1. j_blrd

    Apps I Created An App That Graphs Battery Levels & Makes Smart Predictions! Perfect For All Of Us Who Care About Battery Life :)

    Like many of you, I am always trying to extend my watch’s battery life and was frustrated that a battery graph wasn’t included in watchOS. The app ended up growing into much more than just a battery grapher however. Battery Grapher graphs your Apple Watch's historical battery levels and learns...
  2. C

    MacBook Pro 13" 8GB VS 16GB

    Hey everyone !! I'm looking for a new Macbook PRO to my daily job as a developer but I have doubts about what RAM should I choose... 8GB vs 16GB? Is enough 8GB to use apps for developing?
  3. alanmadzar

    MP 7,1 Mac Pro 2019 Work Flow For Pro-App Devs

    I am really trying to understand how these "pro-app" developers are going to utilize the Mac Pro 2019... more specifically, the work flow of (Mac Pro 2019 + MPX Modules + Afterburner + Metal + Pro-App Developers). With a fully configured Mac Pro (w/ MPX Modules and Afterburner), how will a...
  4. F

    iOS New Mac recomendation

    I currently have a 2010 Macbook Pro that's been upgraded with a 1 TB SSD. It has worked perfectly for development, however, with IOS 13 and Swift UI, I am going to need a new machine. I don't have much money and I don't need my machine mobile. I was considering a Mac Mini I3. As much as I...
  5. Luca_Iaconelli

    Jaamly - Create Screenshots and all you need to launch on App Store

    Hi guys, We are very proud to present Jaamly to all the MacRumors community. If you are a mobile app developer, a designer, startup or are in any way related to the world of app development, you should try Jaamly. Well, let’s be serious. Publishing apps on the App Store can be tricky...
  6. M

    How viable a external SSD for all-time use as secondary storage (developer)

    I have a iMac 2011 that need to be replaced. I'm a (solo) developer that work across all major platforms (ios, android, windows, linux, osx), and more critical , with many databases engines (sql server, postgresql, mysql, firebird, ...) and data processing for small bussiness in my country. So...
  7. Aerogel91

    Mac Compiling Programs For macOS Unix from Linux

    First off, hello everyone. :) I'm too poor to own a Mac, but I'm still interested in porting cool Programs for all of you Macheads to enjoy (I mean that in a positive way). :) As my Profile states, I Program in many Languages, but I'm just starting on Swift. Is Swift the only way to...
  8. wengwengweng

    FSPathMakeRef(/Applications/ failed with error -36. [fixed]

    it happens when I tried to use the command `open -a` I'm not sure if it has to do with I just deleted some files in /Previous System fixed after a restart
  9. A

    Mac Pro (2009 - 2012) or Hackintosh?

    Considering either building a Hackintosh based on i8700K and 64GB ram or buying an old mac pro 5.1 and upgrading to 2 x X5690 with 96 (or 128)GB ram. Use Case: Heavy Xcode user, multiple linux VMs (no GUI, only servers) and a couple of Mac VMs, a little bit of Design with Photoshop, Illustrator...
  10. developer13245

    Apple hosts private App Store meeting with select developers

    How an invite-only meeting at Apple's luxury loft in New York set the stage for one of the biggest subscription businesses in the world Article link: You weren't invited? You're a looser...
  11. T

    Universal CatPoison

    Hi there Macrumors! I made an app to show which plants are poisonous for cats. It took me 3 years to develop this project on my own. The iOS version works on iPhone and iPad, and the Android version on mobile phones and tablets. In those 3 years I learnt developing by myself and both apps are...
  12. T

    Macbook pro for developer

    I am mobile developer and I intend to buy a macbook pro for my work because I have to develop both android and iOS app. I am hesitant between macbook pro 2015 13.3" MF840 like new (99%- i5 2.7 - 16G RAM, bus 1866 - 256GB SSD) and macbook pro 2017 13.3" brand new MPXQ2 (i5 2.3 - 8G RAM, bus 2133...
  13. F

    Should Apple Improve the Developer Resources

    Several companies recently have stopped producing Apple Watch apps. The Apple Watch appkit provided for developers has some obvious inadequacies. Should Apple improve this interface significantly in Watch OS 5 so that better apps may be build more easily by developers?
  14. DeepIn2U

    iOS Developer Gratitude - Thank you!

    Hello Developers ... iOS, TVOS, MacOS and to most of you WatchOS developers ... I'd like to PERSONALLY thank you for all your research, efforts, and hard work (time & dedication) to making a platform be what it is today ... something I FULLY love and enjoy despite my few complaints on small...
  15. D

    Anybody Interested in partnering on my new app

    Hi, I have an app on Google Play but I want to put it on ios but I don't have the money for a developer account, I was hoping someone on here could help out with their account. Upload the app and I would share 50% of all revenue earn through apple with you. Please email at...
  16. Z

    Mac Best Hardware for developing applications on Mac OS? Mac Mini still king?

    Working with a small group to develop a app on Mac OS, right now we are thinking of testing applications on Mac Minis? Yay or Nay? is there a better alternative readily available for testing? We are looking to do this fairly professionally (startup fingers crossed), do professional app...
  17. P


  18. G

    Hyperlink to iOS software updates

    Hi all I have a need to direct some users directly to the iOS software update screen from a hyperlink to an email. So far I've managed using a simple hyperlink ( prefs://root ) to get to the top settings screen. But I can't seem to work the path through the General settings and then Software...
  19. O

    Apple Developer Program questions?

    Hi there. I'm trying to find a place I can ask questions about the Apple Developer Program, since I have some questions related to that and MacOS Sierra development I'd rather answer outside of their official forum. Is this the right place for it? Otherwise, just point me to the right forum...
  20. P

    Universal First useful app I've helped make! VideoShowHero

    Looking for any and all feedback to help improve the app I was on a team making. Check out the attached image or I also made the website to go with it that I am kind of proud of even though it isn't directly related...