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  1. CodeSpyder

    Resolved I Changed From Physical SIM to eSIM - Lost Cellular Data

    I went to my local T-Mobile store and converted my iPhone 11 Pro Max from using a physical SIM card to an eSIM. The folks behind the counter fumbled a bit, but finally got my eSIM up and running and removed my physical SIM card. The day after that, we lost power in our home. It was a partial...
  2. A

    iPhone 12 Pro Transfer AT&T eSIM 11 pro > 12 pro possible?

    I currently have an iPhone 11 Pro Max on AT&T /w eSIM. I plan to upgrade to an iPhone 12 Pro Max later through the iPhone Upgrade Program. I assume the new phone will already have a physical SIM inside. During the activation process, can I take the physical SIM out and activate the new phone...
  3. DeanLubaki

    Other iPhone 12: How to make 5G work in dual-SIM set up

    Apple's support article states that 5G does not work in dual-SIM set-up. The Verge and other websites have mentioned that you have to physically remove the SIM in a dual-SIM set-up for 5G to work. This is misleading. 5G carrier on eSIM and secondary line on physical SIM:in this set up, you do...
  4. RumorConsumer

    iPhone 12 Pro Transferring eSIM to new iPhone with AT&T (solved - yes you can)

    I currently have an iPhone 11 Pro with an ATT eSIM. It sounds from this: That there is a built in software process to transfer the eSIM between phones and that I will be prompted when I first start my new iPhone 12 Pro. Has anybody done this? Does it...
  5. I

    Other Seeking some UK centric iPhone 12 advice

    Hope there are plenty of Brits here... So, thinking of getting an iPhone 12. Not sure from where - I have an iPhone 7 to trade in or I could get a larger discount using my Amex Rewards on Here's the ideal scenario: Currently I have: An iPhone 7 with my employer's SIM card Google...
  6. alcorbet

    Other 5G eSIM anyone?

    I hear it's all the rage, but I'm wondering if it is as amazing as they say it is. Anyone out there who can confirm or deny this?
  7. RSmith2023

    iPhone 11 Pro Dual SIM signal bars

    Why do the signal bars for both my lines on the phone not match up? Aren’t they both using the same antennas and hitting the same towers? iPhone 11 Pro Max
  8. M

    iPhone XS Max Iphone XS Max esim & whats app

    Hello, I am sure it has been discussed several times on this forum but could not find an answer to my question... I live in Istanbul and I have a business in France. so 2 phone numbers, one Turkish carrier (vodafone) and one French Carrier (orange). My phone is a XS Max with OS 13. I checked...
  9. Q

    iPhone SE Forward US AT&T number to an eSim number to avoid fees when travelling?

    I'm looking at getting the new iPhone SE. I want to use overseas with its dual SIM - eSim capabilities. I don't wan to purchase AT&T's International plan (pricey). I'd like to purchase an International eSim with a US number (World Sim, One Sim Card) When I'm overseas, I'll disable roaming so I...
  10. U

    iPhone Does DFU mode iOS install remove eSIM data plan?

    In iPhone XS and newer models having dual SIM (one eSIM), what happens to the data plan added to the eSIM if we format the iPhone and do a fresh install of iOS through DFU mode or other wise. Does the data plan installed on the eSIM go away and we have to install the data plan afresh.
  11. ColeSQ

    Can’t add existing Verizon phone number to iPhone 11 eSim (IMEI not in database)

    Verizon can’t add my phone number to my iPhone 11 eSim because my IMEI isn’t in their database. Is anyone else having this issue?
  12. A

    iPhone XS Max eSIM - Current State

    As we approach a new iPhone cycle, I was wondering if anyone had thoughts to share on practical use of two-line eSIM. Is it working seamlessly? Issues you have? Things that work well? Surprises? Please be sure to include your mobile provider. My focus is US carriers, however I welcome...
  13. DeanLubaki

    All Devices eSIM + Dual SIM Q&A: iOS 13

    Hey everyone! You probably remember me from the original eSIM + Dual SIM Q&A of iOS 12. There have been some new changes to eSIM in iOS 13, thus I am starting a new Q&A specific to the new eSIM features of iOS 13. If you discover new features, please add them to this Wiki! New features...
  14. Z

    iPhone XS iPhone Xs- Can't find add esim option

    Hello, I bought a iPhone Xs from Turkey, Which means I should get dual sim (one nano and one esim). When I am trying to add esim I cant find "add cellular plan" option in mobile data, In about there are two IMEI, one is primary and second is back sim IMEI. Also I got single sim tray with my...
  15. C

    Dual Sim Changes/Features?

    Has anyone seen any changes announced for those running Dual SIMS? Only one I saw during the keynote was iMessage support on both lines (a welcome addition), but disappointing that nothing else has been revealed. It has to be said that the current implementation isn't exactly the best.
  16. dimzen

    iPhone Data usage app - Dual sim?

    Is there a data usage app out there, that supports dual sim, I can't seem to fine one :/
  17. T

    iMessage and dual SIM, eSim confusion

    I am thinking of purchasing a new iPhone with dual SIM (eSIM) capability and am confused reading Apple's setup instructions. In particular, I do not understand one of the options when setting the Default Line: Use "Secondary" for cellular data only: You might want to select this option if...
  18. J

    iOS 12.1.3 - Phone number not showing up in Messages

    I only have 1 line, I am using eSIM only, not a physical SIM card. I do not see my phone number listed below, I've tried many things and cannot get it to show up here or in FaceTime, has anyone else run into this issue?
  19. N

    Cannot add eSIM on XS Max - help please

    I have been with Apple Support for countless hours now and have met with the Genius Bar folks 3 times already. I originally bought a HK version XS Max (physical dual SIMs). That one stopped working and I got it replaced at the Apple service centre in the UAE. As it was the UAE, they gave me...
  20. George Knighton

    iPhone eSIM & Open Signal

    Open Signal v 4.0.14 Open Signal tests appear to name the network of the physical SIM even though the data is being used from the cellular plan of the eSIM. Is this going to result in the eventual corruption of the coverage map and data speed records?