clean install

  1. M

    HELP! I'm stuck after failed attempt at clean install of MacOS Catalina

    Over the years I've installed so much crapware on my computer that it just felt sluggish and contaminated to me, and I finally got up the nerve to do a clean install to start over again more 'minimalistically'. I've done clean installs many times in the past, but never on MacOS Catalina. After...
  2. Wildmanjohn

    Should I do a clean install with High Sierra

    I have a mid 2012 MacBook pro and I want to do a clean install. I have read that high sierra is best for the older hardware but will it be a security risk? I don't know if its Catalina but my mac is running really slow. Also I want to setup dual boot with linux. Do I partition the hard drive...
  3. daveh0

    switched startup drive - safe to delete old startup partition?

    I recently put a 2nd drive in my 2011 iMac. I had been running OSX on the single HDD. But now with a faster SDD, I downloaded the High Sierra installer to the HDD and ran it specifying to install to the SSD. When the computer restarted, I held down the Option key and specified to start from the...

    iPhone Want to do a clean install of iOS, been a while, question regarding Health data.

    Hello - Sorry in advance if this has been posted/answered in the past. I searched and could not find anything. Anyway, I'd like to totally Erase All Content and Settings on my iPhone XS Max and start fresh again. It's been a while since I did this and now that I have an Apple Watch paired I have...
  5. E

    Should I rely on iCloud do download everything after a Clean Install?

    I have never done a clean install since 2008. Every time a new OS came out, I would either migrate or do a TimeMachine restore. I am not sure if it is the mechanical hard drive slowing things down in 2019 (have a 2014 iMac, 24GB ram with the fusion drive), but I want to do a clean install. I...
  6. S

    Late-2012 iMac Maintenance?

    Hey, all. Have reinvested in a 2019 4K 21.5" iMac. My late-2012 workhorse has 30+k hours on it, still performs its duties, but has been spending far too much time on the beach. (You know, with the spinning ball...) Unbelievably slow, taking forever to execute some pretty basic stuff. Hence the...
  7. GlennieM

    Migration to new iMac without all the detritus

    G’day Learned and wise Mac Rumors Forum members. I know Just enough about PC’s and Macs to be a danger to myself and the computer and although I have built a couple of PCs and attempted a Hackintosh, my knowledge is pretty basic. I have bought a brand spanking new 2019 iMac for my wife to...
  8. macleod92

    Clean install macOS keeps restarting and returning to macOS Utilities

    I'm trying to do a clean install of macOS Mojave on my 2012 13" MacBook Pro using a bootable USB. I'm doing it on a new 1 TB SSD that I've installed after my last one died. The problem I'm having is that ever time I run the installer, everything looks like it's working, but then towards the end...
  9. S

    Forced to do Internet Recovery?

    I just bought a brand new 1TB SSD for my late 2012 Mac mini, and I want a clean install of it with Mojave after I replace my old drive. Should I reformat the SSD to journaled using an external adaptor first? Asking this because this is not the first time I upgrading drive for Mac, the system...
  10. T

    Trying to make a USB installer but APFS is the only option

    I had upgraded to Mojave awhile back and my computer was sooooooo slow so i decided to do a clean install. It took a long time but i backed up everything and was ready to make the USB boot install (which i thought was the best and possibly only way to do it.) When i went to format the USB drive...
  11. Y

    How "clean" is it to use Migration Assistant to configure a new Mac?

    Hi, Imagine you a have a newly purchased Mac with the latest version of macOS and an old Mac that you configured nicely over time (i.e all System, Safari, Finder, etc. preferences configured to taste). Using Migration Assistant, will it blindly transfer everything from the older Mac to the new...
  12. mikezang

    Is a clean install faster than upgrade?

    I have a Mac mini 2009 late, this is also my first Mac. I upgrade it from Maverick to El Capitan, I think its speed is too slow and I want to know: If I clean install El Capitan again, will the speed be faster than now in general?
  13. 1

    iPhone 6(S)(+) iOS Clean Install + Keep only the Photo Library

    Hey guys, my research has unfortunately not brought any results. I have always used backups when moving from one iOS and one iPhone to the next. Now, as my storage space gets smaller and smaller without any identifiable reason, I figured that a clean install would be the best solution to go...
  14. cSalmon

    iPhone 6(S)(+) How to clean install iOS 11?

    Hoping someone can point me towards instructions on how to properly do a clean install for iOS 11? I have search google and Apple's Communities (most horrible forums on the net) from google I get results that instruct me to download an IPSW file yet the link is not taking me to Apple therefore...
  15. P

    Resolved 2011 iMac 27" EMC 2429 Clean Install OS

    Hi all, Thanks in advance. I tried to perform a clean install of MacOS High Sierra on my 2011 iMac 27" (EMC2429) using these instructions* (created a bootable USB); however it's been failing. Specifically, after erasing the "Macintosh HD" it tried to install Sierra from the bootable USB disk...
  16. NoLimePlease

    Fresh install and basic HTPC apps using 300GB of hard drive space!

    Hello guys. I have just done a clean installation of High Sierra on my Mini. I Wiped the drive before installing the OS, and it came out clean on first boot. I then started installing my favorite home theater software: Kodi w/no limits build, Bit Torrent, Popcorn Time, iStat Menus, and IP...
  17. motulist

    Clean install Android OS?

    I switched to Android about a year ago and it's been great, but I did lots of noob things to it along the way. Now Android 7.0 is available for my device and I'd like to start the device all over from scratch. How do I completly reformat my storage and clean install the new OS?
  18. S

    Best way to clean install High Sierra?

    What's the best way to do a clean install of High Sierra? I have backups of my computer, but should I have a clone too? If so, what app should I use to make a clone? Thanks :) Anyone? :/
  19. flaubert

    OK to skip over El Capitan, install Sierra on top of Yosemite?

    My wife's mid-2010 iMac is currently on Yosemite. She's overdue for an upgrade, obviously. She has the requisite 8GB ram and SSD. Is it OK to skip over El Capitan, and install Sierra directly on top of Yosemite? I wasn't planning to do a clean install, though I am willing to listen to...
  20. J

    Time Capsule after manual ugrade of os

    Hello, I have a macbook mid 2012 with an ssd in the main drive and an hdd in the disk drive. The ssd boots with mountain lion and the hdd was until now used for file storage. I've set the time machine to backup this whole system in the time capsule and so far it worked just fine. Recently I...