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  1. V

    Sound to both earphones and TV?

    Using HDMI cable to send video to TV, can earphones receive sound along with the TV speakers? Thanks
  2. honglong1976

    Airpods vs Airpod Pro - Honest review

    Hi everyone, I used to own the Airpods 2nd Gen. Here is my quick review of both (non-bias): Airpods 2nd Gen + Light + Quick to charge + Open and clear sound quality + No silicon buds - Sound just like the Earpods - No deep bass - Switching devices not as quick as something like the Bose...
  3. lpuerto

    Audio stop working on speakers after remove earphones

    Hey! I've notices that this issue has happened to me twice in my new machine with catalina. After I remove my earphones from the jack, audio is not coming back to the speakers. Even if I choose then on the sound settings and the issue is not fixed until I reboot. Anyone is having the same...
  4. J

    Earphone problem with headphone jacks

    Hello Folks, I have an issue with my earphones where i fed up with those earphones. So, I want to buy a new Bluetooth headphones sport waterproof under $50. Can you suggest me the best headphones for iPhone X? Thanks & Regards JonhRobet
  5. honglong1976

    Finally - Airpods vs Earpods!

    Well, as I suspected, the Earpods and Airpods sound virtually the same.
  6. M

    Are there more than 3 headphones with a W1 chip on the entire plant?

    I've got the AirPods and I love how convenient they are to pair. I'd like another set of over the ear headphones but don't want Beats. Am I out of options?
  7. Donka

    Savfy True Wireless Mini Bluetooth Headphones review

    The True Wireless Mini Bluetooth Earphones from Savfy mimic a lot of what the new Apple Airpods do but in a more generic fashion. These come nicely packaged with a rechargeable protective case, a pair each of small, medium & large silicon tips, a Micro USB cable and user manual. While this...
  8. icevictoria

    Earphones While Charging

    Hi guys! I just wanted to ask if it's actually bad to have your earphones plugged in while charging your phone because this has always been a habit of mine and my friends told me that it's apparently bad for your phone. Can someone verify this? Thanks!
  9. Donka

    Brainwavz B150 Balanced Armature Earphones review

    Just an an FYI - I have received a number of earphones from Brainwavz for evaluation but don't normally share them here but felt these are well worth considering if you are looking for a quality earphone. The B150 are one of the more expensive earphones in the Brainwavz range but still seem...
  10. S

    Use lightening headphones on mac

    Okay i found this somewhere on internet. this would not be new for anyone. but if this company is creating lightening and micro usb, then they might also be manufacturing same adapter for usb c, for nexus or one plus kind of phones. if i attach one of this in front of my charger and...
  11. calaverasgrande

    iPhone 6S>iPhone7

    I'm going to go buy a 6S next week because... earphones. Who is with me? I'm not even slightly kidding. I like the headphones I own. I am not screwing around with a fiddly adapter to use my headphones. As a plus I can get a maxed out 6s now for a fair bit less than a 7 with a contract renewal...
  12. derpmcturd

    Air Pods Preorders?

    I think I heard something like they will SHIP mid-October but then when would the pre-orders for them have a chance of opening up? I don't even know why I want them but I'll definitely be keeping the receipt in a safe place, unless I lose the devices first (which is highly likely).
  13. maroftsdrdhey

    Why apple designs its earphones in low-fidelity?!

    I think apple is in the top of electronic industry and when you buy a high-tech iPhone ,one of its accessories--earphones are not on the same level.I just wanna know why they don't design an upmarket earphones? When the first time I used apple earphones,I was shocked!Because I thought it was...
  14. F

    Line sound on earphones Iphone 6S

    Hi, I have noted a strange sound when I use my earphones on iPhone 6S (IOS 9.2) When keyboard clicks are activated only, when launching messages or entering a new address in safari and many more examples I get a noise in the earphones, a sort of "power on" sound... Its faint but somewhat...