fast charger

  1. J

    iPhone 11 Pro iPhone 11 Pro Max

    Hello.. the thing is I bought my phone a week ago and didn't use the fast charging because it was getting battery drain at late night so I been using the 5w charger for a few days. This is the first time that I use fast charging and I noticed that it got hot/warm when it was charging from 5 to...
  2. T

    iPhone 11 iPhone 11 wont charger with usb C to lightning cable

    I have 3rd party 65w USB C charger and original USB C to lightning cable which seems to be working for my iPhone 7 Plus, iPad 5th gen with no issue. But when I plug in my iPhone 11 , is just doesn’t charge!! The charger adapter came in the box seems to be working. Is there a known issue...
  3. A

    iPhone X Fast charging iPhone X

    hello , I don’t know if this is the right place for this post, but I would like to ask you if the fast charging is safe for battery health. I bought an 18W APPLE adapter and I was wondering if could reduce battery capacity compared with the 5W included adapter . According to Apple the only...
  4. Z

    iPhone X iPhone X fast charging issue

    hey everyone, Quick question: I bought the Apple fast charging overpriced set up for my iPhone X, but I am experiencing an issue. Well not sure if it’s an issue, but wanted ur guys’ feedback. From 0%-50% battery life, my iPhone uses the full fast charging capability, from then on the phone...
  5. cannono

    2017 iPhone Fast Charge & Wireless 101

    I see a lot of confusion over how charging works on this year’s iPhones so I wanted to do a quick breakdown: First, know that the iPhones for the past several years have been capable of pretty much two easy charging options. They included a 5W charger (this is the same charger included this...
  6. B

    iPad Pro FAST CHARGING QUESTION!!! 10.5 and 12.9

    Hello, I'm really interested in getting fast charging for my new 10.5 iPad Pro but I don't want to spend so much money on apples charger and cable. Are there any third-party chargers that will do the same thing on a cheaper budget? If so, which ones? Thanks a ton!