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  1. SuzuBell

    Sending iMovie video to iPhone camera roll

    I need to send an iMovie video from my MacBookPro to my iPhone camera roll. I would like to do so without decreasing quality (sharpness/bluriness). I have tried to: 1) Save iMovie video and AirDrop it to my iPhone (got an error "Failed to save item. Save to iCloud Drive instead." 2) Save...
  2. haralds

    Dropbox working on one system but not the other

    I try to rip everything out and reinstall, no go. Comes up on the menu bar and then blows. Invalid signing and entitlement. spctl is fine. Stapler finds the notarization valid. Not sure what is happening.
  3. haralds

    Smaller DropBox Client for older 4GB Air

    My Mid 2011 MacBook Air has 4GB or RAM. But this is squeezed by DropBox's current client, which is huge. Is there any older client still around. I do not want the fancy features, just sync in a small footprint.
  4. G

    Question about dropbox on ipad

    Hi I'm looking at getting an ipad. But unsure which storage size I need. I use Dropbox for everything. and it's at about 50-60 GB now (on PC). I wonder.. How does the ipad handle dropbox files? Are they kept in the cloud until needed, like on a phone? If so, then what if I make a huge video...
  5. R

    An alternative to Dropbox, please!

    I use Dropbox on all my Apple devices all the time. Now Dropbox want to charge a ridiculous £9.99 a month if you want to connect to more than three devices. Since I have a Macmini, MacBook Air, an iPad and an iPhone and I use Dropbox on all of them, it’s time to find a replacement. Any...
  6. whbunn

    DropBox deletes custom folder icons

    Beginning on about 2/19 all custom folder icons ( folders in DB )disappeared and reverted to default icons. I tried to recopy and paste but it didn't work. After much experimenting, I found this problem only occurs to folders in my Dropbox. That is if I create a folder on my desktop (not in...
  7. DSnopov

    ScreenTray – A simple, minimalist app for capturing, annotating and sharing screenshots

    Hi All! I have recently released a minimalist screenshot tool. Its main features are: - a simple interface designed specifically for quick annotations; - advanced integration with Google Drive and Dropbox; - ability to copy screenshots to the clipboard and paste them directly into Slack...
  8. 1983Micky

    Shortcuts and invoices

    I guess this should be pretty easy... but I can’t get it to work. I would like to make a scan (with Notes or Office Lens) of an invoice that gets uploaded automatically to a certain Dropbox folder. (I got it to work with IFTTT but would like to delete as much foreign apps as possible on my...
  9. I

    Resolved WHATSAPP: Exporting large-sized chats to Dropbox failure

    SUMMARY/TLDR: Instead of exporting directly from Whatsapp to Dropbox via "Save to Dropbox", choose "Save to Files". This option should be available for those with iOS 11, and have added their Dropbox account to the build-in Files app. BORING BACKGROUND (skip this part if you want): It is easy...
  10. rowspaxe

    dropbox ipad problem

    Hi. I have installed dropbox on my windows pc and ipad and it works ok--except--it makes me retype my email every time I want to upload a file from my ipad. The dialogue says in greyed out text: 'no contacts'. If I type in my email it works fine, but its painful to constantly reenter the...
  11. jcarlson

    iCloud Drive does not allow folders named "Dropbox"

    I'm in the process of switching from Dropbox to iCloud Drive. I upgraded my iCloud storage to a suitable size to cover all my Dropbox content, then created a new folder in my iCloud Drive called "Dropbox" (I'm ready to migrate, but not ready to organize!), then dragged all the files in my...
  12. G

    Transferring Large Files

    Hello, I'm looking to transfer my iTunes Music folder (About 60 GB) from one computer to another without directly connecting the computers via a cable or using an external hard drive. I tried Dropbox, but the maximum file size that can be transferred is 20 GB. Even then, it was estimating an...
  13. taskmator

    Universal Taskmator - Best TaskPaper client for iOS 11

    Taskmator app now support split view, iPhone X, drag and drop, colored Tags, Tags Suggestion, Apple Reminders Integration, Saved Filters, Tags Formatting, Custom Task Symbols, URLs Detection, URLs Schemes, Touch ID/ Face ID and many more in the latest 3.999 version. Available on App Store ...
  14. fbx1989

    Dropbox-- Change symlink Folders to actual folders?

    I was a temporary victim of data loss because of the Dropbox/iCloud mess. When I first looked on Dropbox for ".iCloud" as the Dropbox email suggested, I had 800-900 blank files that iCloud had removed from my HD and replaced with "placeholder" blank files. Those blank files had replaced the...
  15. fbx1989

    Major file loss crisis! iCloud & Dropbox snafu! Craziness!

    Need some help with this. I've had Dropbox running on my Documents folder and Downloads folder and my Desktop using a symlink (MacDropAny) for several years. Last year I connected the HD to iCloud and/or iCloud Drive to make a duplicate backup of my files. Now I learn from a Dropbox email that...
  16. D

    iOS 11 Files app - force reload?

    I downloaded a file about a week ago in the Files app. I've subsequently updated it (in Dropbox). The Files app now shows the cloud icon indicating that the file isn't downloaded. When it click it, though, it opens the old version, and it won't refresh. The only way I've been able to force...
  17. Jay-Jacob

    Files app passcode problem

    Hi Can’t find any info about this. I have Dropbox, OneDrive and google drive. All have passcode protect. If I try open in iOS 11 files app they all fail and need switch passcode off make it work. So I am wondering it is Dropbox, OneDrive and google drive not allow passcode option work with...
  18. C

    iCloud Drive vs. Dropbox for Desktop Sync

    Hello! I know someone who wants to keep their desktop in sync across two Macs. The two obvious options to me are to either turn on iCloud Drive Desktop & Documents Folder sync, or use Dropbox with a link to the Desktop folder. I think both options will work, but what I'm hoping can happen is...
  19. PaperQueen

    Dropbox + database: Is this always a bad idea?

    Current set up Database file: Saved in Dropbox Associated media folder: Saved in Dropbox, in same parent folder To use: Must first pause Dropbox to avoid background sync while using the database. Would this work? Database file: Saved to local drive Associated media folder: Saved to Dropbox (so...
  20. T

    iPad Pro and Dropbox vs. Google Drive

    I love using my iPad Pro 12.9" and am seeking to improve my workflow and efficiency. I have always used Dropbox more so than any other Cloud storage platform. I use it on my iPhone, iPad, and MacBook. I also use Google Drive to store some files I occasionally need. Id say 85% of all the files I...