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  1. DCBassman

    MP 1,1-5,1 Complete Apple noob - cMP 2.1 - here's what I've managed so far

    Yesterday, I spent my first day messing with a Mac. Ever. Have been using Windows since 286 days, so, at 69, this is a mad step into the unknown. So far, to quote another large American company, I'm lovin' it. What I have done so far: Swapped the hard disk for an SSD and successfully got it...
  2. J

    MP 1,1-5,1 Displace Heat from 5,1 tower under desk.

    I was hoping for some guidance here. I just recently moved, so my trusty old Mac Pro 5,1 tower is under my new desk. As everyone knows, the tower puts out a ton of heat. Now that it's close to my legs, it's relatively warm down there, not hot or unbearable but just a bit of an odd feeling...
  3. paulienat

    MP 7,1 Mac Pro 2019 in Sleep Mode - (Fan Always On Behaviour)

    Hi guys, I'm used to put all of my Macs in sleep mode in the night. I put the Mac Pro 7.1-2019 in Sleep mode but I've noticed that the fans are still working in this mode, minimum range. Doesn't look like a real sleep mode. I mean...until now sleep mode to me was a virtual "turn-off", but with...
  4. B

    Overheating Issue with FreeBSD on PowerBook G4 6,4

    Greetings, After a quarter-century hiatus, I'm back to BSD and hoping to make use of an old PowerBook G4 6,4 (12" 1.33GHz 1.25GB) to experiment with the various BSDs before picking one and putting it to work. I threw out the HDD and replaced it with an IDE - mSATA adapter and a pair of 60GB...
  5. N

    IStat menu help

    Hey all, I brought a Early 2015 MacBook Pro running Big Sur quite cheap but it seems to run a little hot. I've tried setting up both TG Pro and iStat Menu to control the fans but can't get either to work well. IStat Pro - I've set up the automatic rules but the fan only comes on if I set it...
  6. patearrings

    Should i switch from my 2019 27" imac to the M1 mac mini?

    Hey guys. I bought my 27"imac i5 with upgraded radeon pro vega 48 card back in April. Today i have borrowed the new M1 mac mini from a friend just to test it out and compare the two. I have to say, i am totally blown away by the performance from a machine that costs only £700. On top of...
  7. B

    macbook pro 16'' different fan speeds

    hello beautiful people, i had a question about the left and right fan speeds on the 16-inch macbook pro. i just checked tg pro to see my fan speeds and the maximum rpm for left and right fans are different, is this normal? and what should be the maximum fan speeds normally?
  8. Lycanthrope

    Big Sur Overheating and Battery Life Issues

    Hi Folks, snce installing Big Sur Public Beta, the battery life on both my MBP's (2020 16" & Late 2013 15") has been dreadful, obviously because it has been overheating like crazy, fans constantly on, regardless of what I was doing. I initially thought this was just a general issue and waited...
  9. M

    MP 1,1-5,1 Recommend settings for Macs Fan Control

    Can someone help me set up Macs Fan Control to lower the temps a bit, especially to help with the HDD temps. During heavy load HDDs can go up to 50C. Temps shown are with side panel removed. Thanks
  10. ruslan120

    TG Pro (Lightweight) Tutorial: Stop Burning your Lap

    I filmed a short tutorial on using TG Pro for new Mac users. This app helps keep temperatures low by increasing Macs' fan rates. I've found that setting the fans a bit faster by default remains inaudible yet boosts performance and more importantly, comfort if using the Macbook on your lap...
  11. C

    Guide: MacBook Air Heatsink and Heat Pad Mod

    Based on the heatsink modification megathread, and on the advice and guidance from users like @DanSilov, @Loog, @Robotronic, @kinchee87, and others I'm forgetting, I performed both the heatsink and the heat pad mods on my 2020 i7 MBA. The results have been absolutely amazing. Even though all of...
  12. A

    MacBook Pro 2019 13" - Issue after issue?

    Hi, I have a new MacBook Pro 2019 128GB. I bought it less than 3 months ago and Apple have had to already replace the LCD screen due to lines across the screen (no accidental damage, just hardware defect - Flexgate). After receiving the MacBook back after being repaired, it is now over heating...
  13. KasperPSR

    MacBook Pro: Fans run full speed w. external monitor

    I have a Mid-2015 15" MacBook Pro Retina that usually is pretty quiet when not connected to an external display. However, plugging it into my 24" 2K BenQ monitor, the fans go completely haywire, running somewhere between 5700 RPM and their max (Left: 6156 RPM, Right: 5700 RPM). This gets rather...
  14. T

    MacBook Pro 15" 2015 has always active fans while charger is connected?

    Hello world. I have MBP 15" 2015 with iGPU only and I've noticed my fans always active (I think on ~2000rpm) while just charged is connected and my laptop is in sleep mode. When I disconnect the charger - the fans is going off. When connect again - the fans starts in 5-10 seconds again. Just...
  15. E

    MacBook Pro 2018 Failed Fans (High spec i9)

    Bought a new 2018 MBP in Aug, already got issues with the fans failing not able to run at high RPMs. They constantly click every 20 seconds. This is the most highly spec'd MBP you can purchase and it's a truckload of S**T. What were they thinking of sticking an i9 in such a slimline body? The...
  16. E

    Scary incident - Macbook Pro spun up in bag

    Hi all I was working in the home office yesterday and realised the laboured fans I could hear were actually coming from a closed laptop bag and my MBP (2017) inside it. I immediately took it out and to say it was hot is an understatement. The bag was also over heated. Obviously the Mac which...
  17. izapp

    NVMe & Extra fans : QUESTIONS : Mac Pro 4,1

    Hello everyone, Now that I have migrated successfully to 10.14.1 on my Mac Pro 4,1 (Early 2009) I have a few questions about adding NVMe in slot 3. I already have 1,2 & 4 of PCIe slots occupied : 1. Sonnet Tempo SSD Adapter Card (w/ Samsung 850 Pro 265gb) 2. Sonnet Alegro USB 3.0 PCIe Card 3...
  18. Premal212

    How Accurate Are MBP Temperatures?

    I was just checking, intel power gadget and macs fan control and I'm not so sure about the temperatures. Normally when running my CPU is around 66degrees, as soon as I run the yes command (100% CPU) the temperature shoots up to 99 degrees, within the matter of a second - that's not the issue...
  19. F

    MacBook Pro 15 I9 2018 Fan Spinup

    I just got the MacBook Pro 15 I9 2018 with 1TB HD and 32GB of ram. I have noticed that when you boot the machine or restart it the fans spin up to 3500RPM and the temp of at least one of the cores on processor spikes to 200 degrees or more. This lasts for a few seconds and then the fans...
  20. Q

    Replacing the optical drive of a MBP Unibody with... (Alternative solutions)

    I've a MacBook Pro 15" Unibody (Mid 2010) and I recently opened it up to clean its insides from dust, and as I was removing the optical drive, I realized just how much space it takes up. I was wondering if there's anything I could do with it, besides installing a second hard drive, which is of...