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  1. B

    Copypaster/clipboard manager app with concatenation fuction

    I am looking for a clipboard app that has an option to concatenate copied text fragments into one... For example: I pressed Cmd+C for the 1st time and have "Dear friends", 2nd time "The meeting is scheduled" and 3rd time "3pm at Luna Rest" - I want be able to concatenate these 3 fragments to 1...
  2. Orbiter

    Handoff, continuity & iCloud clipboard not working

    Hello, I am using a 13" MacBook Pro (Late 2013) running MacOS 10.14 Mojave, and am using an iPhone 7 Plus running iOS 12.1 (public beta 2). Now here's the problem: I have Bluetooth enabled at all times on both my iPhone and Mac, and have turned on the settings that allow for handoff between my...
  3. O

    Universal Clipboard

    Need a clipboard that is universal, works on Iphone, Android, Windows, Mac also able to log into web and view clipboard. Needs to have history and able to copy/paste images / text. Whats my best option?
  4. S

    Looking for a clipboard manager

    I have tried dozens of clipboard managers for mac but haven't found a good one as yet. I am looking for the following features: 1. I should be able to see a list of my last 10 - 20 copies items in a UI that I should be able to invoke with a shortcut key. Should be able to select the one I want...
  5. ResonanceL

    Universal Clipboard, a mild extension to the built-in one

    I'm an indie developer working on my apps in my spare time. It took me around a year to revamp this app inside out, I hope you'll enjoy it :) +Clipboard - Copy and Paste Text/Emoji/Image If you have any question about this app, you can reach me on Facebook or Twitter!
  6. rezwits

    I said I wouldn't upgrade till March...

    I said I wouldn't upgrade till March... But I know I am going to tho. I just have to, Apple DID IT AGAIN! They added insanely great new features! 1. Shared Documents/Desktop among all machines! (is this working well?) 2. Unlock my mac via Watch? (is this cool?) 3. Shared clipboard...
  7. rudychidiac

    Mac app that sends images to iPhone clipboard

    Hi guys, First post! be nice! :D I want to ask, is there any mac app that sends photos to the iPhone clipboard? and vice versa if possible...? I use MacID to unlock my mac with my iPhone, and the app supports sharing clipboard between the two devices, but it's only for text. I'm looking for...