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  1. T

    Any trick or script to Quit app from dock with single click?

    I'd like to be able to: hold down function key, such as Command + shift I then click on an app in the dock and it then 'Quits' Any way of doing this? Thanks.
  2. IslamAlOrabI

    Why Permute3 icon greyed out?

    I,ve downloaded Permute3, Its icon is always like this: Except after many times of restarting, The Icon returns to Normal like this:
  3. BikGer2

    M1 MBA working with only 5W of power

    Hi there, I know I could easily plug my 30W adapter into my Mac and stop writing this thread, but I've recently changed my setup a little, and I've had trouble routing the 2m long power cable in a way that looks nice. That's when I decided to try using a shorter 0.5m usb-a to usb-c cable to...
  4. M

    Doc to swap Mac mini and MacBook Pro (1 monitor)

    Hi all, I want to be able to easily swap out my personal Mac mini from my work MacBook. These two computers will share a monitor, meeting webcam, mouse, and keyboard. Both the mouse and keyboard automatically connect to the last computer used, so I was going to just plug them into the dock so...
  5. circatee

    Not connected to the internet

    Right, this is a rather weird one. Am new to macOS. But, on a few occasions now, I will restart (Apple icon \ Restart) my MBP 2019. Upon doing so, when I log into the MBP (2019, 32GB / 512GB storage - Monterey with all the updates), the WIFI or LAN if am docked, is not connected to the internet...
  6. childoftheko4n

    USB-C Dock: HDMI 2.0 and HDR?

    Hey all, apologies if this has been answered a million times. However, if I run a dock like this:OWC Travel Dock and connect my monitor to the dock, and the dock to my MBP via the USB-C port, why doesn't HDR enable anymore? The monitor has it (and works if I plug the HDMI cord into my MBP...
  7. circatee

    MacBook Pro 2019, 32GB and Dock

    Just got access to a MacBook Pro 2019, with 32GB memory. At work, I use a CalDigit (I believe that is how it is spelt) dock. Curious, would a Dell dock work, too? I have one at home, I guess I could just bloody test it. LOL - rather nervous to connect it, in case it damaged it somehow.
  8. D

    Recommended affordable docks/hubs for Macbook Pro w/M1 Max?

    I'm expecting my new macbook next week but I'm having a hard time picking out a dock. My needs are pretty simple: connect two external monitors with HDMI (or with an adapter I have, 1 HDMI & 1 Display Port) and ideally get some extra USB-A/USB-C ports, but I'm on a budget. I realize the...
  9. dreikelvin

    Belkin Thunderbolt 3 Dock causes Mac Studio to reboot

    So I find myself having to do a PRAM reset every morning when I start my mac studio. Connected to it is a Belkin Thunderbolt 3 Express Mini Dock with Ethernet, HDMI and USB ports. The reboot happens when I enter my password. I tested with only Ethernet plugged in. It only happens if I use this...
  10. M

    uBar 4: How do I re-arrange open applications in the taskbar?

    Hi, Any idea how to rearrange open apps in uBar? Maybe I am missing something, but they can't be moved left or right? Example: I want my browsers to be next to eachother, but I can't move the applications. They are in order they were launched.
  11. W

    Making a Dock stack for Office?

    Over the weekend, I clean-installed a MacOS for the first time in at least 15 years. My late-2013 iMac is now running Mojave. That's great, but only the beginning. I also clean-installed Microsoft Office 365, which was also giving me problems. Mojave installed, Office installed. Great! Now...
  12. M

    Is there a way to show all open Chrome windows like on Windows OS?

    I know that I can hit Control + down/up arrow to see the different open windows/apps. This is inconvenient when using a mouse. Is there a way to see ALL open Chrome windows at once like on the Start bar/menu in Windows? I like how all open windows can be quickly seen like this...
  13. Heypal

    Development History of Mac OS X

    I am researching the early development period of Mac OS X right at the beginning. There seems to have taken place a discussion amongst the developers about the Mac OS Y dock. A philosophical question whether "NeXT" engineers had it "right" with the dock. Some Macintosh purists seemed to be...
  14. Svietor

    Triple Display Docking Solution for M1 Pro (2021, 16")

    Hi everyone, I'm posting to see if anyone has found a docking system solution that works with their n ew Macbook pro? I run two 24" monitors on either side of a 34" UW monitor, and foolishly didn't look into if this machine could push them all (my 2015 I upgraded from could, so I had reason to...
  15. F

    Thunderbolt dock that supports two LG 5k displays?

    Hi all, I've got two 27-inch LG UltraFine 5K displays and I'd like to connect them to my MacBook Pro 14" M1. Has anyone been successful in using two LG 5k displays via a Thunderbolt dock? I've got the Sonnet Echo 11 Thunderbolt 4 dock and it definitely does not work (despite Sonnet's website...
  16. I

    Caldigit TS3+ M1 Pro with dual monitors?

    Does anyone know if Caldigit TS3+ with M1 Pro / Max have any issues with dual monitors using the doc with 1 thunderbolt cable? I just got a macbook air M1 Mac and was disappointed that dual monitors did not work with my TS3+ and Caldigit said it was the chip's fault but M1 Pro / Max do work...
  17. T

    Is there any difference in charging speed between the magnetic charging dock and the one included in the box?

    So the title is pretty self explanatory. Is there any differecnce in speed between the 2 chargers? If not, why is it released? Thanks!
  18. EzisAA

    CalDigit SOHO DOCK SD+microSD real life speed

    Hi, what you can say about CalDigit SOHO Dock card reader... does it work in full speed when you use both readers SD + micro SD or speed go down like a most off card readers? Basically I planing move from UHS-I cards to UHS-II so i need fast dual card reader, CalDigit SOHO looks good, but...
  19. Manek43509

    Strange Behaviour When Minimising Windows In Mojave

    I should start by saying I haven't experienced this myself, this is an issue my dad is having on his MacBook Pro, so I am just relaying what he has described to me… But it does sound extremely odd, and I wonder whether anyone has any insights because it has me completely stumped! So my dad has...
  20. C

    Adding a USB-port hub on a TB3 Dock: Is it possible?

    Hi I'm wondering if anyone has tried to add a USB-port hub or a TB3 or TB4 hub on a TB3 Dock and what his/her experience. I'm using a Caldigit TS3+ Dock and I'm in desperate need of more USB Ports. I am thinking to use the USB-C or the 2nd TB3 port for adding an unpowered USB-C port hub like...