1. I

    Battery drain during sleep (intermittent)

    I have mba 2020, fresh install Catalina latest version. It started 2 months ago, when it’s awake every 2 minutes and end up with empty battery the next day. I already disabled WiFi, find my Mac, disable power nap, change hibernate mode to 25, disable key chains, with no results. Sometimes, it...
  2. M

    MP 1,1-5,1 Rendering on a 4,1...upgrades possible? dosdude? or open core? for autodesk, and mild animation...anyone tried it recently?

    Hi, I have done a bit of research, and I have 3 machines that are either going to be thrown away, or upgraded to use as mild rendering machines for furniture design, and a bit of AR for online retail, (this will be eventually for my business) booting latest windows, and or Mac os, via either a...
  3. M

    Help: Clean Catalina Install on Macbk Pro13 A1502 keeps restarting

    Hi all, I have a MacBook pro 13 mid-2014 A1502, on which I have been running Windows for years (I can't even remember what macOS I had on there). The thing is, I recently replaced my 256gb ssd with a 1tb ssd card. I received a bootable Catalina Macos USB with it, which I have been trying to...
  4. Q

    Photos app stopped displaying videos and photos after upgrade from High Sierra/Mojave to Catalina on MacBook7,1

    Hi, on Macbook7,1, using dosdude1 patcher, i upgraded from High Sierra to Catalina.Most of stuff went smooth and mac works quite ok with one big exception. Photos app doesnt work as expected, as photos and videos became not available. Thumbnails are grey and after clicking on them, I can see...
  5. T

    Keylogger on iMac

    Hello, I've recently learned that a stalker has stolen my spare key and has had access to my iMac while I was away from home. I believe she installed a keylogger on my iMac. My question is: if the keylogger had used my camera, would the green light have turned on, even when taking a quick...
  6. M

    Resolved What does this icon (command symbol within a window) in the menu bar mean?

    In MacBook Pro (16-inch, 2019, macOS Catalina, Version 10.15.7), I see an icon on the righthand side of the menu bar. Clicking on it showed the pinwheel for a long time. Eventually it went away, but the system was sluggish. And I had to Force Quit the system to restart. The icon I am talking...
  7. T

    How long does it take to install Catalina?

    How long does it take to install Catalina (from Mojave?) it seems to be stuck (on the progress bar) at around approx 5%.
  8. HMI

    Affinity Photo / Catalina - Can’t Save As to Folder Location?

    When I try to Save a photo using Save As, I get this error message: I can save to the same folder every other time, but I can’t with this current photo. Not sure why. Any ideas are welcome. Please help! Thanks!
  9. M

    macOS Catalina how to upgrade the Apache httpd

    I have upgraded my laptop from Mojave to Catalina. I do not use my laptop with any of the Apache Services. My current version of Apache httpd is: Apache/2.4.41 My security team told me that I need to update to Apache/2.4.42 or later. How do I do that? Can I run a simple command line that...
  10. G

    Installer for Catalina

    Is the Installer for Catalina still available? When I go to the App store, it doesn't show up in the Search. I downloaded it at one time, but it's not listed in my Purchased Apps. There are some links found on a Google search. When I click on them, they bring up Big Sur download. Thanks.
  11. RobertL39

    CONFOOSED about system files in "restore" and system DOWN-grade

    I apologize. I have looked a zillion places and read a zillion articles. If there is one that addresses this head-on, I've not found it; hence this query. • Backed-up entire internal drive, with Catalina OS installed, to external drive using CCC • Will install larger SSD in place of current...
  12. A

    Failing at downgrading Big Sur

    I've been trying to downgrade to Catalina from Big Sur for 2 days now on a brand new machine that came with Big Sur. I've tried numerous ways. Currently, I'm running into 2 issues. (Ignore the wrong screen resolution in the photos below - this seems to be an effect while in Recovery Mode only...
  13. Z

    MacOS can't be recovered; stuck on progress bar

    Hi, I was hoping someone could help me figure out my issue because even the Apple Phone Support guy couldn't. I have a very old MacBook Pro Retina 15" Mid-2012 (10,1) that stopped starting up. Nothing I tried worked so I gave up on it and used my iMac and iPad mainly. Months later, I decided I...
  14. B

    Boot Mojave SSD from Catalina MBP?

    I just bought a new MacBook Pro, which I intended to downgrade to Mojave. However, clearly it can't since it shipped with Catalina. So, I thought of making a clone of my old MacBook Air hard drive which is Mojave, just to boot from when I need some older apps. Is this as simple and...
  15. H

    Apple Music crashes all the time, since 10.15.7 (19H512) update (?)

    It didn't crash immediately after the security patch installation so I don't know whether it has anything to do with that. Anyhow, I cannot play music anymore (for longer than perhaps a few minutes) from the iCloud. Any ideas what might cause this? I'm running late 2013 iMac and can't upgrade to...
  16. B

    Upgrade/Downgrade between Mojave and Catalina (incl Bootcamp); user folder on external SSD

    Hi, I would like to upgrade from Mojave to Catalina (or Big Sur), but am a bit reluctant to do so because of Catalina's weird new dual-volume HD-Setup. (Guess Big Sur needs the same HD structure, right?) Main reason to upgrade is because of the sidecar feature (don't want to get an Astropad...
  17. neo-disco

    which GPU for Apple miniDp screens - cMP 5.1 (catalina & OpenCore) ?

    hi, seeking an economic (power consum.) gpu with mini-display ports, for cMP 5.1 with 2 apple led miniDP (not thunderbolt). metal for mojave and catalina, displaying the OS with miniDP ports. now: nvidia nvs510 4 miniDP in mojave, all ports do provide signal, miniDP and hdmi work in catalina...
  18. redhatcode29

    MP 1,1-5,1 Catalina Patch, Rx 580/570/470 Mac Pro 3,1

    Guys, i would appreciate if someone could shed some light on as to whether a MP 3,1 with a Catalina patch (Dosdude's) will be able run the the above-mentioned GPUs. I have read some conflicting advises (or i am just confused) that since SSE4.2 is not present in the Xeons, the Rxs' will not...
  19. agraden

    How to find files created after a specific date?

    Hi all, I want to restore my Mac to my last Time Machine backup of Catalina. I'm currently on Big Sur and don't want to lose any new data since upgrading. Is there a way I can view every file I've created, downloaded, saved etc. after a specific date (that date being after upgrading to Big Sur)...
  20. J

    Choppy / distorted audio from USB interfaces?

    I'm currently using a 2015 retina MBP 15" running Catalina. Up until a few months ago it was working flawlessly with external audio interfaces. Recently, I started getting intermittent audio issues - as noticed by other people on a Zoom call, and lately, on my end, being unable to hear people...