external drive

  1. S

    Set size limit to Time Machine backup drive

    I have searched online for solutions to limit the total size of my Time Machine backup on my 4TB external Western Digital drive. Before, I had two partitions: 3TB for Time Machine, and 1TB for Other Files. I deleted the 1TB partition, and allocated the free space to Time Machine, so now I have...
  2. V

    The most power-efficient external drive

    I would like to use and external drive with my 2014 rMBP and the main goal should be the least power consumption as possible. I have thunderbolt 2 ports and USB 3.0. I tried to google about different drives power consumption but I barely found anything useful. Basically I don't know if HDDs or...
  3. AppleInLVX

    Photos reinstall process help

    Hoping for a little help. I decided over the holiday to do a clean install of Catalina on my iMac (format drive and install). Everything went smoothly (I think) but the photos. See, I realized afterward that there was a lot of SD hard disk space taken up by photos. I resolved this before the...
  4. MushroomMan

    Move Music (iTunes) Library to External Drive

    I am now running Catalina. It has been about 10 years since I last moved my iTunes library onto external drives, and back then I just made sure I had the 'XML' file in the same place as all my music and things seemed to work fine. I have heard with iTunes now being called 'Music' and...
  5. J

    iPad IPAD Pro 13.1.2 External SSD Drive Problem

    I have a Scandisk Extreme 1tb external HD. I’ve bought the Lightning to USB 3 Camera Adapter. I‘ve tried using with external power and without. I can‘t my iPad to see the drive. Any suggestions?
  6. jck1634

    iMac late 2015 booting from external SSD. What to do with the internal?

    Sorry guys I’m sure this has been covered but I don’t seem to have the ability to find any kind of consensus on how to do it. I’ve managed to boot my iMac from an external ssd. The internal HDD is just sitting there not doing anything. I was thinking about putting Windows 10 onto it. Boot camp...
  7. PhillyGuy72

    Odd. 2TB External Drive freezes/crashes my 2017 iMac

    I have this older external 2TB Hard drive that has been connected to my older iMac (It runs on Sierra) for a few years. No problems at all. I figured I would move this external to my newer 2017 iMac (runs on Mojave), but this just seems to completely freeze up the computer, it won't even...
  8. tgodding

    Connecting 2 external WD drives to my iMac

    Hi there, I have 2 external WD drives. I have one connected to my iMac with USB (the only alternative it seems) and connected the second WD drive to the first using Firewire but my iMac doesn't recognise it. Is there any way of daisychaining them so I can back-up the first external drive to the...
  9. macduke

    iPad Pro iPad OS Drive/SD Card Test

    MAJOR EDIT: I have conducted my own test now. The setup: iPad Pro 2018 12.9" USB-C to USB-A adapter cable An old, cheap USB-A 3.0 four port hub Sony UHS-II USB-A SD card adapter Sandisk Extreme Pro 64GB 300MB/s card exFAT G-Drive 5400 RPM 2TB External Drive exFAT Samsung T5 2TB SSD exFAT I...
  10. pkstarstorm

    Windows on External Drive for Macbook 2018

    Hey guys, i have a problem i cant find the solution for even after trying everything i could find online. Maybe im not doing it correctly, or maybe im just not looking thoroughly enough. Anyways, I have windows 10 installed on an external drive and it works perfectly with my Macbook Pro 2015...
  11. S

    iTunes says not enough free space to back up phone; I have >TB free

    I'm trying to backup my iPhone 7 to my external hard drive, but iTunes says I don't have enough free space. My iPhone has 210 GB. My external drive has 1.03 TB free. What's the problem? Details: iPhone 7 256GB iOS 11.4.1 (15G77) 210 GB used 2015 MBP OS 10.12.6 WD My Passport Ultra...
  12. PeterTheGreat17

    Samsung T5 or DIY external SSD for 2019 iMac?

    I just ordered the 2019 iMac with i9 vega 48 and 512G SSD. Since I'm editing videos on the machine, I'm looking for a external SSD solution. Option1: Samsung T5 1TB for around $190. Speed capped at 500MB/s. (or sandisk/WD counterparts) Option2: Samsung PM981 1TB and a nvme SSD case with USB3.1...
  13. ACD0236

    External monitors and USB-C

    Hi there. So I have a Mid-2017 27-inch iMac, which has two Thunderbolt USB-C ports. I have two external Full HD monitors. Those monitors have HDMI or VGA input (they're very cheap), so I have two USB-C to HDMI cables, one for each monitor, plugged in each of the Thunderbolt/USB-C ports. Now I...
  14. T

    Recover deleted .Spotlight-V100 on external drive?

    Hi there. So, I had an encrypted image on an external drive. For security reasons I wanted all .Trashes and caches n such gone so I just shorthand decided to delete everything besides my actual .dmg image. Turns out you kinda need some of the stuff for indexing ur device ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I mean I...
  15. K

    5.1 Issues With Ext/Int HD & Sound

    Hello and happy new year to all! So I got this mac pro 5.1 (it's new to me) and I used to run a lot of externals on my mac mini. So removed a hard drive from the LACIE Porche ext external drive and slipped it into the slot. But I get an error message on the startup and whilst trying to format...
  16. danreil

    Unmountable External Drive

    I was removing some files from trash when my external hard drive suddenly ejected, I'm not sure why the mac and the hard drive we're stationary on desk and remained untouched, so not sure what happening. Now the hard drive won't mount at all, it had my entire Photo Liibary on it, years of...
  17. zlloyd1

    Can I push through error -36 somehow??

    Hello all, I am hoping for some instructions here…. I am trying to transfer files between my Mac laptop (High Sierra 10.13.6), and an external drive, and I keep getting this error at some point, ‘The Finder can’t complete the operation because some data can’t be read or written. (Error code...
  18. Kaikidan

    Mac Mini 2014, Problem with external boot drive

    I have a 2014 Mini, the one with 2.6Ghz and a 1tb slow 5400RPM HD, so as soon as i bought it i instaled a external usb 3.0 120gb SSD merged with a fast 3.0 External HDD, creating a "fusion drive", it worked amazingly well for a long time. But after mojave update if I let my mini go to sleep...
  19. zlloyd1

    What is this please??

    When I attempt to copy some video files to my external hard drive, connected by USB, I am getting the following pop up.... Is there a known cause for this?? Thanks in advance!!
  20. zlloyd1

    Transfer files to external drive error -50

    I am trying to copy some video files to my external hard drive by USB, on my Macbook Pro laptop, and I am getting This operation cannot be completed because of an unexpected error (error code -50).... Can anyone tell me what this means please?? Thanks in advance!! For the record, I have not...