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  1. Heindijs

    Flashing a GeForce 6600, how does it work?

    Hey everyone. I recently bought a couple of GeForce 6600‘s for little money. I want to flash one to put in my PowerMac G4. I know that you use Nvflash to do this but there doesn’t seem to be any information on what to do to flash this card. I am a total noob on flashing gpu’s and I assume you’d...
  2. M

    Toast 19, and Big Sur Flash video format greyed out in settings

    Hey guys, Got a quick question here. Also, not implying I'm having issues here , either: just curious about the behavior in the thread topic since it's the first time I've seen it. With that out of the way, here is the question. I purchased toast pro 19 for a nice discount today. Everything...
  3. T

    iPod iPod 1st gen flash mod

    Flash Modding a 1st gen iPod Limitations: At first I have to admit that there is one limitation: syncing the flashed iPod with iTunes/Finder is not possible because of the missing USB support of the controller chip. FireWire doesn’t support the connection to flash storage. Solution: To get...
  4. S

    MP 1,1-5,1 EVGA 960 GeForce 970 Flash back to PC

    Hello all, First time posting :) I have the Mac edition of the EVGA 970, i.e. somebody flashed it using a Windows tool. What I want to know is, is it possible to use an OSX flashing tool to flash it back to Windows. I imagine the tools exist for OSX. Would it be a case of having to find...
  5. F

    MP 1,1-5,1 Determine SMC Version of 4,1 / 5,1 Logic Board

    Hello everyone, I bought a used cMP, which was sold as 5,1 (not working). I have a working 5,1 to swap parts with the broken one. PSU, Processor Board including CPU & RAM, Bluetooth Module, Disk Drives, Hard Drives, GPU and everything works when swapping, except for the Logic Board. The...
  6. L

    MacBook Pro 16 GPU Switch Issue

    Noticed that when I start photoshop or any software that runs the dGPU the screen will sometimes (not always) flash black and sometimes twice to the point where photoshop will "encounter a problem with the gpu" and will disable gpu acceleration. If photoshop is open this flash will also occur...
  7. C

    Will Drive from MJVE2LL/A 'plug/play' in replacement ?

    Gang this is an obscurity I do not have experience with so I need your help. I bought a MBA, early 2015 A1466 MJVE2LL/A i5 4GB for my daughter, and I installed APFS with Catalina, and it ran beautifully. She used it for everything, business, kids, etc, until one of the aforementioned kids...
  8. I

    MP 1,1-5,1 Making the Optiarc AD-7170A be able to write to DVD-RAM

    I have an Optiarc AD-7170A in my 3,1MacPro that I am pretty sure should be able to write to DVD-RAM. I know Apple seems to hate the format. Their firmware usually blocks this format from being used in their drives. I have recently built a program called binflash that says it can flash the...
  9. M

    MP 1,1-5,1 Mac Pro 4,1 B08 flash issue

    I just recently acquired a Mac Pro 4,1 and have been trying to flash it to the 5,1 firmware with no success... i have tried it on snow leopard, Yosemite, El Capitan, and a Mojave patch with both an aftermarket SSD and a regular hard drive... i currently am using a nvidia GeForce 8800 gt Mac...
  10. Z

    flash drive speeds

    Is there any way to find out how fast are usb flash drives are? Perhaps there are apps that can benchmark read & write speeds etc?
  11. Sirious

    Can't eject drives as normal

    Hey all, I'm having an issue with Catalina and using USB flash drives. When I have finished my work, I quit all apps and go to eject it as normal (drag to Bin etc) and usually this works. However since updating to Catalina, I am being FORCED to click 'Force Eject' because apparently an app is...
  12. J

    Upgrade from SATA to SSD/Flash Hard Drive for Late 2015 21.5" iMac

    Upgrade Late 2015 21.5" iMac from SATA to SSD/Flash Drive. Back up system with Time Capsule or some other form of backup. I recommend the following equipment and how to video. This flash hard drive: Crucial MX500 1TB 3D NAND SATA 2.5 Inch Internal SSD - CT1000MX500SSD1(Z) (amz0n for $135)...
  13. Z

    Flash and AfterEffects

    Are these two apps (Flash & After Effects) kind of similar in the resulting outcome that they can produce? What are their differences and for what reasons should i select ether one of them to learn?
  14. M

    Resolved Flashing Nvidia GeForce 7800 GT (specifically the Firmware)

    This is an obscure card for the Power Mac G5, but I have heard of it being done and I know someone here did it by replacing the ROM, but I think I have heard of doing it without having to do that. I bought an unused 7800 GT with 256MB of video RAM. Ignoring I have no experience whatsoever with...
  15. G

    Mac Pro 4,1->5,1 RX 580 BIOS

    I've been searching for hours and can't find a straight answer. Is it possible to flash an RX 580 to get the boot screen?
  16. G

    Mac Pro 4,1->5,1 RX Vega

    Do the RX Vega cards need to be flashed to work with the old Mac Pros? I've done a lot of research about Nvidia cards, but I don't really know how it works with the AMD cards. I've seen some stuff about editing kext files. If you do that does it work with the EFI, or would it need to be flashed...
  17. fgduthie

    Issues with a radio player using Google Chrome on Mac OsX

    Hi all, I use three different Macs, one at home and two at work. One of the ones at work and the one at home seem to be having an issue with the BBC iPlayer radio website. It loads the website, but won't allow the station to be played. They don't have the same OS and this has only become an...
  18. Daniepaulhs92

    iPhone X Iphone X Slow sync flash problem

    So i just got my iphone x 2 weeks ago and im loving it , i really like take a picture and no doubt the quality of the rear camera on X is amazing , but recently I notice something that really bothering me , when i taking a picture with flash in the low light the background got really dark and...
  19. J

    iPhone X IPhone X Flash problem

    so I recently got an IPhone X but was quite disappointed & shocked at how bad the flash of the rear/camera was. The pics are too dark. The detail is there but the exposure is too low. Used to have an IPhone 7 and the pics I got in low & in well lit environments were brilliantly bright with great...
  20. Halbertus

    nMP Late 2013 Flash Drive Upgrade

    Is there anyone aware of the most efficient way to upgrade internal storage on a Mac Pro Late 2013? It seems a few user have been able to upgrade their builds over time, although considering technical progress there are quite a few different approaches. I was wondering, what would be the most...