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  1. Rico Muerte

    VM Windows gaming on M series MBP? eGPU?

    Hi guys, So currently my 2 x daily machines are a 5,1 cMP (2 x 3.46, 64Gb, 580), & a 2012 non retina MBP (2.6 i7, 16Gb). Obviously both much older machines & limited as to what OS they can run natively. Ive been wanting to get a Windows machine for gaming & learning some modding/game making...I...
  2. Berchum87

    (SOLVED) After Ventura migration / status bar eGPU problem

    Hi at all, I replaced my old Intel Mac Mini with a new Mac Mini M2 yesterday. The migration went smoothly with a backup from Time Machine. But now after the migration I see a status icon at the top for the no longer connected eGPU (Razer Core). I cannot deactivate this icon. How do I get...
  3. R

    MP 6,1 Crackling Audio through Focusrite on eGPU.

    So, I'm using a focusrite, and plugging it using USB on the MacPro. Everytime, I watch something or move the mouse, I get crackling audio and that is so annoying. Not able to fix it. Please me out if there is any solution for that. Thank you mates
  4. S

    Mac mini 2018 with Razer core x enclosure and Radeon RX 6800 XT

    I have a Mac mini 2018 i7 / macOS Monterey 12.3.1 and I am considering getting an eGPU. For the enclosure I would like to use the Razer core x and for the GPU I am considering Radeon RX 6800 XT. This is for both work and play. Does anyone have this specific configuration or have tried it...
  5. Piipperi

    Safari VP9 hardware decoding possible on "unsupported hardware"?

    I do have the hardware to decode VP9 on my GPU; however my Mac is from 2013, and I am using an eGPU. I would like to play 4K videos from YouTube, but it seems to only be possible via software decoding (at least on Safari). Does anyone know if it's possible to force hardware accelerated video...
  6. G

    Imac27 2020 Radeon pro 5300 to RX580 swap for videoediting

    So I have late 2020 Imac with Radeon Pro 5300 4GB which is barely sufficent for my 4k video editing needs. It runs well my 4k 10 bit footage, no issues but as soon I add color gradings performance degrades. Color grading is a tough operation for any machine and ideally you need a hi end cpu and...
  7. G

    M1 Pro / Max EGPU???

    so bummed they didn't mention anything about this. its 2x the AMD 5600 not that impressive at max GPU cores. Cant believe they have AMD 6900 support for Mac Pro and dont have a thunderbolt EGPU option for this card to make the laptop docked even more "pro". Anyone heard anything different?
  8. F

    eGPU Purchase Help

    I am looking for some guidance/advice on the most prudent route to take to adding an eGPU to my MacBook Pro 15 inch 2018. I have done a lot of research but am finding it hard to arrive at the best solution. The AMD RX 6800 XT/6900 XT cards look good and appear to have just become supported in...
  9. T

    HDMI 2.1 Headless Adapter?

    Hello! Trying to run my Mac Pro headless through remote connection. Is there a headless display adapter that would allow me to use 4k/120hz or HDMI 2.1?
  10. AppleXDR6900xt

    Pro display XDR + 2019 iMac 5k + RX 6900 XT

    Hi all, This is my first time posting for an advice. Currently, I’m using 2019 iMac 5k connected with pro display xdr. luckily I was able to get a RX 6900xt. I have also downloaded 11.4 beta for mac os. my question is, what would be the best way to use RX 6900xt to connect with iMac and pro...
  11. Dae

    Radeon RX 6900 XT + Pro Display XDR = 5K only and no presets

    We're testing the following setup: MacBook Pro or iMac Pro running Big Sur 11.4 (beta) Sonnet eGFX Breakaway Box 650 Gigabyte AMD Radeon RX 6900 XT (has USB-C port) Apple Pro Display XDR — connected to the USB-C port of the RX 6900 XT with Apple TB3 Pro cable All in all it works, but Pro...
  12. H

    EGPU for imac to edit/watch xavc hs 4k h.265 4:2:2 video? 5700xt working? [FOR A7siii]

    This might have been brought up somewhere, but I was just wondering if anyone was able to use an egpu for their macbook (pre M1) to allow for playback and final cut smooth scrubbing specifically for xavc hs 4k files from an a7siii? Im currently on a maxed out imac 2017, and I was looking to get...
  13. M

    [eGPU] MacBook Pro 2020 "No removable GPU"

    I just bought an HP Omen Accelerator Box and tried it out together with my Radeon HD 7870 ( When I connect the eGpu to my MacBook Pro (2020, 13" base version with i5 8th gen, running macOS 11.1 (20C69))...
  14. daveh0

    System Upgrade advice

    i currently have a 2011 27" iMac - i7, 3.1ghz with 20gb RAM with a gig of vRAM on a standard AMD Radeon 6970M video card. It's connected to 2 24" Dell U2415 monitors running at 1920x1200. i use it for web development (VS Code, various node servers and processes, databases, source control...
  15. Evil_night

    Max Spec Mac Mini (i7 6 core + 64GB +1TB) + eGPU (AMD Radeon Pro W5700) vs iMac 5K (10 core i9, 128 Gb ram) + eGPU?

    Hi guys, I'm facing a major dilemma here and wondering if any of you would throw your two cents in for me to make the final decision here! I'm a film/video editor that mainly works on TVC and Music Promos, recently decided to upgrade my system so purchased a top of the line intel Mac Mini plus...
  16. V

    Does 6-core i7 Mac Mini + BlackMagic eGPU still make sense?

    After upgrading Lightroom to its latest version, I've found my 2013 Mac Pro too slow. It is even sluggish to apply, say, a gradient filter. So I am thinking to replace it with a Mac Mini with BlackMagic eGPU. I think the new M1 chip is great. But it may need a few years to stablize. I am an...
  17. arctair

    Straight-up eGPU question to end them all

    Ok, once and for all, this is the answer I need: Let's say I have an iMac and Mini (assuming most recent releases) with the exact same internal specs (minus whatever onboard video exists): Same chipset, same chip speed, same memory, same 1 GB internal SSD, same things I'm forgetting, etc. I...
  18. arctair

    [eGPU]: Sonnet Breakaway 550W with Vega 64

    Confused: If an AMD Vega 64 is rated to use 295W, why is it "incompatible" with a 550W Sonnet box? It is something obvious like it needs some breathing room for power spikes? If that's the case, then 85W is enough room (as the AMD Vega 56 is considered compatible; it's rated to use 210W. (These...
  19. Canubis

    OS X Shadow of the Tomb Raider – eGPU – extreme glitches

    I am trying to play Shadow of the Tomb Raider here and get all kind of awful graphics glitches. Glitches already occur in menus and builtin benchmark: background areas show heavy dark flickering, smoke / fog / mist / clouds...
  20. C

    Software for benchmarking my mini

    Dear all, I will receive my mac mini 2018 i5 soon and I would like to do some benchmark with and without eGPU (I never had an eGPU so I need some numbers to see if all is working fine). Can you suggest some software before I start to install all the app etc? I need something for eGPU, memory...