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  1. aliezsid

    Mac probably dead, Apple Configurator leads to Padlock

    First off the details of the system. Target System [The one that's dead] - Macbook Pro 13 inch Late 2019 , Touchbar version. , 11.x (Big Sur, can't specify the exact version since I don't remember what the version was) Host System [Being used for restoring] - Mac mini late 2014 (using USB C to...
  2. viktorgallardo

    MP 6,1 6,1 2013 Mac Pro has no power and no signs of life

    Hello all, this is my first time on the forums. I recently picked up an older 2013 Mac Pro for super cheap at a local surplus store and brought it home to find no CPU or memory. I got a 10 core processor for $85 on ebay (E5-2690 V2) and 32gb of memory. When I installed them and powered on the...
  3. H

    Late 2016 MacBook Pro A1707 - black screen but functions w/ Monitor. NOW nothing.

    Have a Late 2016 MBP 15”. Last week the screen went black while using it. Did SMC, PRAM, VRAM resets. Hooked up to an external monitor and it worked just fine for a few days. NOW nothing happens. Won’t turn on. Won’t make noise, no fans, no blips nor bleeps. I was prepared to order a new...
  4. kirkbross

    Macbook died?

    My 2017 Macbook died. I think. The screen glitched and then it went dark. No pulse. I've run into vid card and PSU issues on my Mac Pro and PC so I'm thinking it's probably one of those. I've never tried to replace parts on a laptop, and frankly, I would almost rather buy a new laptop. Thoughts?
  5. F

    My MBP (2017) shows no reaction

    Dear community members, I have a MacBook Pro 13" from 2017 without touch bar. When it was new, it worked great. Accidentally, I dropped it once about two years ago, but for months I had no issues and it only had a small dent which is hardy noticeable, the screen is fine. It has no liquid...
  6. B S Magnet

    Post your non-working/dead Macs!

    I get the feeling we all have at least one or eleven of these tucked away somewhere. They may be future projects, donors, or even cobblestones for your own paved road to best-laid intentions. So I’ll start.
  7. deadmbp

    2018 i9 MacBook Pro found dead

    Hi there! For some mystical reasons my $4k MBP has died a few days ago. I have been very gentle to this beast and mostly used it as a desktop. Apple Authorized Service diagnosed "logical board" failure and suggested a replacement. No possible cause was given, but a quote of $1K for a...
  8. perky9988

    iPhone SE peculiar iPhone SE water damage

    Trying to diagnose my iPhone SE, help. The story started about a month ago, I went swimming with my iPhone SE in my pocket. I left it in a bowl of rice for a day but when it turned on, the power button was water logged making it continuously pressed and the screen was unresponsive with lots of...
  9. nuuvicious

    computer won't start after applying thermal paste

    Soooo, today I figured I wanted to replace the original, crisp thermal paste on my Early 2015 MacBook Pro 13" Retina. I opened the back case and just started working on it. Except one thing... I forgot to disconnect the battery, but disconnected the keyboard cable (I think LOL). Anyway, applying...
  10. A

    MacBook Pro 2016 w/Touchbar issue! Stumped

    Hey, I purchased a Macbook pro 2016 w/touch bar online and the other day it froze whilst i was using it and then shut down and "your system restarted because of a failure press any button to continue" or something along those lines appeared. Pressed a button, waited for it to load but it got...
  11. iSearch

    iPad 2 Won't Turn On

    My mother got an iPad 2 in early 2013 and used it until she got an iPad Air 2 in 2016. Around that time, she accidentally dropped the iPad 2 with a cheap case in front of our door step and it cracked the screen, but it still worked fine. After several months to a year, it just stopped turning...
  12. D

    iPhone 6(S)(+) iPhone responds when connected to charger, nothing when connected to computer

    So I had a mom and pop shop replace the battery in my iPhone about a month ago, and its been all downhill from there. Currently my iPhone 6 is completely dead. It started with it just completly shutting off randomly 5-20 times per day (not an old battery problem as the battery was just...
  13. U

    Recovery data from dead macbook

    Hey guys, I just got the miserable news that my Macbook Pro mid 2012 has a major problem with its motherboard. How can I take back the data that was in its SSD and HDD? Please tell me it is possible. Thanks!
  14. Ishfaq.rubab

    Mac Pro Diag_LED indications

    I have a dual core early 2009 Mac pro.. I was working just fine till one day it just died over me. After tons of research I figured it was the PSU as the diagnostic LEDs were dead aswell so I gave the PSU to this mechanic I knew and he sort of fixed the issue (I Think) cause after the repair the...
  15. F

    2014 imac is killing power supplies

    I have a late 2014 27inch imac that seems to be killing power supplies. model numbers a149, mf886LL/A, EMC2806 I started having random shutdowns. The only way to turn it back on was to reset the SMC by pulling the power cord out and discharging the capacitors. I did everything I could think...
  16. mashburn4077

    PowerBook G4 won't power on

    I bought a 12" PB G4 (model A1010, 1.33 GHz) from eBay, and I'm having trouble getting it to boot. I bought a 3rd-party 65W adapter, which appears to charge the battery just fine - the indicators on the battery blink in sequence as the battery charges. However, nothing happens when I press the...
  17. mburtis

    Dead Battery after 4 cycles

    I just purchased a new in box 2016 macbook from Woot. It was for my 13yo daughter, and was a good deal for what she needed. When it arrived, the laptop was at 0% charge. I had it plugged in for about 7 hours at work while I was setting it up and didn't notice until I took it home that it was...
  18. Gleerup

    Drained macbook pro battery, random shutdowns

    Hi So i am having problems with my macbook pro 13" retina. About a week ago i drained the battery until it was completely empty and left the laptop without charger for about a week (i know this is a bad idea but was in a rush at the moment...) Then i returned home yesterday, charged the...
  19. HunterCupp

    MacBook Air (2013) Suddenly Dead

    Hello all, I've received a 2013 model MacBook Air that does not power on or respond to anything. The story I was told was that the previous owner was using an Arduino connected directly to one of the USB ports and somewhere along the line they (The MacBook Air & Arduino) both died. I assume...
  20. M

    iPhone 6 died?

    Hi folks. This morning I woke up 2 hours late for my work only to realize that my iPhone 6 is not turning on. I can't get to the apple logo, can't hard-restart it, can't get any response from charging nor plugging it in to my PC/iTunes. It worked fine when I watched a video before I went to bed...