1. R

    How do I change the icons in the dock on a Mac?

    I've got two identical icons that look like folders in the dock of my Mac - one for Dropbox and OneDrive - and it's very confusing. I've looked at all these supposed ways of changing them and none of them work. Who said Apple macs were easy and intuitive? Please can someone give me a simple...
  2. Samirvanrijn

    How to change standard option from Itunes to Spotify

    Hi Guys, When you push the pause/play button on your keyboard or your headphone, your macbook will open Itunes. Is it possible to change the standard option from Itunes to Spotify? I rarely use Itunes and prefer Sportify. Thanks in advance
  3. C

    Help changing a serial number on a Macook Pro (please read first)

    Hello, My name is Cris and I read this forum for a long time, but now it's the first time I'm asking for help. My problem is the following: A couple of months ago I bought a Macbook pro mid 2015 from a second hand electronics retailer, and when I bought it I only checked the serial number on...
  4. P

    Mac CONTEXT MENU item change POSITION "google without result"

    Hello, hope here for help :) I'm already looking for the whole morning for a guide or tool: I would like in safari in the "right click" / "context menu" the option/item: "translate with mate..." move up to one of the first positions. In best directly behind "search with google".
  5. E

    Host name since macOS Mojave

    Hi there, Last week, I updated my Macbook Air under macOS Mojave and when I went to work with, I had a pop-up like what a Macbook under my name already existed and that it was renamed to " Macbook (2) ". I tried to change it in the "Sharing" system preferences of macOS. But the next day the...
  6. E

    Change letters on keyboard

    Hi, can anyone help me is there any way to change letters on keyborad in High Sierra. I just want to edit two things - when i press "Z" on my keyborad to type "Y", and when i press "Y" on keyboard to type "Z". Can i change that anywhere in the settings? Thanx for any help
  7. M

    Creaking noise after display change - Macbook Pro 2015

    Apple exchanged my display with a new one after having a gray spot on my screen. After the exchange, there are some creaking noises that come from the right side of the underbody. The noises are unregular and come only 1 to 4 times a day. I was in apple store and they told me there wasn't any...
  8. MattJones

    Change iPhone X Payment Option

    I’m curious if it’s possible to change my iPhone X payment method. I purchased one for in-store pickup and paid with a Chase Credit Card. However, I have an Apple gift card for $500 I would like to put against the price of the phone. I’m curious if it’s possible to do this either online or...
  9. Tthomas612

    Changing iPhone 7 color

    So I really want to change the color of My phone from Rose Gold to matte black. I know it's possible and I'm not 100% sure id want to do it myself... Anyone have any ideas ... Besides the obvious of get a matte black one because I know that's an option lol
  10. macduke

    Thoughts on quitting life?

    Anyone here just feel like quitting life? No, I'm not talking about suicide. I enjoy living. I love my wife, my three year old daughter, and my one year old son. I just sometimes wonder if the life I'm living needs to change in some significant way. I can't quite put my finger on it. I have a...
  11. terrab

    Specs and ref. for XServe Heatsink thermal sensor

    Hello everyone, I have an old Xserve 1.1 Intel. Many fixes are doing at this day. But, the last problem is the second CPU heatsink ; the thermal sensor are broken because wires are cutting... so, what is the specs and reference of the thermal sensor to change it ? I see on the sensor the ref...
  12. H

    Change HDD in hfs+ in fat/exfat without format?

    Can I change my USB HDD formatted in hfs+ (mac os x journaled) in windows compatible formats? Like Exfat for istance? Without formatting hdd and losing the datas inside?
  13. M

    Dongle Gate or just change..again?

    Apple’s Dongle Gate? It’s not that often you see the tech world’s hefty reaction and that many headlines of “angry” or disappointed people and potential customers, to a new product like Apple have “given” us all at the launch of their new MacBook Pro. Although very few people at this moment of...
  14. RumorzGuy

    Change Dock Background Color and Indicator Lights

    In visiting the official Apple Support forums, as well as a number of other Apple related forums -- such as this one -- it becomes rather apparent that at the very least, for years now, thousands of users have been asking Apple to give them the ability to change the Dock background color, as...
  15. RumorzGuy

    How to Change Color of App Status Indicator Light in Dock

    As I mentioned earlier, yesterday I abandoned Sierra and dropped back down to El Capitan, where I will remain until this old machine kicks the bucket. While I posted this message in the El Capitan section, I wanted to post it here as well, in the hope that some very smart person will help me to...
  16. RumorzGuy

    How to Change Indicator Light Color on El Capitan?

    As I mentioned in the macOS Sierra section, after encountering a number of different problems with using Sierra on my unsupported iMac, yesterday I dropped back down to El Capitan, where I will remain until this old machine kicks the bucket. There is one thing which I would like to...
  17. gk3

    IUP Shipping Address Change?

    Spent 3 hours on the phone today with Apple support, to be told that iPhone Upgrade Program orders are unable to have their shipping addresses changed by anyone for any circumstances. This is my first phone via the Upgrade program and I'm already regretting it. Anyone else order via IUP have...
  18. S

    iCloud login prompts me to change password?

    Hi, when I log into the iCloud web interface, after typing in my Apple ID and password, the next window asks me two security questions, which I answer correctly, but instead of being in the iCloud web interface now, I am asked to type in my password again and then choose a new password and...
  19. Statusnone88

    iPhone Bug Or Intended? Sleep/Wake Button Ends Call (iOS 9.3 PB1)

    Greetings, I've noticed in iOS 9.3 PB1 that the sleep/wake button now ends calls, no matter what screen you're on while using wired/Bluetooth headphones. Also, this happens while on speaker phone. I've hung up on numerous people several times due to this never being a thing since my original...