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  1. V

    MP 6,1 MP6,1 Hardware Diagnostic Tool

    Can someone point me to where I can find a low-level hardware diagnostic tool for MP6,1? I was told that it was shared in this forum but I cannot find it. My Mac Pro randomly ejects USB devices (drives, webcam, mic, etc.). I have used the Apple Diagnostics and it shows everything is fine. I was...
  2. P

    Last Erase/Restore Date From Before Owning The Phone

    Hello So I recently switched over from Android to Apple, and through my carrier, upgraded my phone to an iPhone XS. So far the phone has been great, but there are a couple of things that I wasn't sure if they were bugs or maybe I was just not familiar with iOS. So I took it to the Genius Bar...
  3. S

    External Diagnostic Testing Software?

    Is there any software available to test hardware on another Mac? I have a Macbook Pro 2013 that has a black screen and I cannot see anything even when connected to an external monitor. I was hoping to download a software on my desktop and hook up the laptop to see what's going on. Thanks!
  4. Ishfaq.rubab

    Mac Pro Diag_LED indications

    I have a dual core early 2009 Mac pro.. I was working just fine till one day it just died over me. After tons of research I figured it was the PSU as the diagnostic LEDs were dead aswell so I gave the PSU to this mechanic I knew and he sort of fixed the issue (I Think) cause after the repair the...
  5. T

    OSX USB HID monitor app?

    My trusty joystick/gamepad debugging tool, "Joystick Show" by Chibata, is 32 bit; I'm getting warnings now from OSX that this app may stop working soon as Apple deprecates 32 bit exes. I've been googling like mad and I cannot find an alternative! There are plenty of "mappers" out there that...
  6. barkalot


    Hi, I have quite an old macbook air that is out of warrently. Due to it beening a laptop it has been hevily used. As a result it has had a small amount of water spilt of the keyboard. This all heppened quite some time a go. But as a result it will not turn on. Due to it being out of...
  7. TechNismo

    Random Appointment with Apple?

    Can you make an appointment with Apple for them to run a diagnostic test on your product, to see if everything is running fine? I want to take in my iPhone X near the end on the one-year purchase period to see if anything is wrong with it, and get it replaced if nescccary. I also have a MacBook...
  8. Z

    HELP Please. Macpro 2,1 EL Capitan gpu issues

    Hello, i would greatly appreciate it if anyone can help me with this problem(s) that iam facing with a mac pro 1,1 (upgraded to 2,1). ** Sorry for the long post, but i would greatlt appreciate any feedback. THANKYOU* I received a mac pro 1,1 from a friend a mine with 10.7, nvidia 7300 gt and...
  9. F

    Mac Mini WiFi Issues

    Hello - I purchased a 2014 Mac Mini. I took it apart a few days ago to install a SSD. Everything seemed to go well. I installed the OS via WiFi and then upgraded to Sierra the same day. The WiFi worked fine the first couple days, but then today I went to put some files on the external drive...
  10. B

    iPhone diagnostic test from Apple support gives new problems?

    Recently I've dropped my iPhone 7 and I noticed the bottom right area got warm when in use, so I contacted Apple support via chat and they offered me to take diagnostic test of my phone. Everything seems to work just fine (besides the warmness), but after they took the diagnostic test, it shows...
  11. R

    Late-acting water damage?

    I was taking a bath and dropped my iPhone 4 into the water. It had a water resistant (Not water proof) case. it went under for less than a second, and the charging hole never went under at all, but I immediately shut it off, removed the case, wiped it off with a towel, and grabbed a bag of rice...
  12. A

    Actual battery capacity of iPhone 7?

    I remember seeing posts and articles talking about the battery capacity of the iPhone 7 being 1960 mAh, but after looking at the log-aggregated file within diagnostic, I discovered that the max capacity of the battery is "2100" instead of "1960". Am I just seeing things incorrectly or is this...
  13. C

    2008 iMac shorts when LCD inverter plugged in

    Hi everyone, I have a early 2008 24" iMac that is shutting off when the inverter cable coming from the power supply to the LCD display is plugged in. The computer originally starts but turns off halfway through the chime and all of the diagnostic LEDs go off and stay off- indicating the power...