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    Jul 14, 2016

    I recently learned how to upload my photos to icloud and then deleted the photos from my device. The photos were still on my icloud, but no longer taking up space on my phone as wished. Well, what I did not wish for was for this time to be different. Not only are my photos gone from my device, but they are all gone from icloud. Is it at all possible for them to be recovered? Do I need to contact apple? I already tried, only they are closed right now.
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    How valuable are your photos and did you make a backup to iCloud or your Mac/PC? There is third party software that can recover deleted photos from your iPhone but it is not free. Photo Recovery Software App ($39) They do have trial version you can test with.
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    If you delete stuff from iCloud it's gone forever. When you do a backup of your phone, the phone's contents are backed up, not the stuff that's already on iCloud

    As to whether or not you can call apple to restore deleted iCloud data.... I wouldn't hold my breath for that.

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