1. B

    Mail keeps crashing

    Hi all, My Mail has been crashing consistently for a few months now. I believe it started once I switched to High Sierra, yet I have another computer at my work space which is older and can only go to El Capitan and it's happening there, too. All of a sudden Mail will just crash and I get that...
  2. N

    iPhone 7(+) Instagram app crashing every time

    since I have an iPhone 7, Instagram is constantly crashing me. I have to open it twice to load it. does anyone else have the same problem?
  3. Rob Hein

    Macbook Pro Mid 2010 Shut down randomly

    I got this old mac Macbook Pro Mid 2010 that has this problem, it will just shut down randomly, and give me a grey screen, i think it said kernel something, sorry im no expert here. Log file Kernel Screenshot I have read online, this is a common problem with this model, and i've tried...
  4. Z

    Need help with GPU error (system restarts or black screen after crash)

    Guys, I need some help, I am getting this error after my MBP retina 15 early 2013 restarts after randomly (I think it crashes under load) shutting down and restarting. panic(cpu 0 caller 0xffffff7f92e2257b): GPU Panic: mux-regs 4 0 a0 d9 9 8 severity 3 WS-ready 1 switch-state 0 IG FBs 1 EG FBs...
  5. R

    Chrome Keep on Crashing

    Does anyone have encountered this issue? the browser was working properly an hour ago and suddenly crashed and now everytime I open it crashes and closes. Does anyone have any idea what's going on or how to fix it?
  6. PhillyGuy72

    Odd. 2TB External Drive freezes/crashes my 2017 iMac

    I have this older external 2TB Hard drive that has been connected to my older iMac (It runs on Sierra) for a few years. No problems at all. I figured I would move this external to my newer 2017 iMac (runs on Mojave), but this just seems to completely freeze up the computer, it won't even...
  7. Liamda1y

    Photos App keeps crashing

    Hello, I am having some difficulty with Photos app on 10.14.5, it keeps randomly crashing - it seems to be at the same point. I have attempted a repair a few times and the same issue occurs, I have also restored from an earlier backup. To me from the crash report the IPXDatabase is causing...
  8. CJ0223

    2010 MacBook Pro recently upgraded and still crashing. Please advise

    I have a 2010 MacBook Pro laptop that in the last year or so was crashing up to 2 or 3 times daily (sometimes more depending on how many times I tried to use it) and typically this would happen when I was in one of the following apps: -Apple email (it would happen the most in this app) -Safari...
  9. serialtoon

    iMac bluetooth crashing since Mojave update

    First of all, hello everyone. Thanks for the support in this issue that has been plaguing me since upgrading to Mojave. Here are my system specs: iMac 5K 2015 (17,1) 1TB SSD, 32GB RAM macOS Mojave Apple Keyboard and Magic Trackpad 2 Ive been having an issue where the bluetooth firmware...
  10. A

    My Macbook air won't turn on after crashing many times

    Hello, I was wondering if I could get some help with my MacBook Air 13”. It crashed on Friday and I called Apple support to help me try to reboot it. This worked and I updated the computer and it seemed to be working fine for a few days. However yesterday it again crashed and this time would...
  11. S

    Facebook crashes. Won't stay open.

    I'm sure there's a 100 threads on this already, but here's a brand new one: I've tried everything. Reinstalled, rebooted, even a deep restore of my whole phone. I have an iPhoneX in otherwise perfect working order. Latest versions of app and ios. But facebook will not stay open more than a few...
  12. E

    macOS only recognizes Default Graphics Driver on restart after installing/enabling NVIDIA Web Driver

    My machine is a Mac Pro MacPro5,1, with a 6-Core Intel Xeon and NVIDIA GeForce GTX 680. I'm running Sierra (OS 10.12.6) I have downloaded the latest webdriver from Nvidia, but after installing it and restarting, the system only recognises the default MacOS driver. I'm experiencing random...
  13. S

    iOS 11.3 crashing iTunes on 2 macs

    Please move if not appropriate section. My iPhone 8 seems to be crashing every iTunes I use to restore backup or restore and set up as new. USB logo and apple logo showing. Phone wont go into DFU mode or restore. Hardware: rMBP 2015- 10.10.5 iMac 2009- 10.9 something iPhone 8 32GB VZW On...
  14. heidillini

    Macbook Pro 2015 Crashes While Streaming

    I've had my macbook for about 3 years now, and it often crashes while I'm streaming video. There are no error reports, and usually not even a crash report when I turn it back on, I just get a white screen and the fan goes crazy. This had happened before a year or so again, and resetting the PRAM...
  15. GullMoli

    iPhone 7 rebooting, apps crashing, black loading screen

    Hi all. I've been having mayor issues with my iPhone 7 these past 2-3 days. Started with it dying over night when it shouldn't have (I went to sleep when it was at 30%). In the morning I plug it in and charge it up to about 30-50%. Then Snapchat starts crashing, maybe works for 2-3 seconds...
  16. thewiccaman

    iPhone 8(+) Certain Apps crash & phone has to be retarted

    Hi, hoping someone can help (and sorry if in the wrong forum) - Apple can't resolve this at all. I'm not technical and this is frustrating me to the point I am hating my iPhone at the moment. And sorry if this is a bit long - I'll try & be brief. In Dec, an issue arose on my 8+ when suddenly...
  17. Gravydog316

    Can someone help me fix MBP Mid2010_GPU kernel panic??

    My mid-2010 15" MBP has the GPU random restart kernel panic 'bug' all the solutions/suggestions i have seen on YouTube & read here are just driving me bonkers. Can someone help me try a solution that works for them? I don't need/want/can't afford a laptop/computer right now, but a fix that...
  18. A

    iPhone Apple DOES Slow Down Older iPhones [MERGED]

    I've been using the iOS 11 betas since the first one, and immediately updating when a newer one is released. My iPhone 6 was slow on the first one, but the third beta showed iOS 10-like performance. Now, I had amazing performance and battery life on the last beta (the one before the GM)...
  19. L

    Mail problem 2

    Hi, mail has constantly been crashing/hanging lately. It works fine, sometimes for up to an hour, sometimes 20mins, but then i get the spinning beach ball and i have to force quit it. Any ideas what can solve this? I tried moving to the trash and restarting but it didn't seem to...
  20. spesifikbrush

    iPhone 6s constantly freezing

    I've bought an iPhone 6s last week, to complete my Apple ecosystem. I've been using it with no issues till today. I am on iOS 11.0.3 It started with freezing on the black lock screen, I had to do a hard reset. Right after restarting my phone, it froze on the black screen again. After an hour...