1. HappyDude20


    Hi, I know there’s controversy around deep fake apps but I’m wanting to know of where and how I can download any deep fake apps simply for the purpose of editing my best friends face into precarious situations and texting him the results. Nothing unethical or immoral, just comedic purposes is...
  2. macduke

    My iMac 5K Pro (space gray skinned 2019)

    EDIT: Added more photos a few posts down. I installed a space gray iMac Pro skin wrap on my 2019 iMac 5K. So not only does it have a faster i9 CPU than the base model iMac Pro, but it also looks the part! I'm calling it the iMac 5K Pro. I don't think I've seen anyone else post this here, so...
  3. Anonymous700

    Can schools look at your past facetime calls?

    I heard from somewhere that your calls are recorded on school laptops and schools can go back and watch them. I personally don't believe this is true but I want confirmation. Is this true?
  4. Sovon Halder

    Apple Silicone Case - iPhone 8. Is this Original or Fake ?

    Amazon India (2400INR -or- 35$) The box arrived open; where the back (paper) has completely fallen off the plastic shell. I didn't mind but then this... 1. It's G5KVDDNYJ7JM (etched in case) vs. G66VD2CFJ7JM (printed underneath barcode) 2. There is somewhat noticeable gap between the logo...
  5. raph06

    Magsafe problem

    Hello everyone, I'm no electronics expert, but something is wrong with my magsafe charger and I would like your advice on the subject. So a few days ago my charger stopped working and I assumed it was due to a cable malfunction as it often is. So I bought a new cable, opened the charger up and...
  6. T

    Tweak to Make Fake iPhone ID (serial, IMEI, ICCID, etc) for apps

    Hi, I use an iPhone SE / iOS 11.2.6 with Electra jailbreak. Do you know if there is a cydia tweak / package to make a fake iPhone IDs (serial, IMEI, ads id, etc...) or change them ? Thanks
  7. I

    This video has over 450k views and is misleading viewers about FaceID

    Upon first look, it's a regular video. But, whenever the camera switches from the guys on the couch to their hands on the phone, note that the skin color sometimes changes and the hand holding the phone sometimes switches, rendering the video fake clickbait. HOWEVER, it's going viral and the...
  8. macduke

    Thoughts on quitting life?

    Anyone here just feel like quitting life? No, I'm not talking about suicide. I enjoy living. I love my wife, my three year old daughter, and my one year old son. I just sometimes wonder if the life I'm living needs to change in some significant way. I can't quite put my finger on it. I have a...
  9. R

    Fake Beats Solo3?

    Not sure, But I think i got scammed on a pair of beats Solo 3 via Craigslist. they came brand new still in wrap. Everything well packaged and looks legit(compared to unboxing videos) I think they might be fake because I can't get the m1 chip to work. Tried pairing with my iphone and ipad both on...