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  1. T

    Screen Flicker On Login (Monterey 12.7.5)

    Howdy, I just got a refurbished MB Pro 2015 and noticed upon login the screen flickers twice before taking me into my account. My last unit didn't do this so naturally I'm concerned if this is signaling me of a potential ssd drive issue in the future? I'm running MacOS Monterey 12.7.5 and just...
  2. T

    Macbook Pro 2015 - Screen Flicker On Login

    Howdy, I just got a refurbished MB Pro 2015 and noticed upon login the screen flickers twice before taking me into my account. My last unit didn't do this so naturally I'm concerned if this is signaling me of a potential ssd drive issue in the future? Any thoughts would be highly appreciated I...
  3. ploort

    HDMI to TV: why color stripe?

    TV does not have a type C input. MBP, Type C out, ThunderBolt Cable, 8k adapter, hdmi cable, tv There is always a vertical full top to bottom green bar a few pixels wide on the TV but not the internal display. Changing hdmi cable, ThunderBolt cable, or inline adapter to another set has...
  4. valvoline

    iPad Pro iPad Pro 11” (M4): Not able to answer call when MoreSpace option is enabled on Display.

    Hi all, As per subject I found this strange behaviour (always replicable) on my iPad PRO 11” M4. I suspect that the problem is much more widespread also on other iPad. When Stage Manager is TURNED ON, and the More Space option is enabled from Settings/Display/Display Zoom, iPad is receiving...
  5. Z

    comparing displays

    Is there a reliable site for making comparisons amongst displays? I wish to compare the Studio Display along with others!
  6. tensixturtle

    Apple Cinema HD Display colours washed out

    Hello, I recently acquired an Apple Cinema HD Display (23") secondhand, but when I turn it on, there is severe discoloration on most of the display. It is extremely washed out, except a small margin around the outside which appears to be a more normal colour (please see pictures below). I was...
  7. H

    [MacBook Air M1] Green Hue/ Bleeding on the edge of Screen

    I bought a new MacBook Air M1 couple of months ago. A few days ago I noticed there was a green hue in the corner of the screen. It is there after boot and disappears completely after a few minutes. When the hue is gone I can shut it down and power it on within a couple of hours, it will not be...
  8. albal21

    Line on display: MacBook Pro 16 M1

    Back in October 2021 we bought a MacBook Pro 16 M1. It's been working fine since we got it, but today I noticed there is a vertical dim line a few pixels wide exactly in the middle of the screen running all the way from the top to the bottom. First thing we did was reboot it, line still there...
  9. con2apple

    New Displays only with Thunderbolt 5

    I am new here and would like to start with a thought. The Studio Display is really nice. It can't do much, but it looks very good and thanks to Samsung we know that it's not as expensive as we all thought at first. It's also virtually unique on the market in terms of build quality. The Pro...
  10. R

    Resolved MacBook Pro display bottom peeling? Additional advice?

    Hello all. I got one of the new M3 Pro MacBook Pros recently and less than a month after purchase, the bottom patch connecting the display to the main body seems to have detached itself. Unfortunately, this is after the two week refund period, but I did already pay for AppleCare in advance. I’ve...
  11. A

    Do M3 MBPs use true 10-bit panels?

    I think there's consensus that the Pro Display XDR is a true 10-bit panel. In other words, in theory, it does not perform temporal dithering/FRC (Frame Rate Control) on the image. With that in mind, if you look at the marketing for the M3 MBPs, it mentions the following: XDR (Extreme Dynamic...
  12. R

    Advice req: buying monitor for MacBook Pro / Air

    I’ve used my trusty iMac 5k 27inch (2015) for many years and loved it. I have a separate, even older MacBook Air for mobile use and just used shared online drives. Now I’m looking at a new MacBook Pro M3-Pro 16-inch coming into the environment. Great machine - but I would really want to run it...
  13. K

    Has anyone paired 2 Studio Displays with Pro XDR?

    I am looking to turn my single Pro Display XDR into a 3 monitor setup and was considering adding on new Studio Displays on either side. For anyone that has done this, does the shorter height or lower quality difference throw you off at all from the XDR? Any issues in general? Please upload...
  14. S

    MacBook Air M1 External Dell Low Resolution After Sleep

    I have an M1 MBA and a Dell P3421WM connected to a CalDigit TB4 dock. Display is connected to the dock via a TB3 cable and the dock is connected to the M1 via a TB3 cable as well. Both USBC. I run the display at 3440x1140 - however whenever the display sleeps (time varies) and I wake it, a...
  15. A

    No backlight screen when booting Macbook Pro 13" mid 2014

    When I start up my macbook pro the screen stays black (I can see it is doing something when shining through logo with flashlight) after a few seconds (when the horizontal line is building up) the screen lights up. And everything is OK. When in reboot mode, recovery mode and also safe mode, I do...
  16. D

    MacBook5,1 - Display hangs on frame before bootmgr loads

    So I was just using Rufus to make a bootable UEFI:NTFS Windows 11 USB, and the display refused to respond, but the backlight was fine. Any way to fix this? I might need help from @tsialex for any BootROM related issues.
  17. JirkaCink

    Studio Display ⚡️light shadow problem

    Hello, I would need advice. I have been using my Studio Display for a year without any issues; the display quality is fine. However, in dark scenes where dark gray to black predominates, I see a bright shadow in the bottom left and right corners. According to my research, this phenomenon is...
  18. A

    Dark display on 2014 MBP

    So I have a 2014 MBP retina that has held up great for almost 10 years now. Over the past few years the display has started doing something where it goes dark except for the presence of the backlight (producing a very dark gray screen that is barely distinguishable from total black when the...
  19. Juicy Box

    Monitor Recommendations for My Use Case

    I am often helping others (or think I am) with buying advice with Macs, but my display knowledge is lacking, and need help making a decision about a monitor to use for my specific use case. On my main Mac (M2 Pro MM), I am currently using a Sceptre 30-inch Curved Gaming Monitor 21:9 2560x1080...

    16 MBP M3 Max + Gaming PC sharing a LG 38inch Gaming Monitor. DisplayPort KVM switch vs HDMI on MBP?

    Hi all. I just pulled the trigger on a new M3 Max 16-inch (STOKED!). I have a 38-inch LG ultrawide monitor (LG 38GL950G-B), which is currently hooked up to my gaming PC via DisplayPort. It's a great monitor that supports up to 175hz, HDR (technically), and is 3840x1600. I'm hoping to easily...