Intel, non-Metal Macs running Catalina unofficially. For some reason, not all games are made for the Metal API, which means that some work surprisingly well. Some also used to work, but no longer do (Crossy Road...