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cellular data

  1. timelessbeing

    iPhone SE (2022) How much cellular data does Facetime use?

    And why does it say 0kb used?
  2. M

    Why is DNS Services eating my cellular data?

    Just checked my Cellular usage data and saw that in about a month the DNS service has consumed almost as much data as all iMessages combined! This can't be right? I have checked Apple Discussion Forums but couldn't find any real informative answers so I as the experts here! I have restarted the...
  3. Artaban

    HomeKit HKSV Streaming Over Cellular

    HKSV Streaming Over Cellular Hi Everybody, My issue: HomeKit cameras at ONE of my homes will not stream over cellular data. This issue occurs within the Apple Home App ONLY, and NOT within the native brand name apps (Aqara, Eufy). Recordings work normally, and are able to be viewed over...
  4. cochinet

    Cellular issues after upgrading to iOS 16 [MERGED]

    Hi there, I have AT&T Mexico and just updated to iOS 16 and then cellular data stopped working. Restarted the phone, turned off / on cellular data, etc, etc. Just posting here to see if anyone else is having the same issue or if it is an issue with the carrier or maybe apple? Holy smokes.
  5. gregohb

    Iphone 11promax Defective design? (lost cellular data connection)

    My iPhone 11 Pro Max worked normally for over a year, then one day I lost all cellular internet data for half a day. Then this happened a few days later. Off and on unpredictabibly. I contacted Apple repeatedly. I reset network settings, restarted, made sure data roaming was on, erased and...
  6. Domino8282

    Carrier Using phone SIM on iPad with Xfinity

    Can anyone who has done this (activated a BYOD SIM on an old phone and stuck it in a cellular iPad) on Xfinity Mobile please comment on whether this worked and if there were any long term drawbacks? It blows my mind that Xfinity doesn’t support BYOD for iPad. I will either end up using the above...
  7. M

    Unconfigured iPad mysteriously LTE connected

    Hi folks, I have just factory restored an M1 iPad Pro with cellular capability (with 14.8). Right after erasing all data and entering the very first welcome setup screen (choose language), in the right upper corner it indicates that the iPad is connected to LTE (with two signal bars, to be more...
  8. H

    iPhone goes from low bars 4G to higher bars 3G when I make a call.

    I have always assumed that the reception bars I see are not indicative of the current signal strength of my mobile data, but just of my general cell reception. However, while making a call at work, I noticed that it went from 1 bar on 4G, to 3 bars of 3G. Does this mean that my phone will drop...
  9. H

    Cellular/Mobile data bug present on ios 14.4-14.6

    Bug description: When turning off wifi, when mobile data is also turned off, the data usage under mobile data-system services- DNS services will go up, despite mobile data being off. Reproduction steps: Note the value of DNS services of Cellular/ Mobile data. Make sure it is turned off, and...
  10. H

    What is iTunes Media Services and why is it consuming the largest amount of data under system services

    There seems to be a few posts about this, but getting to the bottom of it seems to be varied for everyone. It's a brand new phone, I am currently not logged into an apple account, I have no podcasts or music on my phone, and both apps (podcasts and iTunes) have been deleted. So how is it that...
  11. jonjames505

    iPad Using employer’s SIM in personal iPad?

    I have an enterprise issued iPad 5th gen (2017) cellular model with AT&T service. I’m considering purchasing an iPad Pro personally, and am wondering if there would be any issues putting my employers SIM card into a personal device? Would it notify them in any way?
  12. D

    iPhone 12 not automatically switching to cellular data when WIFI is no longer available

    I have an iPhone 12 Pro currently running iOS 14.3. I have noticed that since having the new iPhone, it frequently has a problem automatically switching from WIFI to cellular data when I leave my home or other location where I have been using WIFI. When I try to use the internet (e.g. a Google...
  13. Juraj Pis

    Homekit heavy cellular usage

    I have been experiencing sudden battery and data drain on my iPhone X and when I looked at the consumption I see that homekit is hungry data app. Has anyone else experienced this behavior? I resetted stats two days ago and homekit used 1.8GB of data since then!
  14. U

    iPhone Uninstalled Apps Using Cellular Data

    iOS 13.1 Beta, iPhone X Settings > Cellular Data > Uninstalled Apps (MB) & I just, Reset Statistics (at the bottom) I did not delete any apps after selecting “reset”. Question: Why does my data usage for uninstalled apps keep climbing? It’s gone up 5MBs in about 20 minutes.
  15. yippy

    iPhone Game Center using lots of Cellular data

    Game center seems to use a lot of cellular data with no way to block it. I don't allow any of my games to use cellular data yet Game Center is by far the largest user of mobile data under System Services. It is using nearly 200MB/month which is crazy for something I effectively don't interact...
  16. Stuey3D

    iPhone iPhone XR occasional cellular data freezes, hardware or software failure?

    I'm having some occasional weird cellular issues on my iPhone XR and I was wondering if anybody else is having these issues or if its possibly a hardware failure. What happens is every so often totally randomly and usually days if not weeks apart my iPhone XR will get stuck in "No Service" mode...
  17. jjelq

    iPhone Cellular Data Drop

    Is anyone else experiencing random yet repetitive cellular data drop. A hard reset corrects the issue. Just curious if it’s widespread or just my device.
  18. lbdesign

    Carrier iPad cellular data provider — best deals?

    Hey folks, what's your best recommendation for a "value" data provider for an iPad cellular plan? I used to be with ATT unlimited, but didn't use it enough. For me, ideally it would be a plan with some GB and then slows down but doesn't shut off. Some of the bargain plans shut off completely...
  19. S

    Apple watch cellular not gettting app notification

    Hi, I got nike apple watch 4 cellular edition and activated my esim card with etisalat. I am able to receive calls and sms message when i am away from my phone. But i am not getting third party app notifications. When my phone is near me, every thing is okay. Thanks
  20. N

    All iPads 1GB/30 day data plans?

    Are data plans from Verizon/AT&T/etc. of 1GB/30 days still available for $20? I have an Air and a 2 before that and usually don't need any more at a time. I just don't see the data plans like that listed. Thanks!