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  1. J

    Charging question, Macbook Pro9.9

    Good Morning, I have 2 questions if I may, First I know the internal fan is vented through the back of my laptop, Is it better to charge with screen open or closed, as in restriction of air flow. Second, I use a Pad with two fans installed that I use during charging and high heat (room...
  2. happy orchard

    Now I care about battery care...

    Today, I pop in my 1st gen AirPods Pro, and one of the earbuds does nothing. I try things, long story short, I'm literally walking near an Apple Store and turn back to take my non-functioning bud in to see if they can fix it. Nice Genius Bar guy tests it and says my case battery is toast! My...
  3. MagOnetech

    iPhone 13 How much battery do you have left on your iPhone 13 before you charge it?

    I'm using an iPhone 13, and my phone typically has 20% battery left, which I'll be charging. I have seen some sayings that you should charge your iPhone with 40%-50% remaining power. This is the most friendly way to the battery of the mobile phone and can better protect the battery of the...
  4. K

    iPhone 14 Pro Max Lightning Cable & Charging Port question

    Hello. I have a few questions regarding chargers. Will using old lightning cables damage my new iPhone 14 Pro Max’s charging port? There are worn out/corroded marks right below the white rectangle on the old charging cable I own, does that scratch, scrape, dent, or damage the surrounding...
  5. C

    From Android to Iphone - How to not destroy the battery

    I am super confused by all the info out there on how to treat my battery right on the Iphone 14 pro. My family charges overnight to 100 percent I was told thats bad and you should never charge to 100 and never overnight. I was also warned not to let it drop below 40 so I get nervous by the...
  6. V

    AirPods Pro (1st Gen) Optimized Battery Charging Issue

    Hi, sorry to open a thread for this but I couldn't find anyone else having posted about a similar problem. I was wondering this morning about my AirPods Pro (1st gen) settings. I was pretty much sure that I had enabled optimized batterie charging in the past, but when I checked this morning it...
  7. anjanesh

    Is my Dell Monitor C2722DE responsible for overheating my MBP ?

    Does connecting my 2018 15.6" MacBookPro (Mojave) to the monitor (Dell C2722DE) overheat the laptop ? That sound (fan I think?) is always on when monitor is connected - if I switch off the monitor and use only the MacBookPro, the sound fades away. Does monitor require more energy from the laptop...
  8. fb3993

    iPhone 13 mini Phone not charging?

    Anyone knows why this might happen? Happens once a week more or less. iPhone 13 Mini, 2 month old with battery health still at 100%
  9. hassiman

    What is the best MAGSAFE charger for an iPhone 13 Pro Max? Apple or Anker or something else?

    There is so much out there... just need some advice... Thanks!
  10. C

    Anyone know why the M1 Air only pulls 5W from a 5V/2.4A charger?

    I have an Anker USB 3.0 (USB Type A) charger that can output 5V/2.4A for a maximum of 12W per port. When I charge my iPhone with a USB-A to Lightning cable, it pulls the full 12W. But when I use a USB 3.0 Type A to USB-C cable to charge my M1 MacBook Air, it only pulls 5W from the charger...
  11. W

    iPhone SE (2022) New to iPhone - charging

    A couple months ago, I bought a brand-new iPhone SE (2022 model) from Apple direct. I enjoy this compact and powerful cellphone, even though I am new to iPhone. (My previous smartphones over the last several years were Motorola Android phones.) Here's a question I have about charging. I...
  12. Rastapopoulos

    AirPods Pro charging indicator is motion sensitive!

    I just found out that when you are charging your AirPods Pro that you can knock on the surface it is on and it will light up the light on the charging case. That way you know if it's already fully charged (green light) or still charging (orange light). I found out when I put my glass on the...
  13. fb3993

    Anyone else dislikes Magsafe for charging?

    Anyone else doesn't like that they switched back to Magsafe for the new Macbook Pros? I preferred usb-c because of 3 reasons: 1) I could charge on both sides of the laptop, depending on the most convenient 2) I could use standard cables to share with other devices 3) Before I had 4 usb-c ports...
  14. HunPro

    Slow discharge on charger overnight

    Hi! I have a new iPhone 12 Mini, latest iOS and all. I've put it on an AC charger for the night (Apple A1400, 5W), the same way I did for the past week, and it chimed and showed the "charging" status. Then, this morning, it was on 25% charge. As it turns out, despite registering the charger...
  15. Johnny Steps

    iPad Pro 12.9” (2018) vs 11” iPad Pro (2018) Battery Life Issue

    I have noticed a weird difference in battery life between my 12.9” iPad Pro (2018) and 11” iPad Pro (2018). The latter was formerly my wife’s, but she decided she did not want it anymore and so I decided to use it to help me decide on which iPad size I would get in the future. Using a shortcut...
  16. M

    Optimized battery charging

    I have 2 phones, iPhone 12 and 7 Plus, both with the same iCloud and App store logged in account. iPhone 7 Plus: OBC (Optimized battery charging) turned on, significant locations off (so OBC probably won't work) iPhone 12: OBC turned on, everything turned on in privacy When I charge both...
  17. G

    Powered Docking Stations And Hubs not powering the MacBook Pro

    Hi everyone. Here is quite the newb question - sorry if this has already been answered. I'm currently looking for the best powered docking station and/or hub for my MacBook Air M1 and my MacBook Pro M1 Pro. But here is the twist : I don't want it to power my MacBooks. At all. I just want it...
  18. M

    Charging loop

    Hi all, Can someone tell me what’s going on here, when watch is on its charger it goes into a loop every15-20 seconds? Iwatch series’s 5 Thanks
  19. K

    iPhone not charging consistently on anything but 5W charger

    Anybody else's battery charging pattern look like this? Loads of little inconsistent charges rather than one continuous green lozenge. This is from my iPhone 13 Pro while connected to a Magsafe charger and 20W charging brick - have tried with the included USB-C to lightning cable an 18W...
  20. M

    Dead? 2020 MacBook Pro 15’ not charging :(

    My 2020 MacBook Pro is no longer charging. Today I was video editing, battery was low. I plugged it in, charged for 30min then it stopped charging. Yes, I have tried all USB ports and different wall sockets in the house. All other gadgets and electronics work fine. FYI it got a new topcase in...