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  1. S

    iPad Air Air 4/Pro Pencil 2 charger part, standalone?

    Wondering if anyone has tried to source just the pencil 2 charging board and connect it to an external power source to create a hacky off-iPad charger? If the logic board that’s part of it handles the actual charging regulation and power negotiation I wonder if it would be possible. I can’t...
  2. P

    Nomad Base Station Watch Edition - Help

    Hello, Last year (December) I’ve purchased a Base Station Watch Edition, worked wonders for 4 months. After that it failed, I opened a claim and got a replacement. Worked a month, it failed again. Got another replacement. Today the 3rd one died. It started blinking, shut off and it was...
  3. T

    Charging power with usb-c?

    Hi, #1 Is it really so, that there's no cable, that you could get 2,4A from Apple's own usb-a charger to iPad Air 4(2020), which has usb-c? #2 No matter what cable you use, it will always cut the current to 1,4A, because Apple's usb-a chargers aren't PD compatible? #3 Is there any PD...
  4. edhchoe

    iPhone 12 Battery Health survey for iPhone 12 users

    I have been using my Shortcut reminder to unplug at 96% charge everyday. Occasionally I miss the reminder and the battery gets charged to 100%. Most of the time, however, I unplug it at 96% and the phone rests unplugged overnight. I am not a heavy user and when I get home in the evening, it is...
  5. aevan

    How do MBP USB-C/TB ports stack to iPhone/iPad chargers?

    I am curious, and I can't seem to find the info - when you plug in your iPhone or iPad in your Mac, it gets charged. It's hard for me to estimate how fast this is (I usually leave them overnight anyway) but I'm curious. Is it closer to those old 5W chargers or to the new 20W ones. I'm talking...
  6. pedzsan

    Desktop Apple Pencil holder

    I use my Apple Pencil so far exclusively when I'm at my desk. I would like a way to keep it charged because keeping it on my iPad is a little bothersome. Definitely a 1st world type problem. Is there anything on the market like that?
  7. BasilFawlty

    When do you charge your Magic Mouse and Keyboard?

    My previous Intel-based iMac used a keyboard and mouse that used batteries. My new 24" M1 iMac of course has the wireless Magic Mouse and Magic Keyboard. I'm just wondering if it's best to let these devices completely go dead before charging? What do most people do? Share them at 50% or let...
  8. valkov9191

    Question about charging AirPods

    Hello. How is it better to charge my new AirPods 2? I want to save their battery as much as possible. I charge them with the charger on my iPhone. It’s better if I charge them on the computer or does not matter? thanks.
  9. barnaby117

    All iPads Leave iPad Air plugged in?

    I’ve never really known if I’m supposed to leave my iPad plugged in all the time, or if it’s better to let it drain to a certain point and then plug it in. What’s best for the battery? I’m using the latest iPad Air (late 2020). Thanks!
  10. T

    iPad Air iPad Air 3 maximum wattage? (30W or 18W)

    Hi guys, I'm looking to buy a new charger for my iPad Air 3. From the official documentation it seems that the max wattage for it is 18W (it has PD fast charging). But I came across this experiment here...
  11. D

    Got a $2200 Apple branded brick. What do I do with it?

    So, I made an effort and ordered a 16-inch MacBook Pro back in January 2020 to my brother-in-law in Florida. Me and my wife had tickets to come 2 months later from Europe and was planning to pick it up then. Covid came and everything was put on hold, our flights got cancelled, then a whole...
  12. K

    2021 mbp MagSafe vs usbC

    I’m curious what others thoughts are on the possible switch back to MagSafe. Don’t get me wrong, I loved MagSafe on my 2011 mbp, but I’ve actually gotten very used to usb c now and love that I can move around the house without needing to bring a charger because my husbands android chargers are...
  13. B S Magnet

    Has a battery charger utility/manager for Mac laptops (PPC or early Intel) ever existed?

    This question seems kind of far-fetched, but I have to ask nevertheless, especially considering the prevalence of Li-ion batteries being prone to damage (including swelling) or failure, when left plugged in to a charger at maximum charge for extended periods of time. Also, considering the...
  14. F

    MacBook Pro 2020 Battery Charger Question

    So my MacBook Pro 2020 came with a 60w charger. My 27" monitor has a 45w USB C cable that I've been charging it with and using for the bigger display. My question is, will charging my MacBook from the 45w damage my battery in the long run, or is it better to run it on the 60w?
  15. S

    Why Apple might add MagSafe again

    MacRumors recently published an article regarding leaked MBP schematics which included MagSafe. This is just speculation but: One reason why they might add MagSafe again is because USB-C PowerDelivery only supports up to 100W. Maybe the M1X requires a higher wattage to run at full power and...
  16. B

    All iPads Charge iPhone or Apple Watch using an iPad Air 4th gen?

    Hi everyone, Referring to this article: I was wondering if I could do the same thing—charge my iPhone or Apple Watch from an iPad Air 4th gen (in other words, use my iPad Air as a power bank)? I tried to charge my Apple Watch from my iPad today and it...
  17. Lakris

    very slow qi charging

    I use a qi charger for my iPhone 11 and so far so good, usually. Yesterday my battery was down to 22% when I started charging and it took about one hour to charge 10%. My phone usually takes about 2,5- 3 hours to charge to 100% but yesterday it took over 5 hours to charge from 22% to 96%. I...
  18. I

    USB-C Monitor just for charging (when using second computer on the monitor)

    Hey, I've not found any helpful thread now, so here's my question: I'm using a MacBook Pro 16" base model and a Dell U2720Q for my private stuff. As I'm in home office now, I have my Dell Desktop PC connected to the Monitor too. I already have Logitech Mouse an Keyboard connected to both, so I...
  19. D

    What's your charging schedule for your MacBook Pro M1?

    I have a new MacBook Pro M1, and I adore the battery - it's leap years ahead of coming from my MacBook Pro mid-2012 non-retina which lasted a push of 4 - 5 hours. I know battery technology has evolved, but how do you guys charge your MacBook Pro for the most optimum way of retaining the...
  20. R

    MBA M1 - Charging problems

    Hello, I have a charging problem. When I charge my MBA over night, disconnect it in the morning, use it until cca 60 % and then connect the charger it won't start. I have to reconnect it, sometimes even twice. If I don't disconnect it in the morning, it correctly uses adapter as power...