1. Y

    iPad Pro iPad pro 9.7" shows lines on screen then restarts itself. Help!

    Recently my girlfriend's iPad pro 9.7” (A1673) has begun showing what I can only describe as some kind of graphics glitch, though I'm not sure if its related to graphics processing at all. The iPad hasn’t been physically damaged to our knowledge (dropped, gotten wet etc.) Suddenly lines appear...
  2. Z

    27" iMac used as a display

    Can i use my 27" mid2010 iMac as a display? Is it possible to achieve this by connecting my late 2009 MacMini to it?
  3. N

    Rectangular artifact in display Macbook Pro 16 2019

    Had this issue in the past sometime but haven't found an explanation yet. There's a persistent rectangular artefact on the bottom left of the screen on Desktop 1 but not on Desktop 2 (see picture). When Desktop 1 is deleted, it moves to Desktop 2. SMC and NVRAM were reset a few days before this...
  4. Z

    iMac 2017 27" display issues

    I wonder if anyone ever had this kind of display issues on iMac? (Please see attached pics). Details: iMac 2017 27" i7 40 GB RAM Bought late 2017. The problem started after a year of use but it was pretty rare - a brief weirdness once in couple of months. (And since the iMac was already out...
  5. felipefgoncalves

    Macbook Air M1 Light Leak

    I finally bought my brand new Macbook Air M1, with 16gb, 512 SSD and 8-core GPU. It was a dream for me buying that laptop. Specially living in Brazil where our taxes makes this product costs much more. I've ordered this at B&H for $1,449 in april and my aunt brought to me sealed at the beginning...
  6. Z

    Buying a display

    I want to buy a cheap but decent quality display, for graphic design use, in order to use with my macmini. Is there a site with comparisons/specs of displays up to 27” I can check?
  7. M

    120 hz m1x macbook pro??

    Hi everyone! So with the rumor of the new macbook pros getting major display updates, do you think this will include a 120Hz display. I know that the new Ipad pros received the mini-led upgrade and I am kind of hoping that that can trickle up to the MacBook pros. Are there any credible rumors or...
  8. C

    M1 MacBook Air display lid makes a "sticky" noise when opened

    I recently bought an M1 MacBook Air and the display lid seems to make a quiet but noticeable "sticky clicking" noise when opening it, especially after being left closed for a while. Anyone else have this issue? Is it normal or should I go and get it fixed?
  9. S

    Other iPhone logical screen size decreasing /regression

    After checking out the new iPhone 12’s, I noticed something I never saw mentioned in most reviews: There is less text displayed on the screen of iphone12 compared to older models viewing the same webpage/messages/mail etc. Looking up the specs: -The 12/12pro display has a lower point/logical...
  10. I

    possible damaged through heat just because of Facebook app?

    so yesterday night I used the Facebook app for about I think 10 minutes when I noticed that the upper left side next to the camera was really hot. Actually it wasn't the battery because I know that the battery is located on the right side under the camera so it has to be the logic board. My...
  11. fredhag

    Display Broken

    Hey! I would appreciate some help. I have a 2017 15" MacBook Pro and dropped it such that the display isn't working. The pixels seem to work because I can see the desktop, but it looks like an old TV that is having vertical hold problems and then it goes dark after a few minutes but comes...
  12. E

    Applications cannot enter full screen -- full screen option greyed out

    My computer recently started refusing to go into fullscreen mode in any of my applications. I have noticed this behavior in browsers (with video), video apps (zoom, facetime), with my virtual machines (e.g. vmware horizon), and with mac games (for example crusader kings 3). Until this behavior...
  13. H

    m1 mini flickering in random scenarios.

    Ever since upgrading to Big Sur 11.4, my M1 mini has been flickering in certain scenarios with my display (Dell S2721QS.) I haven't noticed it pre-11.4, though I heard others were having M1 "flickering" issues since launch. I can't tell from the descriptions if they're the same as mine. For...
  14. E

    I have this C49HG9x Display and was thinking about having 2 one above the other

    but I cannot find this model much on the web and i'm wondering if it is out of production/superseded. also i have no idea if it is possible to easily mount one of these above the other. i do have a big desk. If it is superseded, can i get one the same size and curvature and mount it above. I...
  15. S

    iPad Pro UK - M1 Ipad pro mini led display true black ?

    Hi all, Blooming is not much an issue considering if we get deeper blacks. I noticed that when watching Mosquito coast, the screen doesn't show deep blacks and is grayish. Its extremely notable during titles in black background (feel like ash) and display brightness minimum in a dark room Also...
  16. MonsterBryton

    iPad Pro Returned 2021 12.9 inch iPad Pro

    I recently returned my 12.9 inch due to blooming. I just couldn’t unsee it, I loved The iPad and the size. I know that blooming is normal, but if that is normal, I don’t want it. 1499 is a lot for a device and to see blooming on almost every YouTube video is not okay. I wasnt also going to risk...
  17. N

    Strange iPhone XS display issue

    Hi everyone, please excuse my bad english, but I have noticed a strange issue with my „new“ but used XS: https://streamable.com/ct274e Is only when scrolling, when exactly this shade of gray is shifted over black background. Say the transition between gray and black. I only noticed it in this...
  18. wehereiai

    iPad Will setting my iPad on a cheaply made desk to watch movies on it cause cracks to the iPad, and would I easily and definitely notice any cracks?

    Will setting my iPad on a cheaply made desk to watch movies on it cause cracks to the iPad, and would I easily and definitely notice any cracks if there were any and I was unsure?
  19. wehereiai

    iPhone 6(S)(+) Will putting my iPhone on a belt clip near a belt buckle crack the screen since the iPhone 6S screen cracks easily?

    Will putting my iPhone on a belt clip near a belt buckle crack the screen since the iPhone 6S screen cracks easily?
  20. Sovon Halder

    M1 Mac - Duplicate ICC profiles by same name - which to choose?

    I have m1 mac mini with 27UK850 lg monitor and today I found out that I have 4x "LG HDR 4K" icc profiles in my ColorSync Utility. The Settings>Displays>Color however show only 2 of them. Is this normal? The two options shown in the second image produce different results on my display when...