Audio stop working on speakers after remove earphones


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Mar 4, 2014

I've notices that this issue has happened to me twice in my new machine with catalina. After I remove my earphones from the jack, audio is not coming back to the speakers. Even if I choose then on the sound settings and the issue is not fixed until I reboot.

Anyone is having the same experience?

Perhaps doing sudo killall coreaudiod will fix the issue without reboot?

For me it's been quite difficult to spot the issue because I usually have my computer muted, but this two times I wanted to see a video and the sound it wasn't coming through. In the beginning I thought it was the browser (safari), but then I realized it was the whole system. I reboot that that was it. Today happened the same and I just realized that yesterday I had my earphones on.

It's not happening every time, but happens.

I'm on Catalina 10.15.3
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