1. ruslan120

    TG Pro (Lightweight) Tutorial: Stop Burning your Lap

    I filmed a short tutorial on using TG Pro for new Mac users. This app helps keep temperatures low by increasing Macs' fan rates. I've found that setting the fans a bit faster by default remains inaudible yet boosts performance and more importantly, comfort if using the Macbook on your lap...
  2. C

    Guide: MacBook Air Heatsink and Heat Pad Mod

    Based on the heatsink modification megathread, and on the advice and guidance from users like @DanSilov, @Loog, @Robotronic, @kinchee87, and others I'm forgetting, I performed both the heatsink and the heat pad mods on my 2020 i7 MBA. The results have been absolutely amazing. Even though all of...
  3. A

    MacBook Pro 2019 13" - Issue after issue?

    Hi, I have a new MacBook Pro 2019 128GB. I bought it less than 3 months ago and Apple have had to already replace the LCD screen due to lines across the screen (no accidental damage, just hardware defect - Flexgate). After receiving the MacBook back after being repaired, it is now over heating...
  4. KasperPSR

    MacBook Pro: Fans run full speed w. external monitor

    I have a Mid-2015 15" MacBook Pro Retina that usually is pretty quiet when not connected to an external display. However, plugging it into my 24" 2K BenQ monitor, the fans go completely haywire, running somewhere between 5700 RPM and their max (Left: 6156 RPM, Right: 5700 RPM). This gets rather...
  5. T

    MacBook Pro 15" 2015 has always active fans while charger is connected?

    Hello world. I have MBP 15" 2015 with iGPU only and I've noticed my fans always active (I think on ~2000rpm) while just charged is connected and my laptop is in sleep mode. When I disconnect the charger - the fans is going off. When connect again - the fans starts in 5-10 seconds again. Just...
  6. E

    MacBook Pro 2018 Failed Fans (High spec i9)

    Bought a new 2018 MBP in Aug, already got issues with the fans failing not able to run at high RPMs. They constantly click every 20 seconds. This is the most highly spec'd MBP you can purchase and it's a truckload of S**T. What were they thinking of sticking an i9 in such a slimline body? The...
  7. E

    Scary incident - Macbook Pro spun up in bag

    Hi all I was working in the home office yesterday and realised the laboured fans I could hear were actually coming from a closed laptop bag and my MBP (2017) inside it. I immediately took it out and to say it was hot is an understatement. The bag was also over heated. Obviously the Mac which...
  8. izapp

    NVMe & Extra fans : QUESTIONS : Mac Pro 4,1

    Hello everyone, Now that I have migrated successfully to 10.14.1 on my Mac Pro 4,1 (Early 2009) I have a few questions about adding NVMe in slot 3. I already have 1,2 & 4 of PCIe slots occupied : 1. Sonnet Tempo SSD Adapter Card (w/ Samsung 850 Pro 265gb) 2. Sonnet Alegro USB 3.0 PCIe Card 3...
  9. Premal212

    How Accurate Are MBP Temperatures?

    I was just checking, intel power gadget and macs fan control and I'm not so sure about the temperatures. Normally when running my CPU is around 66degrees, as soon as I run the yes command (100% CPU) the temperature shoots up to 99 degrees, within the matter of a second - that's not the issue...
  10. F

    MacBook Pro 15 I9 2018 Fan Spinup

    I just got the MacBook Pro 15 I9 2018 with 1TB HD and 32GB of ram. I have noticed that when you boot the machine or restart it the fans spin up to 3500RPM and the temp of at least one of the cores on processor spikes to 200 degrees or more. This lasts for a few seconds and then the fans...
  11. Q

    Replacing the optical drive of a MBP Unibody with... (Alternative solutions)

    I've a MacBook Pro 15" Unibody (Mid 2010) and I recently opened it up to clean its insides from dust, and as I was removing the optical drive, I realized just how much space it takes up. I was wondering if there's anything I could do with it, besides installing a second hard drive, which is of...
  12. maverick28

    MacbookPro mid2012 - fans not kicking off, running hot

    Hello, The specs: MacBookPro 15" mid2012 non-Retina, CPU 2.3, RAM 16 (Corsair), SSD 500 (Crucial MX 500 SATA 3) 2 days ago I maxed out my machine with RAM and the hard drive named above. Regardless of whether I plug in external drives (via USB 3-to-SATA 3 adapter: the external drive is the...
  13. KasperPSR

    MBP Mid-2015 fans out of control

    Hey everyone, When I connect my mid-2015 15" MacBook Pro Retina to an external display, the fans tend to run to their maximum capacity, or very close to it, even if I only have a few applications open. Checking the activity monitor, I can see that a lot of my CPU is idle, so I'm not sure what...
  14. S

    Mid 2012 MacBook Pro A1398 Replacement Fans?

    Does anyone have a good source for replacement fans for a Mid 2012 A1398? Thanks
  15. djc6

    2017 15" MBP fans run w/external monitor

    Four months ago, I got a 15" 2017 MBP and two LG 27UD58P-B 4K monitors. Monitors are connected via passive USB-C to displayport cables. The week or so, my fans run nonstop at what sounds like full speed. If I unplug the external monitors, within a few seconds the fans slow down dramatically...
  16. A

    MacBook Pro 15" Early 2011 won't boot but tries to power up. Fans start then stop, light on front fl

    MacBook Pro 15" Early 2011 2.2GHz i7 8GB RAM AMD GPU Battery expanded massively so I replaced it and at the same time added an SSD and moved the original HDD into DVD bay. Installed MacOS Sierra onto SSD and booted and worked as usual. Had some install issues getting Bootcamp to play nice but...
  17. Codpeace

    10.13.2 Causing fans to run constantly (MacBook Pro 2017 15")

    Hi All, Before this update, my fans almost never ran on this machine and it was silent. And it usually felt very cool to the touch. Now, however, the fans run pretty much constantly and the machine feels hot up around the hinge and the touch bar area. And it is NOISY. I updated yesterday (might...
  18. F

    Macbook Air 2011 sounds like it's dying! Fan sounds like an electric Toothbrush. Video attached

    Hi! My macbook 2011 air started making this noise over the last week. Fans aren't running fast, 1729 rpm according to istat. It's not even hot. Just super loud! Can't use it in class, it disturbs everyone. There's no genius bar where I live. Anyone have an idea of what's up?
  19. W

    2009 Mac Pro Fan control?

    Hey everyone, Does anyone know which fans are based on which sensors? Also, which sensor should the CPU fan be based on for optimum CPU cooling? Diode, heatsink, or core PCECI? Ive always set it to read from the diode but not sure if that is best. My system runs pretty hot and runs dangerously...
  20. fhturner

    Mac Pro 2007 (2,1) fans on siesta

    Got an interesting one here... Doing some testing on a 2007 Mac Pro 8-core 3.0GHz machine, and its CPU fans seem to regard their charges (the CPUs) with some degree of contempt. When under a sustained, heavy load, the CPU temps will climb and climb, eventually reaching 190F or so and causing the...