1. F

    Macbook Air 2020 — Graphic Design

    Hey there! I was wondering if you guys think MBA 2020 i5 can run Illustrator and Photoshop for simple tasks or is it worth waiting for the new MBP? I have my iMac for my daily job, Thank you!
  2. Jupiter-8

    iMac Pro iMac Pro Vega 64X fan noise?

    Hi everyone. Long time lurker, first time poster. How does the Vega 64X impact fan noise in the 8-Core or 10-Core iMac Pro? I’d love to hear from anyone using this config, especially for music production and design related work. A bit of background… After weeks of research, I'm about to pull...
  3. C

    iPhone 11 Pro iPhone 11 Pro Max Gold back weird design or defect?Pls help!

    I bought my iPhone 11 Pro Max about 2 weeks ago and I’ve only just noticed something weird on the back of the phone. There’s this line around the camera glass that doesn’t look symmetrical in some areas and it’s so hard to explain but I really don’t know whether it’s normal or not, whether it’s...
  4. P

    Is it good choice?

    Hi everyone, I'm going to college this year and I'm going to study Multimedia which means I need a new computer as I'll use it on a daily basis. I'll use it for: graphic design editing photos 3D graphics audio-visual postproduction web design I'm interested in Macbook Pro 13" 2019 1.4GHz, 8GB...
  5. vsx72

    VectorStyler Public Beta

    Hi everyone. I'm a Mac software developer working on VectorStyler (, a new vector graphics software for Mac. VectortSyler is a drawing and illustration software designed for the Mac, with the goal to offer a complete vector graphics solution for illustrators and...
  6. M

    Design annoyances

    Back in Mavericks the design was a mess (anyone remember game center?). Some apps looked new, while others looked old. Yosemite fixed that in a way. Now with the Catalyst style apps I feel like we are back at the Mavericks problem. Apps look different throughout the system. For example App...
  7. cezar.popescu.89

    Icon Plus - Icon & Logo Design

    Hello everybody, My name is Cezar Popescu and I am the CEO of 64BitApps, a software company that develops Mac apps. For more info please visit I am starting this thread as a developer on behalf of my company because I want to let you know about our Mac app called Icon Plus...
  8. Luca_Iaconelli

    Jaamly - Create Screenshots and all you need to launch on App Store

    Hi guys, We are very proud to present Jaamly to all the MacRumors community. If you are a mobile app developer, a designer, startup or are in any way related to the world of app development, you should try Jaamly. Well, let’s be serious. Publishing apps on the App Store can be tricky...
  9. Z

    protecting concept&design

    How can a designer protect concept and design, when presenting via video conference to the client, the work he has been assigned?
  10. B

    Musish: An open source Apple Music web player

    Musish ( The unofficial open source Apple Music webapp. My friends and I have created and released last Friday an open source Apple Music web player. We thought you guys might like to check it out! Musish: Github: It’s pretty much...
  11. wbb

    Apple World with 1k images

    Hi everyone! Take a look into "The Apple World" collage with around 1k images (3543x2362px) Have a good mood and enjoy your rest :)
  12. T

    4 or 6 Core Mini for Graphic Design?

    I am looking to upgrade my 2011 21.5" iMac and have more or less decided on a Mini. The question is, which one? I'm a print designer, running InDesign primarily, with Photoshop and Illustrator as needed. I do little/no video work. Here are the two options I'm looking at: For $1499 3.0GHz...
  13. Landlord Studio

    App Store Preview Templates

    Hey guys, I'm trying to hunt down a template that gives two screens across the app store like what this app is using which i think looks super slick I saw there was applaunchpad but they are still using the older devices, any one know...
  14. W

    Intersted in Classic Mac Pro

    This is probably sort of a weird one... I have always loved the design of the classic Mac Pro and have wanted one for a while because of that. I'm an industrial design geek and just love how the Mac Pro looks and is constructed. So, I'm considering buying one. I don't have a specific use case...
  15. Feyl

    Why Apple still sucks at software design??

    I mean look at this. Are they blind or what? With cluttered wallpaper like that the text is almost unreadable. One would think that they'll learn a lesson since iOS 7... but no. I wouldn't normally make this thread, but the fact they proudly showing it in the new iPad Pro ad is just mind...
  16. L

    New iPad Pro's Actual Design Kinda Sucks

    Don't get me wrong. What they've done with the screen is great. USB-C and the A12x are awesome. But the body/chassis design looks like a big step backwards. Its thinner, but it appears thicker due to the slab-sided appearance. The chamfered edges, which added a nice touch, are gone. The...
  17. Z

    becoming a UI/UX designer

    A designer with many years of work and experience on the print sector of graphic design, wants to make the change and start on the digital sector as a UI/UX designer. The design talent is there, but there is a lack of effective knowledge in being a UI/UX designer. In your opinion how will he...
  18. C

    App To Customise Your Apple Watch!

    Hey everyone! I am a design student and just published an app with a friend of mine to help you customise your apple watch with some custom icons :) Its Free to download with a free watch face pack. There is an in-app purchase to unlock more icon packs and to fund us as devs! I hope you love...
  19. I


    Hey all! I’m new to this forum and also Mac in general. I’m looking at buying my first MacBook Pro. I’ve decided I want the 2017 15” MacBook Pro Quadcore 16GB Ram with Radeon 560 graphics. But researching further I’ve seem rumours about the future Mac with coffee lake hexcore. I’m wondering if I...
  20. S

    iPhone 8(+) the iphone notch originally samsungs

    I expect this has been covered before, but I'm constantly reminded when I see iphone design clones that my old Samsung Omnia i900 had a notch at the top of the screen years before the iphone did, and yet there doesn't seem to be a design infringement lawsuit taking place?