1. Z

    fb live streams downloader

    Is there a downloader for live streams that are published in facebook?
  2. J

    Other Cover photo duplication issue via Facebook app on iPhone

    Hello all, I'd like to consult you regarding an issue which concerns iOS and Facebook mobile. When I try to update/change my cover photos via Facebook mobile app (iOS) a copy is being created as a cover photo without retaining likes and comments. These are previously set cover photos in cover...
  3. T

    Adding a Facebook calendar to the MacOS Calendar....

    I had read about adding an events calendar from Facebook to my MacOS calendar....and it seems to work...at first...then eventually all the future events disappear...is there something I am doing wrong? or is it a bug in MacOS Mojave (haven't upgraded yet to Catalina.)
  4. maverick28

    This is it: Facebook push notifications stopped working once and for all

    As a way to resolve some issues with Facebook push notifications that still continued to arrive in High Sierra and Mavericks, I logged out in Internet Accounts, cleared browser cookies for Facebook/Messenger and that was the end: I started getting error messages ("unable to verify password and...
  5. Meckthetechguy

    iPhone iOS Facebook Finally Testing Darkmode

    Hello everyone, i woke up this lovely morning and starting checking my social media pages and when I check Facebook I came across a video from sport center about the Fortnite update. apond clicking I notice that video change black remind you this is the normal black we see when looking at...
  6. SuperDuperMan

    Want to Start a YouTube, Reddit, MacRumors, FaceBook and InstaGram Account BUT AFRAID OF DOXXING.

    Hello, kinda new to the forums, I definitely lurk a lot to read up on the new iPhones coming in a few weeks but anyhow, I'm wondering what you guys here on this forum have to say about privacy issues when it comes to doxxing? I want to start a youtube channel/blog in where I post daily; the...
  7. JennaDee123

    Safari Notifications

    Okay, so I got a brand new MacBook Pro a few months ago. I just started thinking about it the other day, "How do I turn on safari notifications for twitter, Pinterest, facebook, etc.? So I did some digging, and it shows that in the presences, you need to make sure the notification settings are...
  8. Refasin

    iPhone How to get facebook interface 2019

    Good Afternoon i have a question i have seen many people with the new "white" interface of facebook but im still with the old blue one, i already uninstalled and installed back with the same results anyone knows how to change it? Thanks for the help!
  9. Napalm Doctor

    The case for iMessage on other platforms

    Since Facebook has been trying to look like they care about privacy, I feel like it is the best time for Apple to make iMessage with Facetime available on a lot more platforms. Find a way to monetize it. Integrate photo backups and sell iCloud storage for example. Make an in-app Store and allow...
  10. HappyDude20

    InstaGram: Two Different Profile Views?

    I feel this changed happened about a month ago and can’t find an answer as to why some people vs others are getting a different profile view? I have 2 IG accounts, one for friends and family and one for just sharing memes. The first has a few hundred followers and the other has a few thousand...
  11. E

    Facebook for iPad Pro 12.9 Finally Optimized

    I just saw my Facebook for iPad Pro 12.9 (2nd gen) was updated to an optimized version. I can’t believe how long it’s taken for them to create an optimized version.
  12. Lucian Hodoboc

    iPhone Facebook notifications issue

    Hi I've recently noticed an issue with the Facebook notifications since updating to the latest iOS version on an iPhone 8 Plus. It no longer displays the notifications from the previous day. I can only scroll through the notifications until it reaches the first one from the current day and then...
  13. LillaK

    Resolved How to add Facebook events to ICalendar

    Hi all, I'd like my FB events to show in my calendar; I've been browsing:mad:, but all the info seems outdated. My facebook page doesn't offer an option to add them, at least on 'facebook.com/events'. Please help me. o_O
  14. JamesBond009

    Why does everyone hate Zuck?

    People either loved or loved to hate Bill Gates People either loved or were awed by Steve Jobs People admired Larry, Sergey, Eric, Woznaic, Case, Chambers, etc. People were mostly neutral to other tech CEOs, too But in Zuck's case, why people are actually irritated by his presence - his...
  15. JacksonCraig94

    Group Chats!

    Hey guys! Does anyone know any group chats that’s related to Apple news? (Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp etc)
  16. jagooch

    How to change login name for Facebook Internet Account?

    Today I changed the login/username for my Facebook account . Afterwards my Mac prompted me to re-enter credentials for my Facebook Internet account. I went to System Preferences->Internet Accounts->Facebook and didn't see a way to change the username. The prompt re-occured and this time I...
  17. S

    Facebook crashes. Won't stay open.

    I'm sure there's a 100 threads on this already, but here's a brand new one: I've tried everything. Reinstalled, rebooted, even a deep restore of my whole phone. I have an iPhoneX in otherwise perfect working order. Latest versions of app and ios. But facebook will not stay open more than a few...
  18. B

    iPhone X iPhone warms up scrolling through Facebook?

    My iPhone X has been getting warmer when browsing facebook just wondering if it is normal? I checked the temp with a thermometer and it was at 90 degrees Fahrenheit in a 72 degree room just scrolling and reading after 20 minutes of straight use. Is this temp normal?
  19. A

    Safari Facebook Share Not Working

    I have a 2017 MacBook Pro with the Touch Bar. So, for the past couple weeks, I have been unable to share anything via facebook using the Safari share button. It keeps instructing me to put in my facebook password. So, I hit continue, it takes me into System Preferences. I put in my password, it...
  20. Amazing Iceman

    iOS Facebook integration: Is it still worth it?

    I spent a lot of time trying to add Facebook integration to my iOS App, but with all the commotion about privacy putting Facebook on the grill, I'm wondering if it's still worth trying to do it. • Another reason is that Apple is removing Facebook (and Twitter) integration in iOS 12. • And one...