1. P

    Need A Simple iPhone "Macro" To Enable & Disable Notifications

    Hello, and thank you for reading this to help assist me in this. I am looking for a very specific request, and nothing that's alternative to my request, unless it is very simple and does exactly the same thing: I am looking for an automated method that would Enable the "Allow Notifications"...
  2. peanutismint

    Is there some way to disable popup notifications to update my iPhone to iOS 13.5.1 whenever I plug it in?

    I just updated my Mac to Catalina and my iPhone to iOS 13.5, but now every time I plug my iPhone into my Mac I get a popup notification telling me to update it again to 13.5.1 which I don't want to do because I'm jailbroken. I noticed there was a Terminal command 'sudo softwareupdate --ignore...
  3. S

    Is there a way to disable specific CPU core?

    Hello, my iMac is crashing all the time and all the error reports point at CPU core #3. I would like to test disabling it. All the options I found only limit number of cores in use, but I haven't found an option to disable just a specific CPU core. Is there any way to do this? thanks!
  4. seitsme

    iPhone 6(S)(+) how to unhide the sim pin choice- missing iphone 6x

    hello, I noticed that in the iphone 6s if you want to change the sim pin number-code, you must go to the settings and then phone and then should be a choice to change the sim pin code1 or 2. The problem is that i have no such menu choice on my iphone 6s, updated to latest version. phone is...
  5. M

    Disable WiFi with Profile Manager

    Hi All, I've been handed the task to get a MacBook useable for an exam, which means restricting it to within an inch of it's life. I'm using Profile Manager on Server (Version 5.1.5) and managed to block out System Preferences and all apps apart from Word. The thing that I'd also like to do is...
  6. U

    SMS message not getting sent after sending an iMessage and subsequently disabling of iMessage

    When an iMessage has been successfully delivered, then if subsequently iMessage is disabled and we try to send a normal SMS message in the same conversation to those whom iMessage had been sent earlier, I get the error message that I need to enable iMessage. We have to delete the whole...
  7. S

    Stop iTunes from Automatically Launching/Playing when BT Headphones Connected?

    I have a pair of Bluetooth headphones that trigger an unbelievably annoying behavior on my Mac. When they are connected to the computer, they automatically launch iTunes and begin playing files. I've searched and found old patches but they don't appear to work on newer versions of Mac OS. Does...
  8. Jay-Jacob

    iMessage and Apple Watch Notifications and Group

    Hi I am new with Apple Watch. I am wondering if there way mute or disable notification for iMessage group? Not all iMessage (I know how do that). Want able receive iMessage from everyone except for 1 group when they keep sending lot iMessage. Is that possible?
  9. R

    iMac stuck disc, want to disable optical drive

    Mid 2011 27" iMac OS 10.9.5 Disc stuck, have tried getting out, I do not want to open face yet. Looking to disable optical drive so it will not spin up. Making awful sounds, scaring my 13 month old (jk, it scares me). When I run in safe mode it disables but I am not sure where or which...
  10. A

    Resolved How do I turn off always-on Siri in WatchOS 5

    How do I turn off always on Siri on Apple Watch WatchOS 5, or have it require the user to say "Hey Siri" I liked the ability to say Hey Siri to my watch when I wanted to do voice commands, but in WatchOS 5 the way Siri is activated doesn't listen to "Hey Siri" instead it is always listening. I...
  11. lbdesign

    Is there a way to disable the internal keyboard?

    When an external keyboard is attached, is there an EASY way to disable the internal MBP keyboard? I know you can disable the trackpad via System Preferences in the presence of an external pointing device, but there does not seem to be an Apple-provided option to disable the built-in keyboard...
  12. jefe2000

    LG UltraFine 5K: disable camera and microphone

    Does anyone know of a way to disable the built-in camera and microphone in the LG UltraFine 5K display that Apple sells? My office is in a secure area; I’m not allowed to have any cameras or microphones in my office at work. I’d love to pair an LG 5K display with a 5K iMac, but can’t do so if...
  13. dosdude1

    Disable MacBook Pro 2011 15"/17" Dedicated GPU - SPI-ROM Modification

    I just thought I'd start this thread to announce a recent accidental discovery I made today -- a (possibly) PERMANENT solution to disable the dedicated video card in a 2011 15" or 17" MacBook Pro! Essentially, what needs to be done is the ME (Management Engine) region of your system's SPI ROM...
  14. supergaia

    is there a way to disable the dock for some programs?

    Hi i have setup the dock to auto hide well but i would love to disable for some programs like photoshop , and final cut when i move down the mouse , the dock appears with final cut 10 is really a big problem ,because the zoom and bar is in the down side of the monitor , so i have always to...
  15. seitsme

    iphone 5: disabling icons animation

    hello , i recently got a iphone 5 updated to the latest ios. I see that there is lot of animation i.e. when clicking icons etc. compared to my iphone4 and would like to ask if anyone had this problem and how to disable it ! I want no animations when i click on apps, games etc. regards
  16. supergaia

    how can i disable the sleepimage on sierra?

    Hi if i'm right under sierra i should i have 2 kind of pagefile files the sleepimage and swapage1 or 2 i have never seen swapage1 , maybe under sierra they have change it's name to disable spleeimage is enough sudo pmset -a hibernatemode 0 and delete the file? but how many page files does...
  17. Z

    the growing void for a smartphone UI geared for adult business professionals ?

    Pardon this rant but...... As of last week, I moved (not by choice) from an iPhone 6, running "8.2.something" to new shiny 6sPlus running 10.3.1. And… what an eye opener that was. 6’1” 210 lb guys shouldn’t cry, but sometimes it’s just that bad. I feel like I now need to run out and buy a shiny...
  18. J

    Disable Voicemail Transcription

    Has anyone figured out how to disable voicemail transcription on iOS 10? For those that are interested I had a chatting session with Apple and they had to pull in a Senior Advisor ... apparently this is an issue that many are struggling with. And I guess you can't disable the feature or turn it...
  19. F

    Can the new IOS 10 'home' app be disabled?

    I just did the upgrade today to IOS 10 and I have no use for the new home button (or app). In fact it slows down how fast I can turn my phone on and I need to get it on very fast sometimes for work. Is there a way to disable it or at least have my phone turn on the old way and put the home app...
  20. tonyr6

    Disable Ipv6 on the 4th gen Apple TV.

    I googled until I nearly went crazy. I currently use the HE.net Ipv6 tunnel which Netflix now geoblocks. I understand that. I want to simply disable Ipv6 on my Apple TV through my router running shibby tomato. With my IPv4 only devices like the Roku, Fire TV and PS4 I have no issues watching...