1. R

    Logic Pro 8 + Tiger Issues

    Hello there, Recently I've been trying to get more use out of my 1.25ghz eMac G4 by using Logic Pro 8.0.2 on leopard. However, after realizing I prefer Tiger to Leopard due to the increase in performance on my machine, I decided to reinstall Tiger today. After installing 10.4 and then updating...
  2. Appleuser201

    eMac Running Mac OS 9

    For some reason.. I just love the look of an eMac running OS 9. I imagine it would be quite snappy with that G4 processor, and make for a very good Classic Mac gaming machine as well as nostalgia machine. I don't own an eMac (yet) but if I did I would consider getting the original high end...
  3. Appleuser201

    Remembering The eMac

    PowerPC in education, the G4 version of the Powermac G3 AIO. I always loved the look of these machines, and I also love CRT all in one's, the 1.42ghz eMac being the fastest and the last CRT based mac Apple ever made. I myself am looking for this particular model. I also imagine 720p video would...
  4. Cruciarius

    Migration assistant from eMac to Mac Mini?

    My parents have an old eMac running 10.4.11. No Time Machine. Can't update OS. They just bought a Mac Mini and I'm trying to use the migration assistant to transfer their apps/files, but the migration assistant on both can't seem to find each other. I assume they're doing it over the WiFi or...
  5. C

    eMac System Board Compatibility

    I did quite a bit of looking around and I didn't find anything because it just brings up endless unrelated stuff. But my question is can you put any eMac MB in any eMac? I have the 700mhz (CDR)version and I wouldn't mind upgrading it to 1.42ghz. I know I could probably just buy a 1.42 machine...
  6. Cruciarius

    My parents want a "last computer"...

    So my parents currently own an eMac. Unsure exactly what model, but it's 12-16 years old. It can't be upgraded anymore for the OS or hardware. No browser even loads pages correctly. They can't spend a lot, but want the next computer to be their final computer. I'm tempted to suggest the low-end...
  7. superlions16

    is the g4 dead?

    i can see why everything feels so slow on those processors now, and nothing is really fast on them anymore. i even OCed my eMac to 1.5ghz and it still feels so slow so here's my question: is the g4 just straight up obsolete?
  8. Appleuser201

    Google Hangouts, Instant messaging on a PPC mac?

    Hi, I am new to the forums and am thinking of buying an eMac G4 1.25ghz (with tiger installed) and an iMac G3 400mhz also with tiger installed from the same craigslist seller, $50 for both. Would I be able to use Google hangouts and gmail on them (using the TenFourFox browser)? Would messages...
  9. K

    What to do with an eMac?

    We have an eMac that is just sitting around. Is there much of a market for it? I still have all the original packaging and it works.
  10. F

    Problems with installing OSX 10.5 on an eMac (Two arrows on a blue screen)

    Hello guys, I just bought an eMac from 2004 and decided to swap out the old HDD and replace it with a "new" one. Because I personally use a Windows-PC, I needed to burn a Leopard-DVD via TransMac. I inserted the DVD and booted the mac by holding down the Option-Key (Alt-Key on my...