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  1. B

    iPhone 15 Pro Max Limit Charging to 80% Phone hot

    I have been using the limit charging feature since it was available, I have noticed that my phone turns into a space heater once it reaches the 80% limit. I am using a magsafe charger which I know generates some heat while charging. Last night I turned off the limit and when I woke today my...
  2. G

    Seeking Advice: MacBook 14" M1 Pro Slow Charging Issue with 96W Charger

    Hi everyone, I'm facing a challenging issue with my MacBook 14" M1 Pro and could really use some insights or similar experiences from the community here. After a motherboard replacement and updating to the latest Sonoma, my MacBook Pro M1Pro is charging unusually slowly. It's taking about...
  3. J

    iPhone 15 Pro Max How is your iphone 15 pro max battery life?

    I have found since ios 17.03 i get 24Hs for from a full charge on my iphone 15Pro Max. Today is 12:07pm Tuesday 10/24/2023. How has your battery life been like and what watt, charging adapter do you use?
  4. RDowson

    iPhone 15 Pro iPhone 15 Pro Charge Speed

    I keep seeing reviews showing the iPhone 15 (and Pro model) charging at around 25-27W. I’ve tested on two devices now (15 and 15 Pro) and I’m struggling to see much more than 20W. I’ve used various Apple chargers ranging from 29W to 96W. Readings were taken at various states of charge...
  5. HJM.NL

    Resolved iOS 17.03 doesn’t support non-Apple cables for charging

    Since I’ve installed iOS 17.03 I’ve noticed that my phone doesn’t charge with non-Apple cable. However the battery icon in the upper right corner indicates it is charging. I thought my battery died and tried restarting my iPhone 13 Pro to see if it had any effect. I’ve tried different cables...
  6. dwaltwhit

    Nightstand charge station

    I need something I would think would be readily available, but I cannot find it. I need a nightstand charging solution that will: Charge my phone via magsafe Charge my watch Charge my airpods wirelessly or wired Charge my iPad I don’t need anything fast charged. Just something that will charge...
  7. J

    iPhone 14/Plus iPhone 14 Plus won't charge with Samsung fast-charging adapter(EP-T1510)

    Hi, I bought an iPhone 14 Plus a few days ago and since I own fast-charging adapter from my previous Samsung phone, I didn't see the need to buy a new one. However, when I plug it in, the iPhone keeps to stop and start charging, like every second and never gets over 11%. Is it like incompatible...
  8. K

    MacBook 2015 13” Battery

    Hi, please remove this if it’s posted in the wrong place/not allowed, just looking for some clarity on wtf is going on with my Mac. Long story short, I thought my charging cable had broken as it was no longer charging my Mac but maintaining the battery, bought a new one (70W) new one is also not...
  9. L

    MacBook Pro M1 charging Best Practices? 🤔

    Hello, everyone! Could you please share best practices of charging your Macbook that you know and follow? I want to extend the life span of my comparatively new Macbook Pro’s battery as much as possible. Here are my charging practices: I put my Macbook on charge when it has +/- 20% of battery...
  10. YoShLK

    iPad Pro Difficulties charging my iPad

    I often experience difficulties charging my iPad, and as a result, I need to regularly perform a force restart. A friend of mine suggested that the issue might be related to the Magic Keyboard. I'm curious to know if anyone else is encountering the same problem.
  11. S

    Pro 2: optimized charging is broken

    I had my AirPod pro 2 case replaced because the case would endlessly drain when optimized charging was on, even though it wasn’t actually charging the AirPods. This isn’t related to a general battery drain issue as the case would stay the same percentage if it wasn’t used. Now my 2nd case is...
  12. T

    Alternative for battery charging for m1/m2

    If it's not been suggested, there has been other topics about keeping battery between 20-80% for longer battery life, since apple don't allow easy ability to limit to 80%. What about using a lower wattage PD usb-charger, such as 15w, and having it then always stay at say, 50% as charger can't...
  13. N

    Do modern Macs offer short circuit protection on usb c ports?

    I know for a fact that macbooks around/before 2016 might have had a usb short circuit protection because I've seen these images online- and heard stories where people have connected Faulty/shorted USB-A cables to their macbooks which resulted in one of 3 things- 1.) USB port getting...
  14. ThatSomeone

    16" M1 MBP randomly jumps off and on charging

    Last month my 16" 2021 MBP was in its "paused charging" mode I let it enter every odd week as I usually keep it plugged in all the time. But after coming out of a meeting, I noticed by the green charger LED that it had suddenly charged to 100%? I opened the lid and the screen had dimmed as if I...
  15. D

    MacBook Pro insists on charging FROM my mobile devices using USB-C

    Macbook running 12.6.3 but this has been a problem forever. Did a full reinstall and had the same experience. Using a USB-C cable, I directly plug in a phone or a battery pack into my Macbook which is 1) fully charged and 2) plugged into the wall. The MacBook says "hey, a cell phone? I better...
  16. S

    Can I use 3rd Party Power Adapter with Type-A Magnetic Charger to charge my Apple Watch series 7?

    Hey, I have been trying to find an answer to this question. It seems there is no answer online. What are the minimum power adapter requirements to charge my Apple Watch Series 7? I have some Samsung chargers lying around that I would like to use them. I am using this power adapter with the...
  17. ThatSomeone

    iPhone jumps between charging and not when moved around but doesn't seem to acknowledge it?

    A few months ago I first noticed that my iPhone 13 stopped charging when it was plugged in and I picked it up in the morning, indicated by the battery icon. It didn't make any noise or vibrate when the icon changed to charging again half a second later and I thought it was nothing. But it kept...
  18. whyme42

    iPhone 14 Pro iPhone 14 Pro won't charge with active use unless using USB-C and 20W charger.

    I have a problem where my phone won't charge in my car. I purchased the $100 Belkin Boost 15W QI charger and the iPhone 14 Pro battery just keeps draining while I am driving. If I'm in low power mode, it might stay at the same level. I also notice the 14 Pro won't charge with low voltage USB...
  19. ThatSomeone

    iPad Pro iPad losing charge while plugged in?

    I usually only use it while it's plugged in, but I do unplug it for several hours every day to not have it sit in the charger 24/7. But around a month ago, I noticed that I was losing battery charge as I was using my iPad while it was plugged in? I tried unplugging and plugging it back in again...
  20. J

    Charging question, Macbook Pro9.9

    Good Morning, I have 2 questions if I may, First I know the internal fan is vented through the back of my laptop, Is it better to charge with screen open or closed, as in restriction of air flow. Second, I use a Pad with two fans installed that I use during charging and high heat (room...