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  1. ristianchrathke

    Flashing External Monitor When Closing Lid

    I have an external monitor for my work from home setup (an HP 25es) That I'm trying to use as a primary monitor with a wireless mouse and keyboard. The issue I'm running into is that when I close the lid on my MacBook Pro (13-inch, M1, 2020) I get a flickering display with vertical and...
  2. D

    LED Cinema Display Vertical Lines

    Recently got this LED Display on eBay and when it arrived I quickly noticed it had these vertical lines running through it. They are pretty much on the entire display. They are almost invisible on a white screen but when it is dark they become very noticeable. I cannot find pretty much anything...
  3. Rozovici

    MacBook Pro M1 14 - Dead Pixel Warranty Coverage

    Hello, As the title implies I was shocked last night to find out that a pixel just died on my 7-month-old 14-inch Macbook Pro. After the mini heart attack, I relaxed knowing that I have a 2 years warranty offered by my official Apple reseller from which I bought the laptop; but surprise struck...
  4. L

    What display for graphics design?

    So i will get a MacBook Pro 16“ for graphics design university. And i need a proper monitor as my old one is just rly bad in image quality… Can yall suggest me smth? Researched half of the web and cant find the perfect one… I guess somewhere between 27“ and 32“ would be nice? Also i learned for...
  5. B

    iPhone 13 Pro Max Red tint iPhone 13 pro max

    I have just got the iphone 13 pro max, when im in a dark place and my brightness is low i can see like a red tint in my screen but only when there is a grey color, the tint disappears when the brightness is high. What is that?!! Is this normal for oled screens or what I don’t understand.
  6. iterable

    Upgrade Apple Studio Display by VESA Mount Adapter

    Hi guys. Who know where I'll can buy VESA Mount Adapter for Studio Display - Nano-texture glass - Tilt-adjustable stand I bought the display and I don't comfortable watching. ;-)
  7. S

    Mac Studio not sending video signal to monitor after long time off

    I've had a Mac Studio for two weeks now. While I love it, I've come across a couple of issues I'm not too happy about. One was a kernel panic caused by Onedrive, and to me, no matter how bad a program might be, an OS should be strong enough to kill it and not let it bring the whole system down...
  8. H

    LG34WK95U suddenly in LowDPI again (M1 Max)

    Hi LG34WK95U owners, we all been through hard times with this nice display on Apple devices - especially on Apple Silicone. On My M1 Max MacBook Pro things went quite well so far. I'm connecting the display through a Sonnetech TB4 Hub which always worked great. Got some LowRes after Sleep a...
  9. A

    The higher the lid, the dimmer the display - is it the screen or the screen cable?

    MacBook Pro 15'' Late 2016 screen starts getting dimmer and dimmer when I open the lid past 30 degrees until it gets completely black. I captured the process in the attached video. I wonder if this is the screen or the screen cable problem. Do you have any idea what the issue might be?
  10. E

    Two displays bug still not fixed after Monterey 12.4 update??

    Ever since updating from Big Sur to Monterey my macbook can only detect one external display. Thats with 2 identical displays, 2 identical HDMI cables and 2 Apple USB-C Digital AV Multi-Port Adaptors. I was praying the latest patch would fix this but it hasn't so I'm still working off 1...
  11. E

    16 M1 Pro Yellow display

    Dear friends, i have received a 16 m1 pro and made the usual settings (turned off the true tone and night shift) However the display looks like yellowish especially on white backgrounds on documents web sites etc. I have compared mine with 2 demo devices at reseller and obviously detected that...
  12. P

    Resolved SE/30 CRT / Display / Video Issue

    Hi All, I've recently joined the classic mac owners club, with three fixer upper SE/30's in various states of decay. Having selected the best logic board of the three, with no leaking caps or exploded battery. I've cleaned and recapped it. Not yet recapped the analog board or PSU but have...
  13. Rikintosh

    Macbook Air 2008 with very dark screen, backlight?

    I got this model early 2008, it is that first 1.6ghz model, with 80gb ipod hd. The former owner told me that it fell, I imagine the screen must be having problems, but before changing it I wanted to know if anyone had a problem like this? I've done all sorts of resets on it, the screen...
  14. N

    Screen glitching on mid 2015 macbook pro 15 retina

    i have a mid 2015 a1398 mbp 2.6ghz 16gb 512gb radeon m370. screen glitches randomly, restarting/reseting smc helps temporarily. works perfectly in BootCamp. any ideas?
  15. P

    Display for Mac mini M1

    I have decided on a Mac mini M1 and need to buy a display, but I don't know which one. ?‍♀️ People recommend 4K but what scaling do you use then? Many people seem to prefer 1440p scaling but it's not native on macOS on a 27-inch 4K display (may affect the performance). Running 1440p on a...
  16. R

    Edge YouTube Is Dimmer/Washed Out Than Safari

    The top is Safari, the bottom is Edge. I just happened upon this because Safari youtube 4k was lagging like crazy so decided to see if the same happened on edge and it didn't stutter once. But I then noticed how much dimmer the video was as well as the colors not looking as vibrant. Both videos...
  17. E

    iMac removable screen - 2012-2020 hardware mod

    I miss the iMacs of 2009-2011. Despite their high GPU failure rates they were easy to get in to and upgrade. Specifically upgrading hard drives with SSDs. It is not an impossible task with 2012-2020 iMacs, but its sort of a one-and-done thing. You can really only remove and replace the adhesive...
  18. B

    M1 MacBook - turn on when connected to power (lid closed)?

    It seems there is a behavior difference between Intel and M1 MacBooks regarding powering on when connected to power? I have a 13" 2019 MacBook Pro (4 TB ports). When the MacBook Pro is off, and I connect it to my USB-C monitor (soon to be Apple Cinema Display), with the lid closed, the MacBook...
  19. Z

    LG 27" 5K UltraFine monitor: Display not aligned horizontally with stand base

    I just received my LG 27" 5K UltraFine monitor (new, not used, 27MD5KL-B). Everything works great. However it has one small issue: the display isn't precisely aligned with the base horizontally (picture attached). I wonder if other users have the same issue? I noticed that another buyer on...
  20. B

    iPhone 5s screen problems after battery swap.

    I recently replaced the battery of my iPhone 5s with this ( with the intention of using it as navigation for my...