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  1. Sumleilmus

    contacts crash and flash immediately, iPhone 8 iOS 13.3

    Today, starting while at an Apple Store, every time I try to open the Contacts app) on the phone, the screen flashes white, and the app does not open. I backed up the phone to my desktop computer and to iCloud It is not fixed by (I might not be calling some of these by their right names)...
  2. mglakner

    Mac Mini 2014 Mojave 10.14.x update Boot crash

    I just switched from Sierra to Mojave. Migration assistant my old files. Went to the do the security update. I forget which one, anyway I beehive there is a software issue preventing the boot now. Any help would be great, I would love to not start from scratch. My mac is backed up. so I have...
  3. K

    iPhone 11 Pro Max camera crashes in Night Mode

    So I'm having an issue with my iPhone 11 Pro Max camera. When attempting to take a photo in low light (where Night Mode activates), the camera app crashes each every time the shutter button is pressed. No other mode on the camera has any problems; wide, telephoto, ultrawide, portrait, videos -...
  4. T

    Problems with Time Machine and Chrome update disaster

    I recently had a problem with my iMac not turning on because of the Chrome update. I first tried to reinstall Mojave without restoring it from a Time Machine back up. That didn't work....then I tried to restore the Mac from a Time Machine and it didn't would say 'An error occurred...
  5. haralds

    Dropbox working on one system but not the other

    I try to rip everything out and reinstall, no go. Comes up on the menu bar and then blows. Invalid signing and entitlement. spctl is fine. Stapler finds the notarization valid. Not sure what is happening.
  6. G

    2019 Imac 27 3.7 - Memory add caused crashing "

    I have a 2019 27" 3.7 iMAC. I bought it with 8 gig onboard. I purchased the recommended OWC 16 x 2 DDR4s. 1. When I added the 16g to each of the available slots (and expected 40G), the machine would not boot. 2. I removed the 2 4G and replaced each with a 16. Machine booted fine. Memory...
  7. R

    10.14.6 supplemental update causes hard system crash (GPU panic)

    I have an imac with an Vega 48 and an external 30" monitor attached through displayport through a thunderbolt 3 dock. After installing 10.14.6 supplemental update, the system would crash whenever it is going to sleep. I have to press the power button to restart it. The first such crash occurred...
  8. makdeniss

    iPad Pro iPadOS (13) -> Pages app crashes on startup

    Hey! I can’t seem to open up Pages app anymore on my iPad PRO running iPadOS latest beta (in face any beta version). This works totally fine on my iPhone running iOS 13. Is anybody having a similar problem and can assist? Thanks in advance!
  9. C

    2011 MBP 3 beeps crash

    Hi yall, I recently upgraded my early 2011 MBP with the OWC NUPower battery, OWC 2x8 gbs Ram and a WD 250gb ssd. I installed the OSX Lion onto the ssd and updated it to OSX El Capitan. The computer runs a lot faster and smoother than before, but the only problem I am encountering is a crash...
  10. W

    MP 1,1-5,1 Mac Pro shuts off under load

    Hi I’m new here but I can’t find anything about this issue anywhere I’m running a Mac Pro 5,1 with a msi rx 580 with the original Radeon card for the boot screen Before adding the original card back in everything was smooth even under load but now as soon as I do anything going intensive the rx...
  11. A

    MP 1,1-5,1 Panic Report Help - Mac Pro Late 2013

    Hey all, thank you so much for any help in advance. Looking for some troubleshooting help for one of our rigs. We have been updating to 10.14.5 Mojave on multiple machines (from High Sierra 10.13.6), and have encountered many crashes with a late 2013 Mac Pro. Our other Mac Pros, also late 2013...
  12. L

    Samsung SSD T5 issues imac 2015 21.5"

    I am using a Samsung SSD T5 as a boot drive. the startup speeds are great and general running isn't an issue. however I'm getting complete freezes especially when running applications like photoshop/premiere, leaving me with no alternative but to force the machine to power down manually. the...
  13. T

    'Macintosh HD' missing in internet recovery mode disk utility

    Hi, My Macbook Pro (2012 i think, it came with Lion OS) crashed last night. I've accessed the internet recovery mode (command option r) and entered the Disk Utility. Only "disk0" and a sub-item "Mac OS X Base System are present in the left panel. When i type "diskutil cs list" into terminal it...
  14. lukewarm74

    MacBook Pro reboots at night after disabling hyper-threading to fully mitigate MDS / ZombieLoad

    My wife and I recently followed Apple's steps to disable hyper-threading. My wife did it first a few days ago, and then started complaining that her computer had shut down when she would open it up in the morning. I didn't make the connection, and figured there was just some strange issue going...
  15. D

    Late 2014 iMac Crashing

    I have a late 2014 3.5 i5 27” iMac. We had to upgrade to 16gb from the standard 8gb. The machine runs 10.14.3 After three attempts, we finally received memory that worked. Well, after 2 hours of usage, the computer crashed. There were no normal kernel panic type messages. The computer froze...
  16. Morac

    General iTunes crashing redeeming code

    I’ve been seeing a problem lately where any time I redeem a code in the iTunes app, it starts to show the splash screen after redeeming, but immediately crashes instead. The code redeems, but the iTunes app crashes. I think this started a few weeks ago. I’m running iOS 12.2 and I’ve had this...
  17. JoeTaylor

    "Developed a Problem" Forced Shutdowns

    I'm getting a dreaded message after forced shutdowns that my early-2016 5K iMac "developed a problem." I'm sending the info to Apple, but it's happening more and more, usually with more intensive apps like FCPX and Lightroom. It's gotten to the point that it crashes with only a few minutes of...
  18. Riccardo83

    Macbook 2018 Crash while deleting files?????

    Hi guys, i have a 2018 macbook pro 15. This is what happened I was just deleting some hundreds of jpg files and my mouse got stuck... it slowly moved up to the direction where i was pointing it too. 2. The Macbook Fans start going crazy 3. Macbook Restarts by itself. Do you know how to read...
  19. G

    BootCamp Windows 7 64-Bit Crashes When Surfing & Gaming

    Hi there, So I hope this is the right place to post this! I could use a little help, as I'm having a very specific I assume that there is a very specific solution that I have yet to find. I've hunted quite a lot on various sites and various help places and either haven't found...
  20. M

    2018 Mac mini boot looping (on secure boot)

    So I got my brand new 2018 mac mini a week ago. Launched little bugger, installed some apps, experienced my first crash and was still able to boot normally. Few days later another crash and after that, my mini keeps crashing on boot up. Apple logo shows up, progress bar loads around 3/4 and...