credit check

  1. Morac

    Accidentally blocked Apple Card credit check. Still got card. What now?

    I freeze my credit. I got an invite for Apple Card today, so I put a temporary lift on my credit and applied. I got an offer and accepted. I figured by this point they should have run a credit check as why offer a card without doing so, so I refroze my credit. Imagine my surprise when about...
  2. U

    UK IUP: Changed employers this month, will this affect my credit application?

    So, earlier this month I changed employers. I'm on the IUP and picking up my iPhone 8 Plus tomorrow. Is it my understanding that I need to go through a fresh credit check again? Does the credit check see your employer? Shall I give my brand new employer (and new salary info) or previous...
  3. Beau1K

    -20 point drop for iPhone credit check

    So I was told in-store there would be no "hard" credit check. Total lie. My score went from 829 to 809 today. Pissed.
  4. TVProducer

    iPhone Upgrade Program Credit Check Results 2016 POLL

    Hey Everyone, So i have roamed far and wide on the internet for the average credit score that citizen's is approving for their finance programs/upgrade program. What i gathered from the 2015 launch is that people with excellent credit were being denied while people with average (580-690) credit...