1. H

    Will Mojave or Catalina Slow Down a MacAir?

    Have a 2013 and an Early 2015 13" 2.2 GHz Intel Core i7 8GB RAM MacBook Air running High Sierra. Considering upgrading and wondering how much slower the machines will become.
  2. mainemini

    How to edit custom vocabulary for Voice Control (Siri) in Catalina?

    I'd like to add a large number of words used in my work to Voice Control. However, the UI in the Accessibility preference panel only allows entering one word at a time. In Catalina, I believe Voice Control with US English uses Siri's voice recognition. I can't find the dictionary or other...
  3. I

    *** trying to create a service in MacOS Catalina ***

    Hi all, looking for some assistance. I've installed a Prometheus monitoring server on a Mac mini (OS Catalina) and now trying to configure one of its components using instructions that are designed for Linux. I've reached the last stage of the instructions that detail how to create and...
  4. K

    Macbook Pro A1398 Getting stuck at Prohibition screen on executing Internet Recovery

    Hi, I have an A1398 MBP, which was working fine until last couple of days. I will list the series of events that occurred:- 1. It suddenly started booting in safe mode. 2. Did not accept the password. 3. There was a left shift key issue seems to be. 4. Used the Right shift to key in the...
  5. G

    Safari Reader View

    I have a Mac running Catalina and Safari running 13.1.2. I like using Reader View to save articles or tutorials to read them later on. Also, to use it as a reference point. Usually, I am going to Apples own support sites ( to use Reader View and save...
  6. gpat90

    No Disk to Install MacOS to and 'could not mount "disk0s2"

    Hello everybody I was trying to reformat my MBP by following tutorials, etc. not for selling, but just for having a fresh start, and I think I did something wrong. I don't know if this matters but it is a MacBook Pro 15" Retina Display 2017. The current OS before I messed everything up was...
  7. J

    MP 1,1-5,1 Is it possible install windows 10 over mac pro 5.1 with Catalina

    Hello guys This is how my mac looks like: i install Catalina following this link: Now i would like to install windows 10 because some job tools that i need are just for windows. I have two questions: 1- There is an option to install windows 10 without...
  8. JP Beretta

    MP All Models MacBook Pro 16" charging issues **FRUSTRATING**

    Hey all, I've read countless forums and posts about the charging issues with the new MBP. My MBP charges really slow at max 6watts. I have no apps open, I've turned off the battery health management and dimmed the screen right down. I have also done all the SMC and PRAM etc resets with no...
  9. Gaurav Sharma

    GPU Performance Tanks after sleep MBP 2015

    Hi! I have been facing this issue since High Sierra but it has been unbearable in Catalina. If the mac is put to sleep for more than an hour the iGPU speed tanks to 200Mhz and doesn't boost at all. This causes the UI to stutter and makes the whole system unusable. Only a restart fixes it. I...
  10. P

    MBP 16" / Catalina: sleep stuff?

    Just upgrading from 2011-MBP-13" (High Sierra / 10.13) to new MBP 16" (Catalina / 10.15 of course). Currently running with external TB-3 display (LG 5K). Under power saving settings: Where can I set the time-to-sleep for the machine? The slider bar I've used for ages is just not on the screen…...
  11. I

    Catalina iMac 2011 pretend (OC) to be 2012, Panic during sleep

    Hi All, I am using an iMac 2011 with K1100M graphics card and in High Sierra, Mini Display Port to my 4k@60hz external display works fine. After upgrading to Catalina using the Dosdude1's patch, all works fine however Mini Display Port only outputs HDMI signal(5v, 4k@30hz) but NO Display Port...
  12. jakeuten

    Downloading Playlists on Apple Music in Catalina?

    I recently got a 2020 MBA and can't for the life of me figure out how to download a playlist to my Mac. Usually there's the cloud download button, but I can't find it anywhere. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
  13. gauzah

    Upgrading old late 2012 iMac to SSD

    I have an old iMac that I never used for quite a while and have recently been using it quite a bit more throughout my countries 'lockdown' period. I wanted to upgrade it to a new OS (Catalina) as it's currently running OSX Yosemite. After reading online about performance (I have an old 5400rpm...
  14. E

    Can't Find Catalina 10.15 & 10.14 .VMDK File (for use in virtual box )

    Hi, i tired from search for download catalina 10.15 & 10.14 .vmdk files in web and can't find them how can i download catalina 10.15 or 10.14 vmdk files ?
  15. E

    Can't Find Catalina 10.15 & 10.14 .VMDK File (for use in virtual box )

    Hi, i tired from search for download catalina 10.15 & 10.14 .vmdk files in web and can't find them how can i download catalina 10.15 or 10.14 vmdk files ?
  16. G

    No camera with dosdude Catalina patch on 2011 MacBook Pro 15”

    No camera dosdude Catalina patcher on 2011 mbp 15”. I’ve used the patcher on this model a number of times and I recently have one that the camera does not work with the unsupported Catalina patch unless it’s in safe boot. This is a fresh install w no additional apps or installations. the camera...
  17. E

    13" ntb 2017 issues after macOs update

    I updated the macOs to Catalina 10.15.4 for the first time since i got my MacBook(pro, 13 inch, mid 2017 non Touch Bar). Since the update, around 25 days ago, I've noticed that the battery is draining really fast. It used to give me around 6 to 8 hours of back. This is now reduced to ~4 hours...
  18. K

    Is Catalina stable now?

    I have a 2016 MBP 13 with 16gb of ram. Is Catalina a stable now to upgrade? I am concerned that it slows down my Mac.
  19. J

    MP 1,1-5,1 Can't boot into Recovery (5,1 with Catalina and M.2 NVMe)

    Command+R or Command+Option+R just boots back into the desktop. Wondering what I need to do to get Recovery to work and stay available in the future. Not much out there on creating or recreating a Recovery Partition for my situation. For kicks, here's my diskutil list results ("Brain" is my m.2...
  20. dysamoria

    Preview STILL Does Not Show 100%-Scale Images Correctly??

    Apple has had Retina display Macs since... 2013??... and they STILL haven't fixed the Preview app's failure to show 100%-scaled images as 1 pixel per one pixel. It shows them blown up somewhat. Yes, I have checked the setting in Preview's preferences, and NO, it has no effect. It defeats the...