1. GFLPraxis

    All Devices iOS's Photos' "People" Facial Recognition UI is absolutely terrible and frustrating.

    The good: iOS's facial recognition is IMHO "pretty good". And with all ML models, it gets better as you identify more people, too. The bad: When it makes a mistake, the UI makes it a massive pain to correct. In my case, there's a large volume of mistakes, and it's just absolutely impossible...
  2. Yendog

    Photos: There Don't appear to be any additional..

    So I'm just on here to confirm that this face recognition is TERRIBLE in Photos for Mac. I swear it used to be a lot better.. now whenever I click on most anyone it says the above... and shows no more photos to confirm... I know for some of these people there must be HUNDRED that are...
  3. meeebee

    Is this a standard watch face

    I saw this face in an ad, but I can't find it in my list of watch faces. Is it available on the stock list, or is it a special one for hermes or other custom watches, or am I just missing it? Note that this is a square face, not round like explorer or utility.
  4. J

    Apps Apple Watch Custom Faces App

    Custom Faces is a nice little app that lets you set up personalized faces on your Apple Watch. It’s fun to have a favorite slogan or quote appear every time your flick your wrist. Custom Faces can also be a useful way to set up a reminder, whether it’s your garage code or some errand that must...
  5. G

    Do Faces sync now & would I have to resync after full release?!

    This is a question to everyone that has deployed iOS11 beta. My concern is that Faces may sync during the beta period but then need to resync after full release. Also, does anyone know how iCloud handles Face syncing when consolidating from photos tagged on different devices? Does it act...
  6. BlueberryMac

    Posting to Flickr from Photos Mac app

    Hi, I have multiple thousands of photos to upload to my Flickr Pro account. It's a pain to have to enter in the Tags for the photos (saying who is in each photo). I was thinking if there was a way to have the Mac Photos app upload to Flickr using the information garnered from the Faces...
  7. M

    Clarification needed: facetags preserved or not?

    I've been searching the forums and the web for a clear answer to this but am finding contradictory results. When going from El Cap to Sierra, are existing facetags (1) completely lost, (2) preserved but separate from the People functionality, (3) merged into People? I'm not so worried about the...
  8. D

    Photos - Face recognition

    So I have a large icloud library of photos - more than 69k of them. As soon as Apple announced that iOS 10 would have new photo library features, I figured it was going to take a while for these to settle down on my phone and ipad, so I'm not surprised they're still indexing etc, and the...
  9. arilev

    Photos.app People Album Issue

    Wondering if anyone else is seeing this on the GM (16A319)? When deleting faces that have been automatically found by Photos, a blank gray thumbnail is left behind on the "Add People" screen. Steps to Reproduce: 1. Open Photos in 10.12 GM 2. Allow Photos to finish scanning for faces if it has...
  10. M

    People vs. Faces in Photos

    Are these two the same concept but re-branded and resold under a new moniker? And if so, has anyone found that their existing Faces that they've spent so much time categorizing gets carried over to the People part of the new MacOS/iOS systems? I'm sorting out People now on my iPhone and it is an...