1. Appleuser201

    Does YouTube Still Work in Panther? (Classilla + QuickTime)

    I don't run Panther. I watched a video demonstrating an iMac G3 going to using Classilla on Mac OS X 10.3.9 and clicking any video automatically launched a QuickTime player window without the need for Quicktime enabler. This video was uploaded in August 2018, does it still work...
  2. Appleuser201

    A New Browser is needed for Mac OS 9

    Just saw a poll on this forum for what OS people use on their PPC Macs and about 25% voted that they use Mac OS 9 or earlier. The only browser available for that OS (that is most modern) is Classilla and the same is true for every version of OS X under 10.4. Wikipedia said the browser has not...
  3. AmazingHenry

    This Forum on Classilla

    I saw in another thread that this forum could be used with Classilla. Tried on my Clamshell (with Panther) and got an error about the encryption. I'm going directly to as @bunnspecial said in that other thread. Any ideas? Thanks, Henry
  4. bobesch

    Email Client and Applications for Mac OS9

    This weekend I've set up my KeyLime Clamshell to run dual-boot Tiger and OS9. Installation of Tiger had been a snap by just making a SuperDuper! copy of my Graphite-Clamshell. My journey to MacOS9 just started a few weeks ago, and I was quite amazed how snappy the system responds even with...