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  1. A

    Disk Password in Mojave and APFS

    Hi to all, I have the following problem that makes me going nuts. I have spent 3 days in trying to get this issue out of my way. Without success. Now I have searched here for a thread but didn't find what I was looking for, for a Guide... I am currently using macOS High Sierra (10.13.5) on a...
  2. K

    MP 7,1 Encrypted APFS containers destroyed by reboot.

    This one has been puzzling me ever since I got my shiny new MacPro at the end of 2019... I have a few internal SATA drives I installed in the Promise internal J2I unit. Both are APFS containers. If I try to add a Volume to be APFS Encrypted, and provide a password (stored in 1Password, so...
  3. I

    nordlocker (app for file encryption)

    hi, i've been using a free limited version of nordlocker on my mac pro and just found the coupon christmasdeal3y on reddit.i thought that it's worth sharing as it's a real bargain (81% off $1.49/mo).does anyone has other worth sharing codes for softwares?thanks
  4. imrazor

    iCloud documents encrypted in flight?

    I think I know the answer to this given Apple's stance on privacy, but I'd still like to be sure. If, for example, I am working on a Pages document on my Macbook on an open WiFi connection, and save it to iCloud, is it encrypted en route to the iCloud server? In other words, is there any chance...
  5. M

    Attempted to decrypt external HD partway through encryption and now stuck

    I originally started to encrypt an external drive via right clicking the image and hitting "encrypt". It got to about 4% progress when I decided to reverse the process. Running OSX Sierra. I ran a terminal command and have left it for about 12 hours, and it is still stuck on "pending" +->...
  6. L

    How to attach encrypted HFS+ drives to a network?

    I know that people have asked this sort of question before, but I've always found it geared specifically for their own equipment, rather than in a general sense. How do users out there attach an encrypted drive to a network, be it a hard drive or raid, be it attached via ethernet or via a USB...
  7. D

    iCloud End-To-End-Encryption

    With all the recent news regarding Facebook's data-hoovering app, entire databases of stolen passwords and general debate about privacy or the lack thereof, I was wondering whether Apple is still actively focusing on improving security on their iCloud service? It's actually been three years...
  8. P

    Password on boot Disk Encryption no more on Mojave need help

    Hello everybody I had installed High Sierra with ColdStorage Encryption Disk, I had different password for decrypting hard drive and different password for User. It was done with intention, i need extra level of security as my user password is not so strong as decryption password. That was my...
  9. GuilleA

    About FileVault encryption and the T2 chip

    I've been reading up on the subject, and it is my understanding that although the SSD on the new MBP is encrypted by default by the T2 chip, I should enable FileVault as well. From what I understood, enabling FileVault would tie my password with the encryption key in the T2 controller, making...
  10. quaresma

    Was CVE-2016-7585 ever fixed for 10.11?

    It was the PCIleech problem (retrieving FileVault keys), that got fixed in 10.12.4. Looking at Apple’s website it looks like it was only fixed for Sierra and not El Cap?
  11. V

    Backblaze security

    Does one need to enter a Private Encryption Key to be sure that all data is secure on Backblaze or would the data be secure enough for a normal human being on their servers ?
  12. CPTmom2wp

    Have we lost iCloud Security to Gov't?

    "The FBI has documents and statements from the two people, as well as telephone records and documents recovered through a search of Manafort's iCloud account..............." Was this information acquired by the FBI legally, with a Subpoena, with...
  13. O

    Logon Mac Os X Disk password or User?

    I've installed Mac OS X High Sierra 10.13.4 on my MacBook Pro from the USB flash. While I installed the OS I chose APFS Encrypted file system on my entire SSD. Now I have my disk Encrypted (1.png) and my FileVault was Enabled automatically after installation (2.png) Now when I reboot the...
  14. O

    Mac [HELP] dev wanted to compile open source app for macos

    gajim (gtk3/python) is a Jabber/XMPP networks chat client with secure OMEMO encryption. after a long and active development time gajim v1 has been released and looks and feels really smexy. the gajim devs are searching for macos artists to support them to build a native macos client now...
  15. Q

    Do cloud services synchronize incremental changes within encrypted sparsebundle files?

    From just using portable HDs as backups, I'll from now on start using Google Drive as an extra security measure. However, since it's increased backup security (and not portability/accessibility) I'm looking for, I'm not interested in uploading my files as they are. Not without encrypting them...
  16. X

    Time Machine Encryption Paused...

    Hi, so I was backing up my Macbook to an external HDD, and after it finished backing up, it started encrypting like I set it to do. The encryption process was really slow, like 30% over 10 hours. The problem is, the last time I checked, it was at 70%. Then, I shifted my computer and HDD, and...
  17. haravikk

    Can I Double Encrypt APFS Volumes?

    So I'm looking at finally getting around to upgrading to High Sierra, which will mean converting my SSD partitions to APFS. Currently I have two partitions, one for macOS, applications and an administrator account, and another for all other user accounts, both partitions are encrypted. Now, my...
  18. simpleum

    SimpleumSafe File encryption & sync for Mac and iOS

    Hi, we are the creators of SimpleumSafe for Mac and iOS. We want to get in touch with you, to get any feedback, ideas, recommendations, feature requests for our App. SimpleumSafe is an App for easy to use strong file encryption and synchronization between Mac and iOS. We follow a different...
  19. I

    Cannot Decrypt and Remove File Vault from Third-Party SSD

    Dear forum members, Background: My mid-2011 Mac mini came with a stock Mac OS X 10.7.5 running on a HDD which I then proceeded to encrypt using File Vault. Later, an SSD was installed and the data was cloned over from the HDD to the SSD without decrypting the disk first but everything was fine...
  20. I

    Cannot boot during Upgrade from Lion to El-Capitan

    Hi fellow Mac OS X user, I am running Lion (10.7.5) on a mid-2011 Mac mini which boots from an extended (journaled, encrypted) partition residing on a Crucial SSD. When I tried to upgrade to El-Capitan, the system could not boot during the installation process, and I was greeted with an icon of...