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Feb 5, 2015
Apple’s Dongle Gate?

It’s not that often you see the tech world’s hefty reaction and that many headlines of “angry” or disappointed people and potential customers, to a new product like Apple have “given” us all at the launch of their new MacBook Pro.

Although very few people at this moment of writing have actually had their hands on, let alone worked with the flagship model the 15 inch with Touch Bar or the 13 inch Touch Bar for that matter, people still have an opinion and judging the “Book by it’s cover”. Still, YouTube is full of people having their opinion of something they’ve never actually seen or touched. The outrage of missing ports and Apple warping their MacBook (Pro) customers into the next level of technical evolution, is maybe somewhat misplaced, although I too had to order Apple dongles for my “1 year ancient USB equipment”. Yes, I’m holding out for a refund too by Apple as I paid the full price now seeing most of their USB-C dongles have gone down in price significantly.

The outrage of “missing ports” misplaced? Maybe. Go back when Apple, as the first computer company, ditched the floppy disc (floppy?, go Google the word), and the total cry out when the Super Drive (DVD/CD) was dropped and Apple only offered a stand-alone USB (irony) drive for people who had tons of CD’s and DVD’s for their computers. We survived ! - at least most of us I reckon, as I haven’t taken any academic survey to prove my point here. We may have lost a few, just because of that.

So the ‘ol USB port. Yep, for now its a dongle, that's the price we pay for change and for being early adapters, by choice, and Apple being a pioneer; but in 1 or 2 years you’ll be celebrating your 2 or 4 USB-C shaped Thunderbolt 3 ports and do funny and embarrassing dances... when you are alone!

The HDMI slot. Your TV and alike will be USB-C shaped in future and while waiting, buy a dongle. Like me.

The card reader. Here the camera companies have to take their responsibility when developing and launching a new camera. Relying on “old” tech like a memory card, although the speed is imperative for most cameras, they haven’t innovated at all on that subject where most cameras, if available at all and at best, are providing a USB 2 connection to transfer from card in-camera to an external device. That's not right. Nope, leave that “little crucial” bit to the memory card manufactures to solve and let them, and others, make some kind of device (card reader) so your customer can actually get their photo’s or movies offloaded at a reasonable speed. Camera makers, stand up and innovate on this point - not dongle-it.

Blaming Apple for all this, is not quite fair. Look at the PC industry adopting same ports already, although in my opinion Apple made a mistake (I think they know by now - the world wasn’t quite ready) and Apple should have offered free dongles in their luxury box of very expensive MacBook Pro machines. If you want to lead the pack of taking on the newest technology, you have to stand up and take responsibility and - of course - the credit for it when we are 2 or 3 years down the road. But for now, know your customer!

Can’t wait till Apple in 5 years time are ditching all ports and everything is wireless.. I think. Imagine that outrage.

Till then, I'm waiting for my new MBP 15 inch to arrive in less than 2 weeks.. I hope.
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Jan 24, 2013
Yeah, have fun with that. I have usbc on my xps15, plus hdmi and usb 3.

I have an iPhone 7, - having to rely on a dongle is a nightmare when you least expect it.


Oct 8, 2011
Yeah, have fun with that. I have usbc on my xps15, plus hdmi and usb 3.

I have an iPhone 7, - having to rely on a dongle is a nightmare when you least expect it.

Buy the USB-C lightning cable or just spend $9 and leave the adaptor on one of your current cables.
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Oct 13, 2016
It's not as big of a deal as some make it but it's not as small of a deal either. I don't plan to connect my tv to my MacBook but I also don't plan to buy a new HD tv just because it finally has a USB c port (if that actually ever happens). Saying everyone survied the storm also assumes everyone here bought the rMacbook pro, or any of those devices before the alternatives were more readily adopted. I actually skipped the last generation that took out the CD drive partly because of that.


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Oct 4, 2008
I'm fine with USB-C in principal. I don't even mind getting a few USB-C-USB-A dongles for my existing devices. When I bought my first MB back in 2009 I got a mini disply port to DVI dongle as I thought it would be needed. I think I've used it once since I got it (and even that was to just test that it works).

What I think Apple is assuming is that in 2-3 years USB-C will be everywhere and to be honest I think it will to. My ideal situation is that everything will adopt USB-C so that one USB-C to USB-C cable will be able to connect your laptop to anything - charger, phone, monitor, television/projector, external drive etc. This is where I think Apple's vision will come up short as I don't think these things will be very quick to adopt USB-C connections - will TVs come with a USB-C input? Will external drives? Hell, will the iPhone? That leaves me with this question - what is the difference between having to carry around an HDMI cable, USB-A cable, Lightning cable and having to carry around a USB-C to HDMI, USB-C to USB-A and USB-C to lightning cables? That Apple itself doesn't change the iPhone to USB-C is very telling - this isn't like 2012 when iPhone docks were important. Now people use AirPlay/Bluetooth a lot more and there are much fewer iPod docks around so if Apple announced that they were ditching Lightning for USB-C I doubt that many people would care - at least then it would be an open standard and cables would be cheap!

TL;DR All USB-C isn't as much of a major issue as people think, but it probably the one cable utopia that Apple wants you to think it will be.


Jul 25, 2007
Eh. Heard just as much outrage when they got rid of removable batteries, DVD drive, firewire ports, ethernet ports, powerpc, magsafe 1, (list goes on and on)


Jul 16, 2010
I could almost buy in if Apple was a market share leader, but the fact is there share is small. It is pure arrogance on their part to think they will shift some paradigm.
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