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  1. C

    Unsure about which drives and volumes to format using Disk Utility

    Hello everyone, • I am using Disk Utility to format a brand new Toshiba external hard drive. • After selecting the option "Show All Devices", a new volume shows up just below the name of the disk, as if it was a sub-folder. • Which of the two is the one I should format? Both? Only one? Is...
  2. Alvin777

    How Do I Erase & Mount This Synthesized Drive?

    Hello, I have a Fusion Drive and run macOS Monterey. When I did a surface test on Windows BootCamp which was a mistake, I lost the SSD part of the Fusion Drive and I fresh installed macOS, I'm only running macOS on the Fusion Drive's 2TB hardisk. This was almost a year ago. I'm still trying to...
  3. M

    How to format a WD Red Plus 6TB NAS HDD drive as an external drive for Mac

    Hi. I just bought a WD Red Plus 6TB NAS drive. My intention is to use it as a normal storage disk with my MacBook Pro using an adapter to USB. I chose a NAS drive as they are supposed to have a superior build to "normal" drives. They for example include sensors to sense shaking in order to...
  4. zastin17

    400K Floppy Drive Repair, Fails To Initialize 95% Of the Time! But IF successful, will boot from the disk reliably.

    So I recently Purchased a donor 400k drive to fix my Original 128K Macintosh Floppy drive. I transplanted the head, which the old ones 0 sensor arm got deformed by me, lol. Lubricated everything, and tried to format. Keep in mind, my zero sensors is wrong, I am not really focusing on that quiet...
  5. K

    New M1 MacBook Pros will not format the SanDisk 4TB Extreme PRO Portable SSD drives

    I bought two of the SanDisk 4TB Extreme PRO Portable SSD drives (that are rated at up to 2000 MB/s) and tried to format them using Disk Utility in the latest MacBook Pro with the M1 Max chip running OS Monterey 12.0.1. They both would not format. I worked with Apple tech support and we...
  6. T

    HELP: SSD's “Used” space growing after each Erasing / Formatting & ejecting!

    I bought a brand new Samsung T7 SSD, and I used macOS's Disk Utility to format (erase) it in APFS(Encrypted), scheme: GUID Partition Map. Before erasing (brand new), "Used" space was 108,5 MB. After first erasing as APFS(Encrypted, scheme: GUID Partition Map), "Used" space was just 20 kb. Then I...
  7. P

    MAC OS cannot start up from this disk

    Hello nice people, Fisrt off forgive me if this is already a thread but i could not find any answers for this problem here. Now, I have an old macbook white 13" late 2009, I'm trying to reset it to factory settings because I want to give it away. I was running Mavericks 10.9.5 but I've already...
  8. A

    USB-Stick working under MacOS and Windows -> which Format? Help plz

    Hi guys, rookie to MacOS, coming from Windows. I am sittin in front of the new MBA and we bought a "SanDisk Dual Drive USB-C" 64GB from the Apple Store as well. It's got those two swivelling sides. I can't get it to work on both machines. Here's what we want to do: Put it into a...
  9. Chaitanya Goli

    How to Change The , Mac OS Extended ( external hard drive ) To NTFS format . WITHOUT LOSING THE DATA

    I have a hard drive with lot of important information in it . And i want to change the format from Mac OS Extended ( journaled ) to NTFS Without losing the data . and the datta is of 4tb . Can anyone help ??
  10. Z

    best viewed specs on an iPad

    What is the optimal format and dimensions that must reencode a .dv format 720x576 video, in order to be viewed best on an iPad?
  11. U

    iPhone Does DFU mode iOS install remove eSIM data plan?

    In iPhone XS and newer models having dual SIM (one eSIM), what happens to the data plan added to the eSIM if we format the iPhone and do a fresh install of iOS through DFU mode or other wise. Does the data plan installed on the eSIM go away and we have to install the data plan afresh.
  12. CocktailHour

    Format ext, Copy Files

    Hello! I'm running 10.13.6, and need to put my film on a Linux formatted drive so that a movie theater can play it. This means I need to format a thumbdrive for say, ext3, then mount it, and then use something like cp to copy the files over. Been searching all over, but only finding...
  13. techno_telemann

    iPod How do I reformat a 6th gen iPod Classic to FAT32 on Mac?

    Trying to install Rockbox on my iPod using this guide for Mac. How can I accomplish this on Mac?
  14. L

    Hard drive format error on Macbook Pro 2012

    I have a mid 2012 Macbook pro, a few years ago I replaced the hard drive with an SSD and replaced the optical drive with the original hard drive that was in the computer using the OWC data doubler. It all worked well but then last week I started having problems with the secondary drive, whenever...
  15. M

    Machintosh HD is no longer APFS (Encrypted)

    I have a MacBook Pro with the T2 chip. It came with High Sierra preinstalled. When I Get Info the Macintosh HD on High Sierra, it says the Format is APFS (Encrypted). I have recently upgraded to Mojave and now it says the Format is APFS. It is no longer APFS (Encrypted). I did not do a clean...
  16. tombarnes

    iPad Contacts: Phone Number format NIGHTMARE

    I've scoured the forums for an answer on this! My devices, MacBook Pro, iPhone and personal iPad have been all in harmony and working just fine for years. I've just started using iMessage and other iCloud functions on my separate work iPad. However, my work iPad formats all my phone numbers in...
  17. P

    Unrecoverable Partition, Mac APFS Disk Unmounted

    Suddenly i am unable to login with my normal user id, i booted into recovery trying to repair the disk but the disk utility are not showing my container. I then managed to installed the OS again on another apfs volume, everything working great until i notice my memory pressure shooting up to...
  18. Opry99er

    Making a SCSI drive bootable

    Hello fine folks. My Mac Plus has been upgraded to 4MB, the old SCSI drives are now safely recovered and archived, I have a working LocalTalk network set up with my eMac, and all is well in the land. I wanted to accomplish all these things before I went on to my next task: Retiring my two SCSI...
  19. F

    Can't erase Time Machine partition

    So I did something stupid, meaning that I've unplugged an external drive during a Time Machine backup causing the partition with the backup to be corrupted. I can't mount it, erase it, or do basically nothing with it. It's not encrypted, yet, I have no idea of what to do with it. How can I...
  20. Lyrik

    Disk Partition Problem

    I used this common in terminal (diskutil partitionDisk disk2 GPT HFS+ newdisk R) from another post here to try to get my 1TB Toshiba External USB HD to work on both PC and Mac. I was trying to do this WITHOUT erasing any files on the drive. Not only did it repartition, it erased everything and...