1. DFP1989

    MP 7,1 3rd-party Thunderbolt Displays with Mac Pro 7,1

    Hi all, Still working to tune my new setup, and wondering if anyone has similar issues using a non-Apple display (i.e. something other than ProDisplay XDR or LG Ultrafine). I picked up an ASUS ProArt PA32UC display to pair with my new MP, and it just doesn't seem to want to play nice over...
  2. P

    MBP 16" / Catalina: sleep stuff?

    Just upgrading from 2011-MBP-13" (High Sierra / 10.13) to new MBP 16" (Catalina / 10.15 of course). Currently running with external TB-3 display (LG 5K). Under power saving settings: Where can I set the time-to-sleep for the machine? The slider bar I've used for ages is just not on the screen…...
  3. C

    IMac 2008 Display issue (not backlight)

    Hi, I purchased a 2008 imac and there is a display issue. when turning the machine on there is a chime and the fans run but a black screen. There is however, a backlight. I can't see outlines of anything on the screen only the backlight from the sides. could someone advise me on how to...
  4. betovel

    MP 1,1-5,1 mp5,1 & Apple Pro Display XDR @ 6K 60Hz

    Hey guys, wondering if there is a way to use a mp5,1 and the Apple Pro Display XDR @ 6K 60Hz, I would assume that there might be a way to do it without needing to boot on windo
  5. L

    MP 7,1 Duel Monitor problems - 7,1

    10.15.5 7,1 radeon 580x pro dvi to hdmi cables i have two monitors, when I turn the Mac on, the second monitor never powers up properly, it cuts off the left quarter of the screen. the first monitor also has issues if you turn it off and leave it a while then come back to it, it comes on with...
  6. donperi

    Strange lines on screen - 2019 MBP 16".

    Hello guys. After using the laptop for some days in clamshell using an external monitor (as fix for high wattage usage when using two monitors), My screen showed this strange lines and dots. I assume it was caused by heat transferred to the display. I realized this almost finishing my day work...
  7. A

    MP 1,1-5,1 Mac pro 5,1 no chime, no display, fans all spinning.

    Hello people, I own a 2012 5,1 Mac pro, with dual processors 64 GB RAM. Every time I try and boot it up there is no display or chime however all fans are spinning at regular speed (even the ones on the graphics card). I have tried to switch hdmi cables and to reset following the SMC and PRAM but...
  8. iPodClassic1

    12" MacBook (Early 2016) users, a Q for you!-- Best monitor option?

    Hi! Before anything, thanks for any input, as I am in dire straits when it comes to purchasing a new monitor for lightweight coding, server maintenance and personal usage at home. The LG ultrafine is out of question because I can't find it in my country. So there's only a somewhat limited...
  9. A

    Macbook air 2017 display turning on and off on using built in mouse and keyboard

    My macbook air was working fine until recently I used a Thunderbolt cable to mirror my Mac on my tv. From then on my Macbook's display started turning off then randomly on using the built in keyboard or trackpad and gets backs on by pressing any key. it only happens when i use my built in...
  10. Z

    Apple lcd/oled Tv?

    Are we ever gonna see an Apple product like an lcd/pled tv? Once there were rumors regarding such a display... now?
  11. louij2

    CForce CF015Cv2 USB C display OS X problems

    Hi I purchased CForce CF015Cv2 after looking at the many videos of people getting it to work in Mojave. I am able to get it working in Manjaro, Windows 10 & Yosemite but if I try in any later OS X I am presented with a grey static display? I contacted their support and was told Apple removed the...
  12. jagooch

    How do I know which display is display 1 or 2? It's not in the display properties screen

    Stupid question of the day. When there are multiple monitors, and I want to assign an application to a specific monitor and space, it gives me options like - "Desktop on Display 1", "Desktop on Display 2","Desktop on Display 3" . How do I know which display is "Display 1" ? If I look in...
  13. ctjack

    Macbook Air has 500+ nits under Bootcamp Windows

    According to this MB Air 2020 can give more than 500 nits of brightness under Windows OS without losing color accuracy. Just FYI.
  14. leanda

    Weird external display/desktop issue

    Hi, Since the last MacOS update the desktop has started doing a strange thing when my MBP wakes from sleep. On the external monitor the desktop is shifted downward from below the menu bar, it happens only after the MBP has been sleeping. I can’t even bring up the dock as it shifts it out of...
  15. Z

    dry eyes

    Im using an old mid 2010 iMac and my eyes become dry and hurt when im working over 5-6hrs. I was wondering, is it the old display and the lighting conditions that create this dryness? Would i be better off if i was using an iMac with a Retina display? Or should i just get a different kind of...
  16. M

    iPad Pro Can’t decide between my 2020 12 inch or 11 - which screen quality is better

    Hey guys, so I got both the 12 and the 11 and I’m super OCD when it comes to clear white displays with even backlighting. Which display do you think is better based on the pics? In person the 12 inch seems to have a colder white, but does the 11 inch look yellow to y’all? The photos are with and...
  17. M

    Hi guys. I want to connect MacBook Pro to external monitor. Any recommendations?

    As the title states I'm looking for a monitor to connect my MacBook pro as I'm beginning day trading stocks, and want a more of a desktop feel for productivity purposes. What's a decent monitor within the 25-30 inch range I can get for an affordable price? No more than $300 dollars. Also, what...
  18. João Victor chaves

    Marks of line in display

    i bought an apple watch nd and said it was on warranty , everything is normal but when i point to light i see some white marks in the square as in the picture
  19. J

    2017 iMac 27 inch 5K display discoloration

    My 2017 27-inch 5K iMac (iMac18,3) display is beginning to show discoloration in both lower corners. See attached pictures. Does anyone else have this problem? Any ideas for how to slow the growth or what causes it? Specs: 4.2 GHz Intel Core i7, Radeon Pro 580 8 GB Model Number: A1419 Order...
  20. Suzan Aydın

    MacBook Pro MB damaged?

    So... Spilt a glass of water and a bit went on my MacBook Pro yesterday. Dried it like a mad woman but... is it screwed? Water got slightly under the touchbar and I tried to Dry it ASAP within seconds... Anyone got any suggestions? I left it next to the dehumidifier all night but... No change.