Late-acting water damage?

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    Dec 16, 2016
    I was taking a bath and dropped my iPhone 4 into the water. It had a water resistant (Not water proof) case. it went under for less than a second, and the charging hole never went under at all, but I immediately shut it off, removed the case, wiped it off with a towel, and grabbed a bag of rice. As soon as the phone made contact with the rice, it turned on. I still let it sit there off for a few minutes in fear (although I know that short an amount of time can't do much to dry it). I took it out and turned it on. there were some grains of rice wedged in the speakers, but (I think) I got all the rice out. Everything seemed to work fine, except for the speakers, so I put the case on and went on a date, during which my phone ran out of battery and died. when I got home, I plugged it in, and it turned on after a few minutes. It still said that headphones were in even though there were no headphones, but I used a cotton swap and cleared the moisture out of the jack, and it worked fine. About an hour later (during this hour, I was on Instagram. My phone was connected to wifi and plugged in), my iPhone lost all sort of connection, then powered off. I kept it plugged in, and it would display the apple logo for a few seconds, and then the screen would go dark, then display the apple logo, then go dark. I unplugged it when the logo was displayed, and it went dark. Now it is unplugged, and not responding to any power button. What is going on?
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    water is the kiss of death for a phone. the efficacy of the rice thing is a myth. the problem with the water isn't that your device is wet, it's the residue left after the water evaporates that continues to cause shorts and damage.

    don't spend any time or money on an iphone 4. if it doesn't work, maybe it's time for an upgrade.

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