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  1. D

    New ATV remote delay

    Every time I boot the ATV up the volume/back buttons are always lagging/delayed slightly. Only a restart or re-pairing (hold volume up + back button) fixes it. It happens 100% of the time on initial power on. Tried resets, hdmi cords etc. Is this common with os 15? Seemed to happen after updating.
  2. F

    Walk in inventory for the iPhone 13 Pro?

    Hey y'all.. so a friend is traveling to Miami in two weeks, and I was hoping she could buy me the new iPhone 13 Pro in 256 GB since my iphone 7 is about to die. But I'm afraid that she will return with empty hands since the stock availability has been affected a lot recently. Is that shortage...
  3. w00t951

    iPad Pro Notability Touch Lag After Writing With Pencil?

    Just got myself a 12.9" M1 with the second gen Pencil, and I'm running into a new super annoying issue in Notability. When I write something with the Pencil and try to scroll, the app rejects the touch input for up to ~2 seconds. I can't tell if it's a Notability bug, iOS issue, or a hardware...
  4. rneglia

    Apple Support Limbo - MBP 15", Mid 2014

    I sent my six year-old 2014 MBP into Apple Support (Houston address) for a battery replacement, and it arrived on November 2nd. The Repair Status screen says "Our technicians are working on your product. We'll notify you when the repair has been completed." And then nothing from Apple for....16...
  5. R

    MBP Early 2015 - LG Ultra HD Display lag

    Hello everyone, I've looked around quite a bit and can't quite find the answer that I am looking for so I thought I'd post here. At work I'm currently running an early MBP 2015 which is attached to an LG Ultra HD Display (4k monitor). My problem is really minor, the screen looks beautiful and I...
  6. P

    iPhone X Need to press lock button twice for iPhone to wake

    Hi guys, just got an iPhone X about 3 weeks ago. I've been noticing that a couple times a day when I press the lock/wake button once to wake the phone up, it won't respond. When I press it a second time, I get the Apple Pay prompt. This is really annoying. Is anybody else experiencing this? On...
  7. vic.delgadillo

    iPhone X Shipping Delayed

    Has anybody experienced any delays on the UPS deliveries? Mine was supposed to be delivered tomorrow and now its being rescheduled to Tuesday and my iPhone X is still in china.
  8. w00t951

    Google/YouTube link delay in Safari?

    Hey everyone, I noticed that about 25% of the time, links I click in a Google Search listing or YouTube links of any kind won't "click" the first time. The loading bar doesn't appear, and repeatedly clicking it doesn't change anything. The only solution is to click it once, then sit back and...
  9. Anders P. A.

    External keyboard malfunction (MBP 2016)

    I have a 15" MacBook Pro 2016. I mostly use it connected to a monitor and with an external Apple keyboard (usb). The keyboard is connected using an Apple USB to USB-C adapter. I regular experience malfunctions/delays when using ctrl, alt or cmd with other keys or mouse-clicks/moves. This causes...
  10. Djilkosh

    Viber delayed notifications

    I was android user and have never had this problem with viber and delayed notifications. Sometimes only when I get into app, I see that I got missed call or messages, so it can be over 30 mins when i enter again in app. Sometimes it is when i get email, then i get viber messages. Whatsapp...
  11. P

    Eternal issue of LAG/DELAY on 2nd monitor connected via HDMI

    This lag/delay issue really bothers me a lot. It is very noticeable, especially when moving mouse cursor. I think at least 1/10 of a second. Does anyone know how to solve the lag/delay on second monitor connected via HDMI port? It happens both on my macbook pro 13" (late 2013 base model) and...
  12. thisisdallas

    Delaying Dock Autohide?

    Is there a terminal command to delay the dock from hiding itself when "autohide dock" is enabled? I've got it set to appear instantly on mouseover, and I like that behavior, but I don't want it to disappear instantly when the mouse leaves the dock area. I created a quick gif, highlighting the...
  13. blackfang

    Delayed restart on 10.11.4

    Hi, I just installed fresh 10.11.4 on a old macbook pro 15" late 2007 with SSD. Works really well. My only issues is that when i press restart it is being delayed. The closing period when the circle that shows its closing its relatively short, but afterwards there is a black screen period that...