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  1. haralds

    Sync Music and iTunes Libraries to iCloud without duplication?

    I have a very large library that is carefully curated and synced to iCloud (iTunes Match.) I recently migrated my main computer to Music and TV. On my laptops I do not start out with local music and just download as needed from iTunes Match/Apple Music. I have a duplicate library running under...
  2. AppleInLVX

    Photos reinstall process help

    Hoping for a little help. I decided over the holiday to do a clean install of Catalina on my iMac (format drive and install). Everything went smoothly (I think) but the photos. See, I realized afterward that there was a lot of SD hard disk space taken up by photos. I resolved this before the...
  3. purdnost

    Apple Photos Wants to Re-Download iCloud Originals After Removing Duplicates

    I used MacPaw’s Gemini 2 software to remove about 10k duplicate photos and videos from my Apple Photos library. All originals are in the cloud, but I enabled the setting to store all originals locally as well. So, I downloaded all originals, ran the duplicate scan, deleted about 10k files, then...
  4. purdnost

    iPad Pro iOS 13: Import Media from External Hard Drive Directly into Apple Photos?

    Is it possible to connect my external hard drive to my iPad or iPhone to directly transfer media into Apple Photos? If so, will it detect duplicates?
  5. purdnost

    How Does Apple Photos Determine Duplicates?

    Does Apple Photos do a pretty effective job of weeding out genuinely duplicate photos and videos? I’m trying to consolidate my entire media library into iCloud and I have a few hard drives with duplicate photos. I guess I just don’t want to delete any photos that aren’t duplicates, or add any...
  6. chth32

    iPhone Photo auto detects duplicates not working-progress bar never finish analyzing

    If I understand it right, the revamped photos app is said to have machine learning that can detect similar photos and move some to the hidden folder? But under the photos tab > Years, when I scroll to the bottom, the progress bar seems stuck somewhere near a quarter. "leave device locked and...
  7. Skeptical.me

    Cleaning up iTunes Library, need advice.

    Hi, I have about 35,000 songs in my iTunes Library (I use iTunes Match) and there are many albums with duplicate tracks from over the years copying and pasting the tracks from Plex, to iTunes, and back again etc. I need some type of App that gets rid of duplicate songs WITHIN an albums folder...
  8. Z

    making duplicates of Voice Memo files

    How can i make duplicates of Voice Memo files i have already recorded, is it possible?
  9. cics

    iPhone How to fix duplicate data on Apple Health

    Hi everyone, I've run into an issue with Apple Health that has been caused by a third party app (iHealth... connected with my smart scale). I use this app to collect data from my iHealth smart scale to Apple Health. A couple of weeks ago I had to reset my scale, uninstalled and reinstalled...
  10. I

    Triplicate and Duplicate contacts

    I'm running the latest System software. I noticed that nearly all of my contacts were triplicated. (But not all: I don't know why) I ran 'find duplicates'. And then Merge. After that, nearly of my contacts were duplicated. I went to the iCloud preference pane, and unchecked contacts. Duplicates...
  11. fbx1989

    Best duplicate photo finder for use with Lightroom?

    Of my 30K photos I'm sure there are lots of duplicates that I could get rid of, but I'd very much like some help in finding them. I don't know which of the apps for finding these on a Mac work best in LR. Any advice?
  12. N

    Photo chaos - ludicrous, exciting, unnerving!

    Could somebody please shed some light on these matters... About 3-4 years ago my photos went berzerk. I'm not exactly sure, when it happened, but in any case I didn't have any appropriate hard drive backup with which I could have fixed this problem. I mean I had some, but they didn't help in...
  13. Megan Woodss

    Free Duplicate Finder by Cleverfiles

    Hello! My name is Megan Woods. As a representative of CleverFiles Team I want to introduce our new app - Duplicate File Finder & Remover (available on App Store for absolutely free). Our professional duplicate cleaner for macOS makes the menial task of finding wasted storage space simple by...
  14. muharremozkan

    Beautiful Backup 4.0

    I would like to introduce my app's new version Beautiful Backup 4.0. Beautiful Backup creates easy accessible folders for your photos and videos. This is the most capable utility to organise them in a beautiful custom folder structure. Just show where is all your digital media (photos, videos...
  15. DiskAngel

    My Mac Utility app Disk Angel is free just for today

    Hi all. I released my utility app Disk Angel about a month ago but I'm finding it difficult to pick up any traction so decided to make it free for 24 hours or so in the hope that people will see that it's a good app and maybe even leave a review on the app store. It can be downloaded from...
  16. deadoctopi

    Photos, iCloud Library, iPhone, and duplicate photo syncs

    Okay, maybe I'm missing something. Here's the setup. iPhone 6+ iOS beta 9.3 (whatever the recent public release was), macbook pro OSX (10.11.3) duplicate photo fixer pro (comes into play later) I have iCloud Photo Library (full res stored, preview on devices checked) turned on for both my phone...