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  1. D

    MacBook5,1 - Display hangs on frame before bootmgr loads

    So I was just using Rufus to make a bootable UEFI:NTFS Windows 11 USB, and the display refused to respond, but the backlight was fine. Any way to fix this? I might need help from @tsialex for any BootROM related issues.
  2. JirkaCink

    Studio Display ⚡️light shadow problem

    Hello, I would need advice. I have been using my Studio Display for a year without any issues; the display quality is fine. However, in dark scenes where dark gray to black predominates, I see a bright shadow in the bottom left and right corners. According to my research, this phenomenon is...
  3. A

    Dark display on 2014 MBP

    So I have a 2014 MBP retina that has held up great for almost 10 years now. Over the past few years the display has started doing something where it goes dark except for the presence of the backlight (producing a very dark gray screen that is barely distinguishable from total black when the...
  4. Juicy Box

    Monitor Recommendations for My Use Case

    I am often helping others (or think I am) with buying advice with Macs, but my display knowledge is lacking, and need help making a decision about a monitor to use for my specific use case. On my main Mac (M2 Pro MM), I am currently using a Sceptre 30-inch Curved Gaming Monitor 21:9 2560x1080...

    16 MBP M3 Max + Gaming PC sharing a LG 38inch Gaming Monitor. DisplayPort KVM switch vs HDMI on MBP?

    Hi all. I just pulled the trigger on a new M3 Max 16-inch (STOKED!). I have a 38-inch LG ultrawide monitor (LG 38GL950G-B), which is currently hooked up to my gaming PC via DisplayPort. It's a great monitor that supports up to 175hz, HDR (technically), and is 3840x1600. I'm hoping to easily...
  6. K

    What monitor for Mac Studio

    My iMac 27" from 2015 badly needs to be replaced. I'm very keen un a buying a Mac Mini or preferable Mac Studio. I need two monitors but I simply can not afford two Apple Displays. Next to my iMac I have a very good 5K Dell Monitor that I'm quite fond of. Due to my disabililty I need to be able...
  7. Risco

    iPhone 15 Pro What phone did you upgrade from and have you noticed a difference?

    Personally I had an iPhone 13 128gb and have chose the iPhone 15 Pro. The camera is night and day and I do really notice the smooth scrolling from the 120hz display. AOD is pointless imo, but I like the dynamic island. Also my eyes don’t feel as jaded reading in dark mode at night. Battery is...
  8. Reggaenald

    MBP display not working

    The display of my MacBook Pro completely dies some two minutes after turning on the machine. I get the , I get the progress bar and login screen. I log in. And either shortly after I'm in or during the start up process the screen goes black. No backlight, not even the screen itself without the...
  9. K

    Pro Display XDR Repair

    After 3 years, my Pro Display XDR broke. I'm looking for advice on how to proceed. Here are the symptoms: No video is rendering on the display Peripherals attached to the display will draw power from the display in brief "pulses" every 5~ seconds The MacBook Pro that I connect the XDR to will...
  10. P

    Display issues: Change size on Finder and Music/iTunes sidebar?

    OS: OSX Catalina 10.15.7 Computer: MBP Retina 13" Late 2012 Monitor/Display: U2518D 25” 1440p DELL UltraSharp 25 Monitor. 59,88hz. Cable: mDP to DP cable Other: Disabled MBP display with small magnet above left USB-port. ----------------------------------------------- Question 1: Resizing...
  11. S

    Calibrate external Monitor

    Hello Folks, I wanted to calibrate my new external monitor and google told me that my MBP 2020 has this option i.e. assistant . It states that I have to go to Display, Color and see Calibration button ... but I don't see it .. Could you help me please? Thanks,
  12. fibsh

    Main Display Lagging while Recording

    Hello, I have searched vastly looking for a solution, asked ChatGPT, and have checked what felt like every corner of the web for two hours. Whenever I record or stream on OBS Studio, I have it opened on my second monitor (Sceptre, 1080p, 60Hz), and usually use my main monitor (LG Brand TV, 60...
  13. K


  14. T

    Help me choose a 4K monitor

    Need some help choosing between a few monitors for my office. It'll be connected to a 2019 16" MBP and mostly used for Adobe illustrator and indesign with a little photoshop. Trying to keep it below £400 but open to suggestions. Option so far are: Samsung 32" TU87F UHD Thunderbolt 3 Monitor...
  15. Starfinity

    27" LED Cinema Display to Mac Studio

    I'm upgrading from a 2013 Mac Pro to the new M2 Ultra Mac Studio and I have 2 27" LED Cinema Displays that I want to keep. In theory it should be as easy as connecting Mini DisplayPort to USB-C converters between the displays and the Mac Studio, but someone in another forum said that for...
  16. S

    Luna Display vs. Sidecar: Which one is better for using an iPad as a second screen for a MacBook Pro?

    Hi, I need some advice on using my iPad as a second screen for my MacBook Pro. I have two options: Luna Display and Sidecar. Luna Display is a wireless device that connects the iPad to the Mac via Wi-Fi or USB, while Sidecar is a software feature of macOS Catalina and later that works with...
  17. U

    RDP like access to Mac

    Hello, I'm looking for a way to access my Mac running Ventura remotely the same way I can a Windows box with RDP. I know I can do screen sharing, but that's not what I want. My setup has Mac mini with 3 monitors, with RDP I can connect to a remote Windows machine and have Windows use all...

    iPad Pro How can i know if a display is original

    Can someone tell me how can i check wheth a display is original or duplicate because now a days even duplicate displays show True Tone .
  19. septianrishal

    iPhone 14 Pro Screen Issue (Flickering/Blinking Problems)

    My iPhone 14 Pro is black, 128GB Indonesian version Official guarantee, purchase February 7, 2024 iOS Version 16.4.1 (a) I've had this problem for a long time, but just found a repeating scenario for it to record now. This happens when we move from a slightly darker to a lighter screen...
  20. O

    Display sometimes works. Backlight works but no image. Pushing on keyboard frame makes it work. Video included.

    The display on this M1 Macbook Air boots to a backlit screen with no image. When I push around the top of the laptop near the hinges the image appears. I've opened the laptop and checked the display cable and the main data cable and there are no issues. Here is a video of the problem...