1. dadders6

    New RAM killed my iMac

    (mid-2011) I installed two 2 gig RAMS, from OWC, in the empty slots, and they seated properly. But then the Mac wouldn't power back up! I removed them and voila, it powers up. I contacted OWC, they suggested cleaning the contacts :0. It's brand new, the contacts aren't dirty. I had previously...
  2. C

    DDD4 in Mac Pro 2013 (6,1)

    Crucial is saying DDR4 is compatible with Mac Pro 2013. Anyone who can verify?
  3. O

    MacBook Pro mid-2009 ... please help me pimp it up!!

    I just got my hands on a MacBook Pro mid-2009 thats in very good condition. I've decided to to upgrade it as much as possible (as per advice I've received on these forums) as it's very slow. Specs are: MacBook Pro 13" mid-2009 Processor 2.53 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo Memory 4GB 1067 MHz DDR3...
  4. BigVern84

    How much force is normal to install 2017 iMac Ram?

    Hi. Just finished installing extra Crucial ram in my new 2017 iMac, but I'm a bit concerned about how much force was needed. I ended up pushing VERY firmly down using two finger, to the point there was a few very slight plasticky creaking nosies from the inside. I might just be being OCD with my...
  5. J

    SSD TRIM and MacBook Pro

    Hi there! I know there have been a load of threads about SSDs and MacBook Pro and TRIM - but my question and situation is slightly different. I am a travel photographer and have had my MBP (mid-2012) since it was first released. Last week, the HDD began to show signs of mechanical failure...
  6. TitanTiger

    Enabling TRIM

    I've installed a new SSD drive in a mid 2012 Macbook Pro. The drive is a Crucial MX300 525GB SSD. I'm on Sierra 10.12.4. There seems to be some disagreement on whether you should enable TRIM or not. Crucial appears to have some built in garbage collection in the firmware but it requires the...
  7. gomezkebab

    Upgrading RAM-memory. Will these work?

    Hey, I own a Macbook Pro 13-inch, Mid 2012, Memory: 4 GB 1600 Mhz DDR3 When I click on "Memory upgrade instruction" in my Macbook Pro, it states the following: "Base memory 4 GB Maximum memory 8 GB Memory card specifications - Double Data Rate Small Outline Dual Inline Memory Module (DDR3)...
  8. J

    Late 2012 27inch iMac - Upgrading RAM - is 16GB the maximum?

    Hi there, I'm looking at upgrading my iMac's RAM (27 inch, Late 2012, 8GB). I just checked on Crucial and it is saying I can upgrade it to 16GB, but my iMac has four slots, so why is 32GB not being offered as an option? Any advice, as always, greatly appreciated. Thanks
  9. kiwidesign

    Clarification about 10.11 and trimforce

    Hello there! As I wrote in another thread, I recently performed a clean install of 10.11.2 on my 2011 MBP, coming from a 10.8.x installation... quite the upgrade! For the occasion I also switched my internal drive from the original spinning drive to a brand new 512gb Crucial MX100 I had lying...