Offline Disks File Searcher: Searches Unconnected External Disks for Files


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Oct 6, 2012

I'm the developer of Offline Disks File Searcher[Link]. Please let me instroduce to you this app!

It's a lean cateloging software tool that can help Manage External Disk Drives. It works by saving the folder structure of selected folders or volumes.

It's usage is quite simple:
  1. You can add a Volume or a Folder by clicking the plus sign("+") button or by dragging Finder's title bar icon to the Sidebar.
  2. Pressing the Refresh icon button(or pressing Build Index in the context menu) will start a Build Index task. (Multiple tasks can run parallel and in background. You can still browse & search in the meanwhile.)
  3. When the task finishes, you can unplug the external drive. The folder structure has been cataloged in the DB for future search now.
  4. When the external drive is connected, you can Open a file or Show it in Finder.

Currently it only saves the Filenames and the File Type infomation. That keeps the disk space consumption very low: only less than 7MB for a disk containing 66777 files+folders. It's also fast! It uses a fine-tuned algorithm. (I wrote three major variation and several minor tuned ones and chose this one.)

It's sale price is US$8.99.

Any comment will be appreciated!

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