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file management

  1. Goatllama

    iTunes (Windows) keeps old iPhone software update files indefinitely??

    Posting this because I'm absolutely flabbergasted... I have had a 230 gigabyte folder (AppData>Roaming>Apple Computer>iTunes>iPhone software updates) of what appear to be old software updates on my computer. I can't believe that an application was designed with such poor storage management. This...
  2. T

    I'm looking for a folder synchronisation tool for mac os

    Hi all, having moved from pc to mac, a program I miss enormously is called Total Commander which was a side by side file navigator type app that let me navigate to one folder on my local machine on the left, then navgate to the same folder on my nas (but an out of date older version) and hit a...
  3. Macpiglet

    iPad Pro Saving Notability files on iPad Pro?

    I realise this probably sounds really stupid, but... Although I’m just starting on my third iPad I’ve not really used one for creating documents before. I plan to use Notability now, though, to make notes about things I need to frequently refer to at work. Against that background, I’ve realised...
  4. rolffimages

    How can I see files?

    Absolute beginner here. I am perplexed in trying to locate files created in pixaloop on my ipad. Id like to locate them to transfer them to another device. How do you access files created with an app?
  5. partsofspeech

    iPad wish list for iOS 13 on iPad Pro

    A few features I wish to see in the iOS 13 to make iPad Pro even more productive. OSX-like file management support for Magic Mouse FCPX Logic Pro sub-folders in Notes Notes and Pages integration Classroom over internet Reminder mearged into Calendar ‘unfoldered’ folder for Books and Music
  6. B

    Do Macs have a replacement for these PC functions

    I've just started using a Macbook Pro after using a PC for 30 years and I'm having a hard time adjusting for these three reasons. Can anyone help... - I'm looking for a utility that looks more like Windows Explorer as the Finder is absolute trash for file management. I tried downloading...
  7. Z

    app that finds same files with different names?

    Is there some kind of file management app that can locate files that are the same except for their names? For instance, I've had occasions where I have imported photos from an iphone, then exported them from photos and renamed them. But afterwards I realize I may have saved the photos with...
  8. robertcoogan

    Remote file access

    Does anyone know of a good remote file access app for macOS? I am not a developer, I need something that is simple and secure. I already tried AnyDesk - it worked very well, but I don't need to see my macOS desktop. I just need to navigate through folders & files in my home folder from another...
  9. mmandu

    Bluetooth Crime Forensics History

    SO... someone recently used my MacBook Pro (13-inch, Mid 2012laptop, OS X El Capitan) after they left I noticed my 'BLUETOOTH APP" was enabled and running. Is there a way to see if any of my files were transferred or copied? I have a lot of original work-writings, music, etc on my laptop. I...
  10. sibby

    USB Forensics Help? Files accessed etc?

    Hi guys, I was wondering what's possible in the realms of forensics when it comes to USB drives, and other external media. What I'd like to know is: 1) Is there a way of seeing how many times a file has been accessed? (this I'd really like to know) 2) Is there any way to see a history of...
  11. liushi

    Offline Disks File Searcher: Searches Unconnected External Disks for Files

    Hello, I'm the developer of Offline Disks File Searcher[Link]. Please let me instroduce to you this app! It's a lean cateloging software tool that can help Manage External Disk Drives. It works by saving the folder structure of selected folders or volumes. It's usage is quite simple: You can...
  12. App Tyrant

    File Cabinet Pro for Mac Brings a File Manager to the OS X Menubar

    Edited on 5/5/17 (updated icon image file and app description) Hi all! This is my first post on the MacRumors forums. I just wanted to tell the community about my Mac application File Cabinet Pro. Someone read a review about the app and suggested I come here and share it with you all, so here I...
  13. jgelin

    Resolved How do I get this view in songs?

    Hello all, I was reading an article about iTunes and in one of the screenshots the guy has one of the most efficient layouts of the songs view that I have seen. I cannot figure out how to replicate the view on my iTunes however, is there a way for me to get this view or be able to stack the...