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fans always on

  1. Wek

    This new iMac starts the fans at 1200 rpm as soon as I start the iMac :(

    Hi all I have just bought and received my new iMac 2019 27" 5K, 3.1GHz 6-core 8th-gen i5. For many years ago I had another iMac and I don’t remember that I could hear the fans at all, when idle or at low workload. This new iMac starts the fans at 1200 rpm as soon as I start the iMac...
  2. S

    MP 1,1-5,1 Mac Pro 3,1, graphics card not working, fans running full speed

    I have a 2008 Mac Pro 3,1. Since February I've had a GTX770 graphics card and a patched High Sierra install that has worked very well. I just bought 2 new monitors. I unplugged my old monitors, plugged one new one in (which worked), then unpacked the second one and plugged it in as usual. During...
  3. T

    MacBook Pro 15" 2015 has always active fans while charger is connected?

    Hello world. I have MBP 15" 2015 with iGPU only and I've noticed my fans always active (I think on ~2000rpm) while just charged is connected and my laptop is in sleep mode. When I disconnect the charger - the fans is going off. When connect again - the fans starts in 5-10 seconds again. Just...
  4. H

    iMac Fan issues

    Late 2012 27" iMac, 16 GB 1 TB Fusion drive, i7 chip. Since April on and off with this issue. Fans goes whirring, everything slows down until you have to shut it off. It can go several days (or not), with everything fine. No ryhme or reason. I've done the basic things at least 3-4 times...
  5. A

    MBP late 2013 fan/ kernel_task issue

    Hello, I would like to get your opinion. I have a MBP late 2013, 13" retina display. About 6 weeks ago, all of a sudden I started having this problem: slow mac, loud fans and kernel_task over 200%. After a day, all back to normal, and continued on and off like this for a while. I googled it...
  6. RickyHunter

    MBP early2009 max fans speed

    Hi Folks! I've got a problem that is turning me mad, and I passed the last 2 days searching for solutions. A week ago I started to have the fans in my old macbookpro5.2 running at max speed. I'm used to open it to clean it and to change components (HDs, ram, battery) and it's the first time I...