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fan full speed

  1. P

    Mac Pro 4,1 All Fans Running Full Speed

    Hello everyone, I’ve a Mac Pro 4,1 flashed to 5,1 that is running constantly all the fans in full speed (very loud). This happens even before the booting sound. So I downloaded TG Pro to see if all sensors and temperatures are OK. I got the PS, EXHAUST AND INTAKE fans in 0 RPM. But they’...
  2. parisinvest

    HIS 7950 doesn't boot to menu after EFI flashed

    hi guys, i've recently got one his 7950 iceq iturbo, with single fan and two 6 pin power, one dvi, one hdmi, two minidp, flashed smoothly on pc, then move to mac pro 5.1 and power on, it shows the boot apple screen, but goes half way before user, then restarts, then again, dont know why, thougt...