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  1. T

    Is there a way to recover a deleted Shared iCloud Photo Album if I have a device that hasn't had the wifi turned on recently?

    did something really dumb and accidentally deleted a Shared iCloud Photo Album and didn't think I could get it back. I have a couple of devices that I haven't turned on recently and thought maybe there was a way to 'trick' it into keeping the Shared iCloud Photo Album around by quickly turning...
  2. M

    What would cause the fingerprint/password to go away?

    I have a user with a new Mac laptop running 11.2.3 and suddenly his fingerprint disappeared from System Preferences, his password changed or was deleted, and his wifi profile in System Preferences -> Profiles became unsigned and therefore no longer usable. I was able to resurrect him by using...
  3. IamOMan

    Orphaned Files. Where to find and recover them.

    So I was cleaning and deleted some important video files thinking they were some others I also cleaned my trash can. 🤦‍♂️ So I tried out a recovery software and found them under "Orphans" and subfolders of "temp228033" and many others. I can not afford the pro version of this software to recover...
  4. purdnost

    All Devices Remove Deleted Messages After...

    In iCloud Settings > Mail > Advanced > Deleted Messages, Remove... I have Remove: After one week selected, but this doesn't seem to work as my deleted mail folder contains mail from as far back as September, 2019. Any idea why this would be?
  5. purdnost

    Apple Reminders: Shared Reminder List Notifications

    After someone accepts your invitation to share the list, all of you can add, delete, and mark items as completed. Will those subscribed to the shared list receive notifications when items are added, deleted, and completed? Just curious what triggers a...
  6. T

    Recover deleted .Spotlight-V100 on external drive?

    Hi there. So, I had an encrypted image on an external drive. For security reasons I wanted all .Trashes and caches n such gone so I just shorthand decided to delete everything besides my actual .dmg image. Turns out you kinda need some of the stuff for indexing ur device ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I mean I...
  7. S

    Accidentally deleted my Macs internal harddrive!!! HELP!!

    So I was trying to install Windows 10 via Bootcamp on my MacBook Pro (2011). I made a new partition in Disk Utility and called it BOOTCAMP (For my Windows) As I'm planning to use Windows a lot from now on, I decided to make it take up a lot of the space. I resized the partition where my OSX High...
  8. groovatious

    iCloud Photos just deleted 4300 random photos

    I switched to iCloud Photos a bit over a month ago and successfully uploaded/synced around 16000 items across my devices. Today I noticed I couldn't find a few photos that I was SURE were there a week ago, low and behold 4300 random photos had been moved to the "Recently Deleted" section and...
  9. Miss_PYT

    Help! Can't view deleted SMS in SQLiteStudio.

    So I have deleted some SMS that were very important to me by accident. I found the sms.db file, and opened it in Notepad. There were a lot of symbols, and the texts were all over the place. I did notice some of my deleted texts in the document, but it was very unclear as to when I sent the...
  10. Marpo

    iPhone iPhone randomly deleted all music? What can cause that? Any help please?

    Hi guys, as title says, iPhone just deleted my music and now shows this blank music screen: Anyone have an idea what can cause that? It happened to me for the second time in a month.
  11. Z

    Deleted Videos (seek help urgently)

    Hello there! It seems like I yesterday deleted videos for a movie project that I have at the moment due to lack of concentration. They were in the recently deleted folder and whoosh I clicked delete. It should be around 24 hours by now. Is there any way to restore those videos? Appreciate every tip
  12. E

    HELP! Background and Screensavers folder deleted!

    I have a mac os x 10.5.8 (yes, that is very very old.) and today, when trying to fix a problem related to the screensaver and backgrounds thing, I accidentally deleted the whole Background and Screensavers folder. Permanently. I tried it on different accounts, actually re-installed the whole...
  13. R

    photo recovery

    Hello, I recently learned how to upload my photos to icloud and then deleted the photos from my device. The photos were still on my icloud, but no longer taking up space on my phone as wished. Well, what I did not wish for was for this time to be different. Not only are my photos gone from my...
  14. L

    5s retreiving photos deleted 1 year ago

    Does anyone know why my 5s has retrieved photos I deleted over a year ago and put them in my photo app? Have I accidentally uploaded them from icloud or something? Any help appreciated, thanks in advance